Today, when i went for a stroll at Larvotto beach I was amazed when suddenly a huge white super sports car passed by and I could hear absolutely nothing!

I am no stranger to electric cars. In fact I drive an electric Twizy myself and I had seen hybrid sports cars like the Fisker Karma but I had never actually seen a 100 percent electric Mercedes super car. To be honest with you, I am not even a fan of the regular Mercedes SLS but the electric version just fascinates me. This electric car has 751 hp and a battery with a range of 250 km. That is fucking impressive and so is the price unfortunately. If you want one you have to bring 435.000 Euros to the table.

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In the Principality on Monaco the governement pays you 30% of the money back if you register an fully electric car. Unfortunately for the future SLS driver, this amount is capped. The electric Smart is the maximum what you can buy and get 30% of the car price back. Any owner of a new car over 23.000 Euros will be “awarded” not more than 7.500 Euros by the Principality. I did it myself one year ago and had the money transferred to my account within two weeks after registration. But the benefits don´t end with a 30% discount on the buying price, you also don´t have to pay any tax on the car and even more important parking outside is FREE anywhere in Monaco. Sure, you might argue that if you buy a car such as the SLS you might not care wether you have to pay for your parking or not but it still is a nice incentive and makes life much easier because you don´t have to bother paying parking tickets.

I personally support almost any car which drives electric. Unfortunately up to now electric car usually meant small and ugly…the Twizy was a first step into making electric driving more attractive but the electric SLS is definitely the cherry on the cake.

The SLS was already meant to become an icon as its a modern version of the old SLS with the gull wing doors but in my opinion only the latest electric drive version has the right to be called not just a style but also a technology icon of the 21st century.