Max and I were invited to the Festival de Cannes 2014 to meet with Hollywood actors and fashion designers presenting their latest works on the red carpet.


We caught a beautiful day walking down the Croisette. When we passed by the famous Carlton Hotel Max received a call from his dear friend Aaron Lee, an up-and-coming Hollywood actor and model, most famous for his Audi Commercial. Unfortunately there was not enough time for a full interview but I am sure we will hear about him again!


We got invited to a beautiful lunch down by the beach. The food was fantastic and it was very nice to have a healthy lunch right next to the sea with fresh fish and delicious smoothies.



We were on a mission to meet Hollywood actor Vincent de Paul who just wrote for the celebrity section in our Blog. He wanted to meet with us to discuss an invitation to Monaco but never showed up or returned our call this day so we had to let him go because we were asked to take a look at the latest creations of a jewelry designer which we might feature in the newcomer section soon…

To award himself for a long day of work Max managed to do some last-minute shopping at Louis Vuitton for the fashion show in Monaco at the following day. By chance he discovered a t-shirt he thought was long sold out. It was a simple shirt with the print of the original Louis Vuitton and we decided that he will have to wear this one during the LV fashion show in Monte-Carlo the next day.

After a long day we got invited to the  Hedda movie premiere private party on the rooftop of the hotel Five Cannes.

Find out more soon…