Has Kim Kardashian undergone Chemotherapy ?!

This week I was confronted with pictures of a bold Kim Kardashian… I thought she must be sick; cancer maybe but…

…actually, when I researched it I found out that the pictures showed 23 old Make-up artist Jordan James Parke who had undergone plastic surgery to look like his idol.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-18 um 10.45.43

What he said was shocking yet entertaining so I wanted to share it with you!

“I laugh when people try to insult me by telling me I look plastic or fake. Do they think I’m going for the natural look? If I was, I’d ask for my money back.”

Jordan reportedly spent over over EUR 100.000 (financed by his family and ex-boyfriends) in plastic surgery to get the Kardashian look. I can only hope that the lips will look better after the swelling and I am sure in a couple of months he will be sorry about having posted his “new lips” with the post.operative swelling 😉

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-18 um 10.46.41

Here you can see what Jordan looked like as a kid and before he started seeing the doctor. My personal opinion is that 50 injections are definitely too much… He actually told me that this isn´t post-op swelling…it is the actual look he is going for!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-18 um 10.44.40

Aren´t we all looking forward to Kim´s reaction ??? 😉

Celebrating Monogram

This is an exclusive first look at Louis Vuitton’s ‘Celebrating Monogram’ collaboration with six art and design legends. In honor of the house’s 160th anniversary, creative visionaries Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Marc Newson, and, of course, Louboutin reinterpreted the famed Vuitton Monogram with a series of accessories.

“They are extraordinary artists; I could even say they are the greatest designers in the world.” said Delphine Arnault.


Punching bags in different sizes EUR 2.300-140.000, Gloves incl. Mat and Valise EUR 4.000

From Louboutin’s ‘Classic Caddy,’ accented with the same scarlet that adorns the soles of each pair of his shoes, to Rei Kawakubo’s ‘Bag With Holes,’ a burned out tote that reveals the bag’s inner lining, each creation is playfully distinguished by the unique signature of its creator. Prices range from EUR 1.900 to a staggering EUR 140.000.

“When I designed the bag, I really wanted to give back to Paris, to Vuitton,” says Christian Louboutin.


Shopping Trolley EUR 17.000, Shopping Bag EUR 3.500

In 1854, at number 4 Rue des Capucines near the Place Vendôme in Paris, Louis Vuitton launched his luggage business, advancing the travel trunks of the time — which were, then, made with rounded tops to allow water runoff — by creating stackable trunks in treated waterproof canvas. In his memory, his son Georges Vuitton created and patented the now-iconic ‘LV’ monogram, featuring his father’s initials, decorated with quatrefoils and four-petal flowers. Since then, Louis Vuitton the company has gone through several transformations under the ownership of luxury conglomerate LVMH. But the LV monogram has endured over the years as the symbol of what is now one of the world’s most widely recognised brands.

“I was thinking, sort of selfishly, of what I could use. Initially, my idea was just a makeup case, just a small old-fashioned kind. The team at Vuitton was so taken with the idea that they said, ‘Well, what if we did a trunk? In your ideal fantasy world, what would you like?’ At home in New York, I have shelves for fake eyeballs, fake nails, eyelashes, and things like that. So it became a little traveling studio in a way”—a foldout trunk complete with labeled drawers, a makeup mirror, and a stool, and covered in retro travel stamps from imaginary destinations. Cindy Sherman


Messenger EUR 2.900, Malle Transform (incl. Messenger bag) EUR 140.000

To mark the 160th anniversary of the house’s founding, Louis Vuitton’s executive vice president Delphine Arnault, daughter of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, and artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière initiated a project, dubbed ‘Celebrating Monogram,’ inviting six of the world’s design pioneers (the ‘iconoclasts’) to interpret the LV monogram (the ‘icon’) for a new series of bags.

“There’s a history that’s very emotional for me to talk about, my father never went to school, was a street kid. He worked in a grocery store, and he won an award at the Canadian National Exhibition for designing a grocery store window. This was the guy who ended up never going anywhere, everything against him all his life—that was the one thing. So when they asked that, I had a little tear in my eye. I never told Vuitton this.” Frank Gehry


Twisted Box EUR 3.000

“The Monogram is the timeless icon of the Maison Louis Vuitton. It has lived through the brand’s countless evolutions, never losing its essence. The leading testament to the fashion house’s success, it was only natural that we should pay homage to it,” said Delphine Arnault.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-03 um 15.08.06

Tote EUR 1.900

All the pieces are highly limited and only available in selected LV stores. In France only in Paris and Monaco!

Backpack (blue, orange, beige) EUR 4.000






When Romy and I went to Saint Tropez last week we found a package of Mission Belts waiting for us. The amazing colors and stylish looks convinced Romy so she wanted to find out more.

While on the beach enjoying the glorious weather at the Cote D´Azur we decided to find out what Mission Belt is about. Obviously they have a Mission…so lets find out more in this post.

While at the beach we also bumped into Allanah Starr, the most famous Transsexual in the world. She was born in Cuba, grew up in Miami, lives in Paris now and spends her summer in Saint Tropez.

But first lets find out what Mission Belts mission is:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-18 um 13.42.50

One $ from every belt goes towards helping people in their fight against hunger and poverty. Mission Belt understands it as its corporate responsibility to give something back to hard working individuals that simply need a hand up. Often times the $ that Mission Belt passes on represents 20% or more of their profit.


 The creators of Mission Belt produced a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use one of their belts. We could not resist sharing this video with you because it is hilarious and at the same time shows you how to use the Mission Belt.

Check the video out here…

DSC00830 DSC00831 DSC00832

Living in Monaco means living on the bright side of life and there for we reccommend you the brightest colors Mission Belt has to offer. We actually got a vivid green, intense purple, summery yellow and a girly pink version of the belt which does´t only look good but is also easy to use and supports a social course.


Big THANK YOU to BAR DU SOLEIL for hosting us in St. Tropez. The food was amazing and the beach Ramatuelle was a nice change to the crowded beach in Monaco.







Three words to describe Sue Wong, a flamboyant Maximalist Couturier of old Hollywood who has kindly agreed to write for our blog. I approached her because in my opinion her glamorous designs are really made for a luxury night out in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.


Max and I have some Hollywood friends in common and when I hear about his fashion blog and the “celeb post” section I immediately agreed to put a post together to tell the readers of pretabloguer about my fashion brand and how it all started…




My mother and I escaped Maoist China when I was five and a half years old. We moved to my father in Los Angeles and I became intoxicated by everything that shaped Hollywood Style. When I was a little girl I wanted to become a painter. With fashion I found my canvas. At 19 I opened my first shop where I created one-of-a-kind gowns accented with handcrafted details cut from vintage clothing.

“I gravitate toward a fantasy aesthetic in how women present themselves, with a refreshing, modern frankness, because it’s the opposite of what I grew up with.”

 In 1985, I established the Sue Wong label with a playful, contemporary collection of daytime dresses. In 1999, an elegant eveningwear division, Sue Wong Nocturne, was added.

“What good is fashion unless it stirs up genuine emotion! Love and beauty have a magical, tranformative power.”

I understands this power. In my outlook and in my designs, I honor the goddess force — the universal feminine energy that allows women to transcend their time and place. 




In 2004, Sue purchased The Cedars, a glorious 17th-Century Venetian-style Hollywood landmark built in the 1920’s for silent-film siren Norma Talmadge. Many luminaries have graced the threshold of this legendary palazzo over the years. Howard Hughes played the piano in the solarium. Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe were frequent party guests. Both Dennis Hopper and Jimi Hendrix lived there at the height of Hippie Bohemian Chic. With great passion and drawing on complementary design modalities, Sue completely restored, designed and furnished the estate in 1920’s period detail, down to the drapes, bedding and pillows. Her other homes include a contemporary estate in Malibu and a tropical retreat on Maui.


LIKE Sue Wong´s Facebook page to get her daily postings. If you want to find out more about Sue Wong and her latest collection please visit her website www.suewong.com




569_0If you want to take great care of your skin without spending lots of money on beauty products we recommend you No.7 cosmetics from BOOTS. They offer a great skin care line for all skin types and have an amazing range of make-up. I personally started using No.7 about three years ago. No.7 provides great beauty products, not just for girls but also essentials for men which are just amazing and cost a fraction of what the big brands charge you.



When it comes to skin boys are not much different to girls. Don´t get me wrong, this is not about putting on make-up!!! But its important to use some essential skin care products that will keep your skin young and fresh. I am no expert on beauty products but I am a frequent user of No.7 and I will show you what I use…then you can make up your own mind.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-14 um 13.14.21

I took a picture this morning when I woke up and one after 5 minutes in the bathroom with the essentials…



After your morning shower apply under eye cream. This will help you reduce dark circles and puffiness.

You might want to apply a serum to decrease the size of your pores or you use the blemish defense serum, deepening on what you need.


After you need to protect your skin. Yes, pollution but also sunlight and rain influence the appearance of your skin and let you age faster. I personally am not a big fan of spending hours in the bathroom so I always recommend No.7 CC-cream. No.7 offeres one of these amazing ALL-IN-ONE creams. It protects and moisturizes your skin all day long and also contains a light sunscreen and a very light pigmentation to even out your natural skin tone.


You can order all No.7 products online and I recommend you to always watch out for 3-for-2 deals!!!

If you feel uncomfortable with too much skin care I would like to refer you to this article I posted last month 😉





Kristofer is the magician who makes talented people look like superstars. Pretabloguer had the honor to meet Mister Buckle backstage at the World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo, where he was responsible for the flawless look of Pop Icon Mariah Carey. But there is more to Kristofer than just being Mariah´s make up artist…



The celebrity make up artist is also know as the star polisher. He is the one who turns the girl next door into a real diva with star qualities. If you want to copy Christina Aguilera´s look at from the movie Burlesque take a look at Kristofer´s tutorial here.


His career began when photographer Steven Meisel saw his work and booked him for the cover of Italian Vogue. So far he has worked with all the big stars but even he has celebrities he has never worked on including Madonna and Cher.


Today Kristofer is know for his signature look: clean, symmetrical, built in glamour with attention to bone structure. His  beauty advice is:


“…confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. But if you use makeup on a confident woman, she is unstoppable!”


Kristofer Buckle´s favorit concealer is True Match by L’Oreal. He prefers color and texture over any other product!




All of our pretabloguer readers can look like a star and achieve the perfect look. Kristofer Buckle was so kind to explain to us the three common beauty blunders here.


Also we summed up some Kristofer´s essential tips for you:

  • Start a Scrapbook

A great way to gather new ideas is by creating a scrapbook with pictures and tips from magazines. Beauty, fashion and even tabloid magazines are full of how-to tips and new-look ideas. Clip interesting items that seem particularly relatable to your needs and paste them into the scrapbook to reference and remember. This is the best way to easily develop an idea of what is possible.

  • Experiment Down Low

Women can waste a huge amount of money experimenting with makeup. Experimentation is great, but there is no need to buy high-end products from high-end retailers. If a woman wants to try out a new color of eye shadow, she should look to the local drug store first.

Buy a cheap version first and try it out. There is no reason to have low confidence in low-priced products. If the color or style doesn’t work, at least it isn’t a huge waste of money.

  • Color on Narrow Faces

The key for women with narrow faces is to apply color close to the nose, keeping away from the perimeter of the face. This keeps the perimeter of the face brighter and makes it look a little wider. Also, darkening a little right under the chin will help provide a stronger end to the face, making it look shorter.

  • Color on Round Faces

Women who have round faces should apply color farther away from the nose, toward the perimeter of the face. This provides a shadowing effect, making the face seem thinner.

  • Equipment

There is no best product to use. There are no magic fix-alls. What is best is what works best for each woman. If someone has an old eyelash curler that she has had for 10 years and it works perfectly well for her, there is no reason to change it. Beauty is individual; therefore each woman has to discover what ultimately works best for her.

  • It All Adds Up

The most important thing to remember with good makeup is that everything should be small and subtle. No one part of the makeup routine should dominate the face. Applying makeup should be done sparingly so that each part (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc) can work together harmoniously to bring out a face’s best feature.


“Natural assets will get you attention, but intelligence will keep it!”




Before Romy and I left for Paris this week we were invited to join one of the famous Monaco Botox parties. My friend Mel is obsessed with looking young and fresh so she organizes Botox parties at her Villa in Cap Martin on a regular basis. She has a doctor come from Spain to do fillers and botulinum toxin in the comfort of her house and she decided to share this experience with her friends. It all started with a very nice dinner at the villa prepared by my friend Mel (actually her chef did all the work but she told him what to prepare and took all the credit for it obviously ;-)). When I met the doctor I sat down with him and talked with him about his experience and what kind of fillers etc he is using. I was surprised and you will find out why later…



Just between us, I want to say that the “fake beauty look” is over! Looking like you had some work done is sooo 2008. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are supposed to make you look relaxed and fresh maybe younger. You want to look better, not plastic. So attending this botox party was like I travelled back in time where people thought it is a sign of status to show that you had some work done. Here are some tips of what you have to watch out for before you trust a party doctor:


  • The first red flag was when alcohol was served. If you are worried about bruising you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen and Aspirin are all agents that thin the blood, which can lead to an increased risk of bruising. If bruising is a concern, I suggest refraining from alcohol 1-2 weeks before and a couple of days after Botox injections.
  • The second red flag was the “model” the doctor had brought with him. She was in her early 30s but her face didn´t move at all. Her lips were way too big for the rest of her face and the “pillow cheeks” made her look like a blow fish.
  • The third red flag was when he recommended my friend (she is 31 and looks amazing!) to get botox and fillers under her “wrinkles”. First she barely has any lines and even if, you could even it out with a minimal amour of botox. To propose to a 30 year old girl to fill up her lines is just ridiculous…This is a procedure you might want to do with a women who is above 50 and too scared to get a facelift.
  • Final red flag was when I found out what kind of fillers he is using. I am not saying I am an expert in this field but if you are still using regular Restylane as a filler for lips you haven´t done your homework doc! There are new products around which give a much more natural result. Also, Restylane tends to build knots in your lips which you can fell and sometimes even see…so why still stick with this if Juvederm for example is providing much finer solutions?!




This event was clearly created to make quick tax free money for the doctor. He was not interested in the prefect result for his clients but in using as much product as possible to make as much profit as possible. It was a great experience for Romy and I because now  we how dangerous Botox parties can actually be if you have no experience. You need to be able to trust your doctor. In this case pretabloguer won´t attend another event like this at Mel´s house and we for sure will not recommend this doctor to anyone we like and care for, because he isn´t cheap and his results are horrifying!!!

If you had an interesting experience with a beauty doc feel free to tell me about it. Email max@pretabloguer.com and don´t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.



Pharrell Williams mit großer lila Tasche

Yes, why not?! Gazelle Paulo, lets agree to disagree on that one…

In 1981, Hermès chief Executive Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. She had just placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment of her seat, but the contents fell to the deck, leaving her to scramble to replace them. Birkin explained to Dumas that it had been difficult to find a leather weekend bag she liked. In 1984, he created a black supple leather bag for her, based on an 1892 design. Thats how todays iconic bag was created.

Being the absolute statement of social class among women the Birkin has become increasingly  popular among men in recent years. Lets find out why and what you have to look out for when you consider shopping for your first Birkin yourself. Prices start just above 7.000 Euros.


While the Birkin on women looks good with almost any outfit men should wear it more casually. Wearing a Birkin with a suit and a trench coat makes you look weird. Wear it with lose jeans and a t shirt or relaxed Gym wear. This break between expansive bag classical bag and a relaxed sportive outfit makes you look chilled and stylish.

I personally almost never close my Birkin properly. Again, leaving the bag open and having maybe a cashmere sweater sticking out gives you the stylish edge.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 17.13.28



First let me tell you that the famous waiting list for the Birkin is bullshit. There is no waiting list. Its just way for Hermes sales people to nicely refuse to sell one to you. Generally speaking the shops have one Birkin/Kelly bag for sale per day but Hermes does´t want to only sell their most famous bag. They make higher margins on scarfs and other items in the shop. Thats why usually you qualify to be selected to buy a Birkin after you have been a loyal client at Hermes and bought other items before. My advice is:

Talk to someone who has already bought a Birkin at Hermes. The easiest way to get one is to be associated with a good client or someone who works at Hermes.

  • There is a variety of different leathers available at Hermes. I personally prefer Togo Leather, a scratch resistant leather that is made of baby calf leather. It has a defined soft pebbled finish that appears raised and feels smooth but grainy. Another amazing option would be Boxcalf, made of Calf Leather which is extremely smooth with a glossy finish. Scratches are more visible compared to the textured leathers but can be blended over time by light buffing. This is the oldest type of Hermes leather and frequently appears in Vintage bags.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 17.20.01

  • men should (regardless what hight) should only go for size 40, which is is the biggest size of the classic birkin. Smaller sizes make you look like you borrowed your girlfriends bag!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 17.29.44

  • big guys or guys who like it oversized should opt for the sac haut (Pharrell´s bag actually is a sac haute and not a Birkin)


  • stitching in the same color of the bag, makes it look more masculine and content

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 17.37.00

  • might be a personal opinion but go for the silver hardwear, gold makes it look soft and feminine

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 16.46.05

  • chose a color according to your personal taste and availability but stay away from too girly colors such as orange, pink and red. If you will only buy one Birkin I recommend to go for a color that mixes well with almost any outfit. My personal favorites are vert veronese, bleu de presse, cafe, vert gris, and noir.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 16.38.48

So overall I have to say men need to be careful when selecting their Birkin (in terms of size, color, details and styling) but when its done right the Birkin is a perfect every day bag for relaxed men enjoying an exclusive lifestyle… regardless wether on the subway or in a chauffeur driven limousine!

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Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-29 um 17.47.00




E-Tautz-SpringSummer-2015-Collection-London-Collections-Men-DerriusPierreCom-6This weekend all the high end fashion houses present their men´s spring-summer collection 2015 in Paris. The warm weather and the fact that some of the big brand abstained from providing proper air-condition literally resulted in the melt down of many celebrities and fashionistos. Bill Gates retro trend is coming. Men at Fashion week in Paris and spotted among the laid back California dudes in bright stripes and bootcut jeans were a couple of Bill Gates dopplegangers from the same ’70s-era. The retro nerd normcore parts of the style not only picked up on the computer programmer turned billionaire’s stereotypical science teacher eyewear, but also his heretofore unknown ability to mix patterned shirts with colorful sweaters.

However, it is a packed schedule if you want to attend all the shows this week!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-28 um 12.29.53



I personally have been to lots of fashion shows in Paris and London in the past couple of years and I have to say I am getting a bit tiered of all the pretentious fashion people pulling out their most ridiculous outfit to increase their chance of being noticed. But at the same time I totally understand. Actually I do the same. So here is my tip on what to wear during the fashion week.

If you are a bit shy but you always wanted to try a certain look then FW is your chance to try it out because the worst what can happen to you is that you are being judged as “one from the fashion show people currently in town”. So go crazy, colors, cuts, unusual combinations, crazy accessories or, all together! Wear what you always wanted to wear, be free.


The second option is to tone it down to the minimal. If you want to look like one from the industry all you have to do is, keep it simple and wear only black. Simple cuts, only one color, nude or no make up only sunglasses are allowed.



Now, lets take a closer look at what are the mens fashion trends for 2015. Here are the essentials:

  • High rise pants
  • Military style (uniform style, not camouflage!)
  • Shorts
  • Double breasted suits
  • Onesis
  • Leather, leather, leather

It will be retro for sure so pull up your pants and tuck your shirt in.


You can´t go wrong with military style. Military boots and uniform style jackets are a must-have for next year!

Also the classic shorts are back and don´t feel afraid to wear your suit with shorts.


Make sure you have a double breasted suit in your wardrobe if you want to be part if the fashion elite 2015.

louis-vuitton-springsummer-2015-collection-04And finally it seems as if the “onesi” has found his way to the runway. Next year you can walk the streets with your head held high in a one-piece by Louis Vuitton for example.

10464177_10154261656545125_8904934985073195314_nLast but not least, the leather trend is still continuing. Men are allowed to wear any piece of clothing made in exclusive skin. Don´t be afraid to combine a leather shirt with jeans shorts, or a leather blazer to boost your party outfit. For the more courages among you I recommend to combine the onesi with the leather trend.


Always keep in mind, whatever outfit you chose, make sure you feel comfortable with it! Fashion is supposed to make you feel great, not intimidate you.


On tuesday, the “Who’s Who” of the music industry got together in Monaco.

Pretabloguer got one of the exclusive invitations, which gave us access backstage and to the actual stars of the night. Besides Mariah Carey the scandal-singer Miley Cyrus were just one of the big stars at the glamorous World Music Award in Monaco.  The 21-year U.S. musician was awarded  “Best Entertainer” and the “Best-Selling Female Artist”. Nominated was Cyrus in 14 categories. When she got the trophies she was accompanied on stage by her brother Braison Cyrus, with whom she snapped a few pictures for her fans on Instagram.

2014-05-27 19.56.21

Host of the evening were the Bay Watch Actress Pamela Anderson and rapper Jason Derulo. German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and his young boyfriend were spotted in the audience, together with Victoria Silvstedt and Kellan Lutz. Awards also went to Ricky Martin and Tim Bendzko, Cassandra Steen, the band Fall Out Boy and the Belgian singer Stromae. The U.S. singer Mariah Carey (who arrived more than three hours delayed) was honored with a “Pop Icon Award” because she had sold over 200 million albums.

2014-05-27 17.00.19

The German band “The Boss Hoss” got an award for its hit single “Do not Gimme That” the musicians rocked the stage and brought the room to a boil. The band wrote on Facebook: “Whaaaat? WE HAVE THE THING! ”

2014-05-27 19.50.08

Traditionally, the World Music Awards are awarded based on the sales and download numbers. Some categories may also be voted online, so it was smart that the day before the event Miley asked her 47 million followers on Facebook to vote for her.

2014-05-27 19.52.26

 If you want to read about the WMAs in German we recommend you to take a look at Germanys biggest forum for musicians. Musiker-Board.de talks about the World Music Awards in Monaco here.