Fast cars, hot girls and rich celebrities this was the 73rd Monaco Grand Prix 2015…Glamorous Monaco has brought it all to the table once again!



F1 has to try hard these days to make races more exciting and the cars louder, faster and more powerful. Well, the race in Monaco is definitely the jewel in the crown of the Grands Prix worldwide. The winner of the last three Monaco Grands Prix, Nico Rosberg says:

It`s the most legendary race in the calendar, and it`s the most exciting track to drive on and the most challenging track.

1929 the first Grand Prix took place in Monaco and today its much the same circuit. As the track was not intended for todays modern race cars. This is the only place in the world where the track dictates the style of racing and not Formula One´s technical or sporting rules. /

Monaco may be the slowest race of the season but because its so close to the viewers it appears to be very fast and definitely the most exciting race of the year. Some drivers say that new technology and less engine power makes the Formula One cars to easy to drive but nonetheless Monaco remains a challenge to all the drivers because its not an easy track to overtake. Todays safety requirements make it impossible to build a track that compares to Monaco anywhere else. This is why some circuits are struggling to but Monaco is virtually immune from extinction. Changes in F1 regulations for 2017 won´t really affect the Monaco race. Monaco has never been a track that favors the highest horsepower cars with their often less drivable engines.

There is no other race where the fans are in such close proximity to the drivers and the racing as they are in Monaco. The vehicle performance director at the Williams team Rob Smedley said:

I think that we have to seriously think about not changing anything.

Monaco is all about show – off the track and on. Here some pictures of what went on last weekend:


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Pierre Casiraghi and his fiancée Beatrice Borromeo.

Pierre Casiraghi and his fiancée Beatrice Borromeo.                                     Instagram / amberloungeltd


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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (easyjet founder)                                               Instagram / jadesossomontecarlo

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Charlene Monaco


Even the world’s most photographed  people, including Eva Longoria, Victoria Silvstedt, Salma Hayek, and Diane Kruger, are eager to post their own, very personal view of what is happening during this years Cannes Film Festival on Instagram. What we get to see in this “INSTAGRAM SELFIE SPECIAL” are the perfect selfies before, during and after the red carpet in Cannes.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-18 um 17.14.40

Eva Longoria / Instagram

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Victoria Silvstedt / Instagram

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Karlie Kloss / Instagram

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Salma Hayek / Instagram

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Mariano Di Vaio / Instagram

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Diane Kruger / Instagram

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Victoria Bonya / Instagram

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-18 um 17.19.57

Zoe Kravitz

Bildschirmfoto 2015-05-18 um 17.28.52

Liliana Nova / Instagram

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Doutzen Kroes/Instagram           Karlie Kloss, Liya Kebede, Naomi Watts, Julianne Moore and Doutzen Kroes

The most popular Instagram hashtag related to the Cannes Film Festival 2015 seems to be #BecauseWeCannes.



On tuesday, the “Who’s Who” of the music industry got together in Monaco.

Pretabloguer got one of the exclusive invitations, which gave us access backstage and to the actual stars of the night. Besides Mariah Carey the scandal-singer Miley Cyrus were just one of the big stars at the glamorous World Music Award in Monaco.  The 21-year U.S. musician was awarded  “Best Entertainer” and the “Best-Selling Female Artist”. Nominated was Cyrus in 14 categories. When she got the trophies she was accompanied on stage by her brother Braison Cyrus, with whom she snapped a few pictures for her fans on Instagram.

2014-05-27 19.56.21

Host of the evening were the Bay Watch Actress Pamela Anderson and rapper Jason Derulo. German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and his young boyfriend were spotted in the audience, together with Victoria Silvstedt and Kellan Lutz. Awards also went to Ricky Martin and Tim Bendzko, Cassandra Steen, the band Fall Out Boy and the Belgian singer Stromae. The U.S. singer Mariah Carey (who arrived more than three hours delayed) was honored with a “Pop Icon Award” because she had sold over 200 million albums.

2014-05-27 17.00.19

The German band “The Boss Hoss” got an award for its hit single “Do not Gimme That” the musicians rocked the stage and brought the room to a boil. The band wrote on Facebook: “Whaaaat? WE HAVE THE THING! ”

2014-05-27 19.50.08

Traditionally, the World Music Awards are awarded based on the sales and download numbers. Some categories may also be voted online, so it was smart that the day before the event Miley asked her 47 million followers on Facebook to vote for her.

2014-05-27 19.52.26

 If you want to read about the WMAs in German we recommend you to take a look at Germanys biggest forum for musicians. talks about the World Music Awards in Monaco here.



The Grand Prix 2014 took place from the 22.-25. of May. On Thursday I had to chance to help as a volunteer at the One Piece Day Gala at ”LE SALLE DES ETOILE” in Monaco. Jude Law is the Ambassador of this charity association and Jessie J was supposed to give a little concert. It was a mix out of ”Wanna-Be-Celebs” and the High Society of Monaco. Many plastic lips, tits and chins. I was enjoying the evening but just because of Jessie J who rocked the stage and Jude Law was real eye-candy.


On friday Max and I went to Amber Lounge. We talked about it in a previous post. A fashion show with the Formula 1 drivers and their wives/girlfriends was part of the show. Pixie Lott came 60 minutes late to sing her Number 1 Song ”Mama Do”. Max found out afterwards that she was late because she was having sex in room 421 at Le Meridien with her boyfriend instead of having her hair and make-up done. This exclusive information is from someone working at the Hotel who accidentally walked into the room just minutes before the beginning of the show.







Victoria Silvstedt also arrived late but had enough time to get her hair and make up done properly. Max took her to her seat after she was ready and they talked about her outfit. Victoria would have preferred a long dress but instead she was given a very short mini dress by the in-house designers.

Tamara Ecclestone and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) were the most famous celebs at the party sitting in the first row. Tamara came with her own security team but was very easy to talk to and agreed to take pictures with me after I had told her about our blog and the work we do in Monaco.

On saturday we were invited to the Infiniti Podium Lounge Party. We were welcomed with open doors. The security team had been informed about our arrival in advance so we skipped the queue. Inside we received free drinks at the bar. The party was ok, but not much different to a normal night out at Zelos. The Infinity party was supposed to be hosted by Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 driver. We were very disappointed not to see the any of the promised drivers that night!


Finally on sunday we had the chance to watch the race from a private balcony overlooking Monaco and the race track. The atmosphere was relaxed we had great home made food and Champagne .


After that we decided to end the Grand Prix with the Sunset Lounge Party at the private Beach of the Meridien. Nico Rosberg, winner of this years F1 GP in Monaco joined the party together with some friends.  A little fun fact: Justin Bieber tried to book a table the day before but failed because it was fullly booked. Next time maybe…






Cannes during the Film Festival, the Grand Prix in Monaco and the World Music Awards the Cote D´Azur become one of the most prestigious and glamorous coasts in the world. Lots of movie stars, wannabes and fans get together to celebrate the stars and their work.

But what you see on TV and what you read in the tabloids is mostly a very airbrushed version of what was really going down in Cannes. Usually nobody talks about the fact that hundreds of girls arrive in Cannes just days before the Festival starts, to work as prostitutes. Lots of stress and adrenaline, mixed with the ego to have the youngest hottest girl on your side makes some men pay up to 25.000 Euros a night for some “company”.

Another thing people hardly talk about are the little beauty tricks of the stars on the red carpet. I noticed while talking to Pamela Anderson and John Travolta on the red carpet that both of them are wearing full wigs. John Travolta is partly bold but feels the need to still give the impression that he has a full head of hair.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.01.17

I don´t really know him but he comes of as a nice guy and he has been through a lot (he lost his son) and is over 60 now, so nobody would mind him not having a full set of hair. I am not sure if it is him or if it is his publicist who makes him wear these ridiculous wigs. Sometimes it isn´t even a wig but it looks like somebody painted the hair on his head with a black marker.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.56.14

And didn´t we all like when Pamela Anderson finally managed to get rid of her all time blond beach girl image, took out her implants out and grew up to be a good looking women in her 40s?! Well, I met her yesterday and for some reason she felt it was time to go back to the stupid blond barbie image.


She was wearing a cheap hair piece trying to turn back time and to become the lifeguard in Baywatch again. She utterly failed. She looked like an old copy of herself with less tits and plastic hair. But when we spoke she was really nice and surprisingly natural. Its not up to us but in my opinion she looks much better with her own hair and without the “stupid blond” image.

Pamela-Anderson-New-Pixie-Hair-CutI am not saying anything against little beauty tricks. Sometimes a good hair piece is essential to give you the glam look for an official event, sometimes you want to ad a little volume to better fill out your dress or wear some shape wear to enhance/surpress your curves in the right places.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.43.08

Victoria Silvstedt for example wears her extensions well. She is very tall and can therefore get away with a little more hair than normal and she usually takes very well care of her hair to make sure the difference between real and fake isn´t too visible. She also wears high quality extensions which always blend in much better than bad quality hair or even fakes.

We are probably all a little fake. Tanned, bleached teeth, blond hair and what not but there is nothing wrong with it! Just try and do it right. Make an effort. Don´t think people are stupid or ignorant and won´t notice you try to trick them. If the little tricks are done well they can boost your confidence and leave the viewers impressed.





After opening the restaurant Ciprianis and the billionaire concept in Fairmont, Flavio Briatore is going to take over Life Club in Avenue du Portier for building a golden triangle .

It’s gonna be a restaurant, a bar lounge and a nightclub. So everything is given for staying in one place during a nightout. Twiga opens in the end of May during the Grand Prix 2014. The Original Twiga comes from Italy and is supposed to be a Beachclub.BjkQ1uSIYAEMuDI

In my opinion Life Club always had the best location but the people and the concept didn’t work out. So I am really excited how this project from Flavio Briatore will end. In Life Club or now Twiga you have 1800m2 space for dancing, dining and chilling. The restaurant is open until 3am and will offer you Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sushi, Fish and Pasta. The bar lounge will be open from 6pm where Djs welcome you with nice lounge music.




I can’t wait to check out the same location but a different clubfeeling in Twiga Monte Carlo.


The tall Swedish model and TV personality is going to be 40 this year and looks great if you don´t mind the fact that most visible parts of her can only celebrate 6th birthday 😉

I spotted her during a concert that Pharrell Williams gave at the LIFE Club in Monaco. She was with her Swiss billionaire boyfriend Maurice D. who is just tall enough to properly motorboat her.

They seemed to have fun just at the table next to us but decided to leave very soon after Pharrell had performed. On her way out I asked Victoria to take a picture and she replied “you are welcome”.