The hype when Louboutins for men were something super cool and outstanding are long over. Now you can find the spikes and glitter on almost every fashionable mens shoe from Zara to Louis Vuitton. But the new summer style high top called Louis Gomme/Spikes is a must have for the upcoming summer season! I never really understood the love of French people for white shoes… in my opinion they belong on the Tennis court only and maybe on Escorts girls so you can easier spot them in the dark alley where the wait for customers. But, never say never and what actually makes the difference here are the colored spikes.


Usually the Louboutin store calls me when they receive new models so I can look at them before they go on display. When I saw this Louis Multicolor Spikes on a picture I wasn´t impressed and thought they look and bit too CANDYish for me but when I tried them on I actually liked them… They are fresh and colorful and fun and just what you need for a perfect summer 2014.