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Lots of people are coming to Monaco this weekend. The Qualifying for the F1 race will take place on saturday and the actual race on sunday but what about the after parties? If you are still wondering where to go we might have just the right suggestion for you. The INFINITI PODIUM LOUNGE PARTY in the heart of Monte Carlo from the 23rd-25th of May 2014.

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Max and I will be present during the event to spot the latest trends in Monaco fashion and to find out what the GP style really is about. So don´t be afraid to make a statement and wear your most flamboyant, glamorous, or controversial outfit possible in order to make it into our “after-party-post” next week.

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Now let me tell you something about the event. The luxury car marque Infiniti hosts this exclusive after party at Zelo’s Bar & Lounge just across the street from Sass Cafe.

Zelo’s is the penthouse of the Grimaldi Forum with an amazing seaview and a terrace overlooking the race track. The Infinit Podium Lounge offers its partygoers to rub shoulders with F1 drivers, celebrities and royality attending while listening to top DJs  e.g. DJs Sander Kleinenberg, Seb Fontaine and Danny Rampling. (If you click on their names you are redirected to sound cloud where you can listen to their latest mix.)

Each night the party will go until 4am and includes a fashionshow by London designer Nina Naustdal.


“Infiniti is far more than the name on the side of the Red Bull Racing cars.”

Infiniti Vice President Europe, Francois Goupil de Bouillé. 

 The Podium Lounge is already established as the premiere party for the Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne Grand Prix and was chosen by Infiniti to bring the same six-star-A-list-service to Monaco Grand Prix.
With their partners Red Bull Racing and their Director of Performance Sebastian Vettel, they are part of the landscape of F1, of Monaco and more than ever of the luxury car market.
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Formula 1 aficionados will be keen to attend the nightly charity auction where an exceptional range of rare and authenticated F1 memorabilia will be offered for sale.
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Tickets are selling out fast so if u want to hit the Grand Prix and experience and unforgettable night get your tickets for the Infinit Podium Lounge Event now. The general admission price for the Infiniti Podium Lounge Party is 350 € per person (or 550€ for two), with both ticket options including a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne on entry. VIP tables and lounges are also available.
For tickets, VIP tables, Dinner at Zelo’s and Yacht Packages please visit:










You think being and staying in Monaco is just for the super rich?? Then think again…

Monaco is situated on a prominent escarpment at the base of the Maritime Alps along the French Riviera.  Monaco is known for the Grand Prix, expensive cars, super yachts, luxury hotels and the famous Monte Carlo Casino. It is a tiny place on the French Riviera where rich and beautiful come together.monacoIf you wanna know some tricks how you can stay in Monaco and spend not your whole one year selery keep on reading….
RULE #1: If you are staying in Monaco, Beausoleil, Cap D’ail (…) never take a cab. It is about 100 Euros and totally not worth it, there are cheaper ways to get from the airport to your hotel, motel, apartment (…). From 6am to 9pm you can take  the airport bus, which goes straight from the airport to Monaco and Menton. It last about 40 minutes and cost 20 Euros.
RULE #2: You can’t afford a hotel room in Hotel de Paris, Hermitage or Fairmont? No Problem. There are many other options where to stay. Some neighbour villages like Beausoleil, Cap D’ail and Roquebrune have really nice, small hotels and bed and breakfast which cost not much. If you are one of these early bookers I’m sure you’ll get a great deal renting an apartment for a specific period of time.RULE#3: You wanna be part of the high society here in Monaco and drink a coffee in Café de Paris? DON’T DO IT! It is just a tourist thing and not worth it. You will see that the majority of these people sitting there are tourist.  And you pay way too much for a coffee: 8 Euros!! There are much nicer places where you can go to. I will name some nice places where you can drink your coffee for less: PIRATE PRINCESSE CAFE, PRINCE’S TEA, LINA’S, STARBUCK’S, EMILIE’S COOKIES, COSTA COFFEE BOUTIQUE, LA NOTE BLEUE.RULE#4: If you are young and wanna spend a good time in Monaco there are some good places to go to. Brasserie, La Rascasse and Stars n’ Bars have every day Happy Hour. For partying I recommend Summer Jimmy’z, Sass Café, and Zelos. Not cheap but the only ones. You always get in for free and if you wanna spend your money on drinks it is up to you.

RULE#5: If you like gambling try the Casino Monte Carlo! Dress nice and you get in! Dress for girls and suit for boys. Of course you don’t have to but it is nice fitting in the picture of the old, historical casino of Monte Carlo.

RULE#6: Monaco is tiny measuring 2 miles long and little half over a mile wide, so you can certainly walk around it in half a day! That means you won’t be spending any money on cab rides and you get your exercise for the day. Monaco is built on a steep hill but there are many public elevators you can take to get up and down.

RULE#7: You can’t leave Monaco without seeing the Prince’s Palace. Walk up the hill to the top for the best views over Monaco and watch the Changing of the Guards performed at 11:55 each day.

RULE#8: Put on your best bikini or bathers and hit the Larvotto Beach. It is free and I already spent there my best times of the summer.


So now you see, you don’t have to be rich to see Monaco in style!