E-Tautz-SpringSummer-2015-Collection-London-Collections-Men-DerriusPierreCom-6This weekend all the high end fashion houses present their men´s spring-summer collection 2015 in Paris. The warm weather and the fact that some of the big brand abstained from providing proper air-condition literally resulted in the melt down of many celebrities and fashionistos. Bill Gates retro trend is coming. Men at Fashion week in Paris and spotted among the laid back California dudes in bright stripes and bootcut jeans were a couple of Bill Gates dopplegangers from the same ’70s-era. The retro nerd normcore parts of the style not only picked up on the computer programmer turned billionaire’s stereotypical science teacher eyewear, but also his heretofore unknown ability to mix patterned shirts with colorful sweaters.

However, it is a packed schedule if you want to attend all the shows this week!

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I personally have been to lots of fashion shows in Paris and London in the past couple of years and I have to say I am getting a bit tiered of all the pretentious fashion people pulling out their most ridiculous outfit to increase their chance of being noticed. But at the same time I totally understand. Actually I do the same. So here is my tip on what to wear during the fashion week.

If you are a bit shy but you always wanted to try a certain look then FW is your chance to try it out because the worst what can happen to you is that you are being judged as “one from the fashion show people currently in town”. So go crazy, colors, cuts, unusual combinations, crazy accessories or, all together! Wear what you always wanted to wear, be free.


The second option is to tone it down to the minimal. If you want to look like one from the industry all you have to do is, keep it simple and wear only black. Simple cuts, only one color, nude or no make up only sunglasses are allowed.



Now, lets take a closer look at what are the mens fashion trends for 2015. Here are the essentials:

  • High rise pants
  • Military style (uniform style, not camouflage!)
  • Shorts
  • Double breasted suits
  • Onesis
  • Leather, leather, leather

It will be retro for sure so pull up your pants and tuck your shirt in.


You can´t go wrong with military style. Military boots and uniform style jackets are a must-have for next year!

Also the classic shorts are back and don´t feel afraid to wear your suit with shorts.


Make sure you have a double breasted suit in your wardrobe if you want to be part if the fashion elite 2015.

louis-vuitton-springsummer-2015-collection-04And finally it seems as if the “onesi” has found his way to the runway. Next year you can walk the streets with your head held high in a one-piece by Louis Vuitton for example.

10464177_10154261656545125_8904934985073195314_nLast but not least, the leather trend is still continuing. Men are allowed to wear any piece of clothing made in exclusive skin. Don´t be afraid to combine a leather shirt with jeans shorts, or a leather blazer to boost your party outfit. For the more courages among you I recommend to combine the onesi with the leather trend.


Always keep in mind, whatever outfit you chose, make sure you feel comfortable with it! Fashion is supposed to make you feel great, not intimidate you.


She was the first one who caught my attention when I entered a private reception at a Villa in Eze, close to Monaco. From a distance it was clear, this lady had some major face work done. Little did I know…

Kamyar had invited me and a bunch of friends to his beautiful home just outside Monaco. The weather was nice, a very polite houseboy opened the gate for me and walked me up to the main house and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the outdoor pool was heated because it was a lovely night to go for a swim after dinner.

I don´t quite remember how it happened but I suddenly  found myself on a couch talking to the lady I noticed earlier when I entered the party. Tiny nose, full lips and huge tits balanced only by her massive round Kardashian style arse. She introduced herself as Allanah Starr and she said she was visiting the Cote D´Azur for some Shows she did in Saint Tropez.


From the beginning she was very easy to talk to and a very interesting character. I immediately felt like I can share my most private stories with her. During the conversation it turned out that Allanah used to be a Boy when she came to Miami as a little child. I definitely had my doubts in the beginning, especially when I heard her voice but the hourglass shaped body left me thinking that she must be one of those ladies with a rich husband who just likes to go to the “doctor” a little bit too much (of which we have sooo many in Monaco).

I kept thinking: This can´t be the physique of a man!

Well, I was wrong but it didn´t change anything about the fact that I liked her. We had a great conversation about life and partnership and when I asked her about details of her show in Saint Tropez she told me to come for dinner at the Ermitage and see for myself. I planned to do exactly that.

Allanah was gone upstairs for a while after I noticed that also the young French houseboy had disappeared…

The next day I went online to find out more about Allanah Starr, apparently she used to do quite a bit of adult movies (in one of them she had sex with a female-to-male transgender).

In the US she was famous for having had spent more than 100.000 USD on 64 plastic surgeries and more than 2000 cosmetic procedures.

She had told me all that herself, the night before, at Kamyar´s house in Eze.