Remember when I spotted the MyAnnika team in the port of Monaco last week and the founder of MyAnnika made me a great proposal?! She invited us to accompany her on one of the most amazing speed-/lifestyle boats currently on the market and she allowed me to document the shooting of the new collection in front of Monte-Carlo. Well, the time has come. Today pretabloguer accompanies Annina Kraft and her Team…



When I arrive at the port VanDutch is the first boat I see. The design is minimal, clean and chic just how I like it.


Its not over the top but you can tell its expensive. Later the captain tells me that the we are on the medium version (55 feet) for about EUR 1,25 million Euros. There is also a smaller version (40 feet) for around EUR 800.000 and a new one will hit the sea end of this year. It will be the biggest VanDutch on the market with 75feet and its said to cost around EUR 1,8 million. What is interesting is that the new version will have an electric motor, so less pollution and your bill for petrol will shrink as well.


In “yacht-terms” the VanDutch is quite an affordable boat to have; Monaco – St. Tropez and back costs “only” about 800 Euros in petrol.


So here we are leaving the port of Monaco for a trip along the famous Cote D´Azur.




Annina Kraft certainly convinces as successful business women with an eye for details.


Most of the accessories for the shooting come from her own jewelry line available on her website.


Saija from SAIJA K STYLING is responsible for make-up and styling.


In between shots we have a minute to sit down together when she tells me one of her stylist secrets:

“I don´t just tell the model what to do. I explain to her why I want her to do it! I can´t be with her in the picture but if she understands why I want her to do certain poses she will remember it by herself while she is in front of the camera.”


The result of this actual posing training is one of the best motives of the whole day and you can see it here.

So lets take a look at some of the results:

DSC00529DSC00589 DSC00630

Annina is a determined girl who has made it in Monaco. Lots of local girls own a dressing full with her snug fit bandage dresses and her international clients are very happy customers, returning to her online shop on a regular basis.

To find out more and to see the whole MyAnnika bandage dress collection visit her website www.myannika.com and don´t forge t to like her on Facebook so you are always up to date regarding sales and promotions.


MAX crashed MyAnnika photoshoot


A crowd of people taking pictures, stylists running around with shoes and dresses to change and several photographers caused quite a stir at the port in Monaco today. When I got closer I noticed a gorgeous looking blond girl in a tight bandage dress trying to find the perfect light for the next shot. BOOOM suddenly I found myself in the middle of a fotoshooting for the new collection of MyAnnika dresses.


I usually carry my camera around all the time, so when I saw the shooting happening I decided to get closer and take some pics to share them with you. When I got closer I noticed a huge entourage of stylists, light guys and camera men gathered around a beautiful young women. Security was about to push me away when somebody from the crew suddenly recognized me as “MAX from pretabloguer”…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-06 um 00.11.06

As soon as Annina, the founder of MyAnnika heard that I had spotted their shooting she decided to make the most of it. She invited me to join her and the team on the Van Dutch boat later for an even more exclusive photo shoot. The story will follow soon so don´t forget to LIKE us on Facebook to get all the updates!

Here is just a little teaser of what happened after Annina invited me to join them at the photo shoot on a boat in front of Monaco…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-05 um 22.59.09


MyAnnika is a company founded by Annina Kraft (blond girl in the pictures), a German girl living on the Cote D´Azur. Her intention, when she started the company, was to put together an extremely sexy collection of bandage dresses at affordable prices. MyAnnika dresses are supposed to give you the celebrity style of Kim Karadshian or Nicole Scherzinger at a fraction of the cost. They became very popular in recent years. She sells the dresses world wide via her online shop but also has many local clients whom she visits in the comfort of their own home in Monaco. Well enough said for now, take a look at the pictures I managed to get for you…


If you like her style you don´t have to wait until our next post about Annika. You can just go on the website MyAnnika and I personally would strongly reccomend you to LIKE her on Facebook to make sure you get all the updates on the latest collection and also to benefit from special offers.