Remember when I spotted the MyAnnika team in the port of Monaco last week and the founder of MyAnnika made me a great proposal?! She invited us to accompany her on one of the most amazing speed-/lifestyle boats currently on the market and she allowed me to document the shooting of the new collection in front of Monte-Carlo. Well, the time has come. Today pretabloguer accompanies Annina Kraft and her Team…



When I arrive at the port VanDutch is the first boat I see. The design is minimal, clean and chic just how I like it.


Its not over the top but you can tell its expensive. Later the captain tells me that the we are on the medium version (55 feet) for about EUR 1,25 million Euros. There is also a smaller version (40 feet) for around EUR 800.000 and a new one will hit the sea end of this year. It will be the biggest VanDutch on the market with 75feet and its said to cost around EUR 1,8 million. What is interesting is that the new version will have an electric motor, so less pollution and your bill for petrol will shrink as well.


In “yacht-terms” the VanDutch is quite an affordable boat to have; Monaco – St. Tropez and back costs “only” about 800 Euros in petrol.


So here we are leaving the port of Monaco for a trip along the famous Cote D´Azur.




Annina Kraft certainly convinces as successful business women with an eye for details.


Most of the accessories for the shooting come from her own jewelry line available on her website.


Saija from SAIJA K STYLING is responsible for make-up and styling.


In between shots we have a minute to sit down together when she tells me one of her stylist secrets:

“I don´t just tell the model what to do. I explain to her why I want her to do it! I can´t be with her in the picture but if she understands why I want her to do certain poses she will remember it by herself while she is in front of the camera.”


The result of this actual posing training is one of the best motives of the whole day and you can see it here.

So lets take a look at some of the results:

DSC00529DSC00589 DSC00630

Annina is a determined girl who has made it in Monaco. Lots of local girls own a dressing full with her snug fit bandage dresses and her international clients are very happy customers, returning to her online shop on a regular basis.

To find out more and to see the whole MyAnnika bandage dress collection visit her website www.myannika.com and don´t forge t to like her on Facebook so you are always up to date regarding sales and promotions.


MAX crashed MyAnnika photoshoot


A crowd of people taking pictures, stylists running around with shoes and dresses to change and several photographers caused quite a stir at the port in Monaco today. When I got closer I noticed a gorgeous looking blond girl in a tight bandage dress trying to find the perfect light for the next shot. BOOOM suddenly I found myself in the middle of a fotoshooting for the new collection of MyAnnika dresses.


I usually carry my camera around all the time, so when I saw the shooting happening I decided to get closer and take some pics to share them with you. When I got closer I noticed a huge entourage of stylists, light guys and camera men gathered around a beautiful young women. Security was about to push me away when somebody from the crew suddenly recognized me as “MAX from pretabloguer”…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-06 um 00.11.06

As soon as Annina, the founder of MyAnnika heard that I had spotted their shooting she decided to make the most of it. She invited me to join her and the team on the Van Dutch boat later for an even more exclusive photo shoot. The story will follow soon so don´t forget to LIKE us on Facebook to get all the updates!

Here is just a little teaser of what happened after Annina invited me to join them at the photo shoot on a boat in front of Monaco…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-05 um 22.59.09


MyAnnika is a company founded by Annina Kraft (blond girl in the pictures), a German girl living on the Cote D´Azur. Her intention, when she started the company, was to put together an extremely sexy collection of bandage dresses at affordable prices. MyAnnika dresses are supposed to give you the celebrity style of Kim Karadshian or Nicole Scherzinger at a fraction of the cost. They became very popular in recent years. She sells the dresses world wide via her online shop but also has many local clients whom she visits in the comfort of their own home in Monaco. Well enough said for now, take a look at the pictures I managed to get for you…


If you like her style you don´t have to wait until our next post about Annika. You can just go on the website MyAnnika and I personally would strongly reccomend you to LIKE her on Facebook to make sure you get all the updates on the latest collection and also to benefit from special offers.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-22 um 15.21.06

The Monte-Carlo Polo Club is inviting you and your friends to join for the Monte-Carlo Polo CUP 2014! It will be a lavish festivity with exciting tournaments on the field in Beausoleil and an exclusive dinner at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. The event will start with a parade around Casino square to present the players and the horses.


The event will take place 3.-6. July. To make it more convenient for the guests the Polo Club created an online ticket system so you can purchase your tickets online. The event will take place under the High Patronage of H.S.H Albert II of Monaco. Celebrities from all around the world are expected to attend the event!


Because you heard about the event via pretabloguer the Monte-Carlo Polo Cup is offering you a special discount for the one-day pass and the Gala Dinner at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel.

MCP_2784_MC poloPROMO CODES will give you 10% – 20 % reduction:

one day pass:  polofriends2014
Gala Dinner:   pologala2014

We recommend you to purchase a discounted 3 day Tournament pass which offers you the best deal if you want to attend ALL games and use the PROMO CODE “pologala2014” to get 10% discount on your Gala Dinner on sunday after the tournament.

MCP_3087_MC poloThe event will be a great opportunity to see some of the best horses and players in the world in action and to mile with the high society of Monaco and the international press.


The Monte-Carlo Polo Club is looking forward to welcoming you and your friends at the event in July. Don´t forget to like their Facebook for updates on the event and pictures!!!



Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-22 um 11.21.17

Since David Beckham, we refer to straight men who like to groom, dress well and actively care about their appearance as metrosexuals. But this term first appeared almost 10 years ago and we are way beyond metrosexual straight men now. It became increasingly harder to tell who is gay and who is straight. Haven´t we all been thinking “what is going on with Ronaldo (when he walked around with his small Gucci purse)!? Heven´t we all been surprised when Michael Sam came out as the first gay NFL football player?! Well, let me tell you…the world is upside down and that is good! Straight guys are more comfortable with a “gay” look and gays are more and more eager to show that they are REAL man with muscles and hair. Either way, I like the development because its another step towards equality through allowing everybody to become how and who he/she wants to be without being restricted by ancient ideas of what is wrong and what is right.


I still remember the time when the adjective metrosexual came up. Lets be honest it just was an easy way to describe a gay looking straight man. We obviously have come a long way so that the metrosexual look is no longer an issue but a goal of many straight guys. It is more and more difficult to find straight guys who have never waxed their eyebrows, moisturized their skin or went shopping for designer brands all day long. The “gay look” got accepted in society which is great but actually seems to bother the gays sometimes. Have you noted that lots of gays turned very straight in their looks over the past couple of years? Its still a lot of effort being put into the physical appearance but it all aims for a butch fought kinda look. Beard, boots and sometimes even a little belly are what the new gay generation is aiming for. Its all about being masculine and butch (even though the attitude sometimes does´t quite match).


Joey Essex (pic above on the left) has a girlfriend. Rylan (pic above on the right) is looking for a boyfriend) but both seem to go for a similar look.

This article talks about the general appearance of men. If you are interested in some style/fashion advice I encourage you to check out Lapo Elkan!


Well if you aren´t already doing it on a regular basis here are some ideas of what the modern straight man can do to enhance his looks:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-22 um 12.45.26

  • A regular visit at the Mani-/Pedi should definitely be on your to-do-list. I am not saying you should go every week but every 4 weeks you should get your nails tidied up by a professional. In between a quick clipping will do to keep them short and clean.
  • If you have very short hair you should make sure to trim it every two weeks at least to always have this fresh, clean cut look. If your hair is longer never forget to put conditioner after washing your hair and maybe put some leave-in-conditioner after to give your hair this healthy glow.
  • If you like to smell different to your actual body smell I recommend the classic DOVE body lotion and as a fragrance you should try Molecule. Its a unisex perfume which adapts and reacts with your skin. The same perfume smells different depending on who is wearing it. This way your new fragrance will definitely match your type!
  • During the summer don´t be afraid to go in the sun. A healthy tan is always desirable but make sure to always cover your face with a light sunscreen in order to avoid wrinkles in the future. When its not sunny enough don´t be shy and use one of the luxurious self tanning products which are currently on the market. Make sure its good quality which doesn´t smell and leaves no patches. Myself I use HeShi because it smells nice, moisturized the skin during the day and leaves a healthy tan without stains.
  • If you have brown or blond hair I recommend to get your eyelashes tinted. The effect is that your eyes will look more intense and it contours your face. Also, get the lower part of your eye brows waxed. This will give you a cleaner look and also open up your eye and make you look less tiered.
  • If you smoke or like a glass of red wine from time to time you should maybe go and see a dentist for a professional bleaching. I know there are some cheap products to whiten your teeth at home but I definitely recommend to see the dentist of your choice and get it done professionally. It usually takes about an hour and once you had it done you will maintain the white for at least two years before you need to it again. Find out what we have to say about Dr. Lenhoff in NYC here.

Finally I just want to say that that I am quite proud that so many gay habits have been adapted by the straight world. Nonetheless  its all about allowing yourself to embrace your beauty regardless what your sexual orientation si and I am quite happy that this link has been eliminated.


On the pic above we see the other phenomenon, a gay guy going for a very butch straight look. Still groomed and clean cut but the overall look is very manly…

…and lets face it; its quite nice that some of the “queens” will do it the other way around and go for a more butch look sooner or later ;-))) so from both sides we are getting closer and closer to the ideal modern, groomed, manly guy.

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I recognized Julien Macdonald from “Dancing with the Stars“.Julien-Macdonald-for-Matalan

Recently we met Julien in Monaco and found out that there is much more to this petite man than just a little Salsa Queen dancing to “Spice Up Your Life” on national television in the UK.

The designer studied knitwear in Brighton and hold a Master from the Royal College of Art in London. He was discovered by Karl Lagerfeld in the 90s and became head-designer for knitwear at Chanel. In 1998 he launched his own label “Mermaids” and since then he is famous for dressing stars such as Beyonce, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Miley Cyrus.


When Julien arrived in Monaco it became clear to everybody that he is a star in the fashion industry. Media from all over the world was fighting to get an interview with the famous designer appointed to dress some of the most glamorous star of this decade.


Julien Macdonald presented swim- and beachwear which he developed in cooperation with former model Melissa Odabash. Check out the full collection here.



If you want to have the ultimate star feeling you should try one of his designs! Julien has been awarded glamour designer of the year and is known for being the first designer to talk to if you want the ultimate star look. Celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Tamara Ecclestone love Julien´s sparkly dresses and skin tight catsuits.

Check out his collections here.




Julien also developed a mens collection in collaboration with Matalan.

The collection is called “W10 by Julien Macdonald“. Check it out and tell us what you think about his looks!




Like most people I was afraid of the dentist- but then I met the most gentle, caring one who actually really cares about his work and patients. Look him up when in New York! You will not regret it. 

Client reviews only consist of superlatives such as

  • Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist!
  • Excellent Dentist. It was the best dental work I’ve had.
  • Dr. Lenhoff at Glassman Dental Care completely blew away all my fears and doubts!
  • I went to Dr. Lenhoff a couple weeks ago, and let me just say that the he is the best!



Fashion is about making a statement, about expressing who you are (or want to be) and nothing supports a great outfit better than a radiant white smile. Evan is one of the most talented and handsome dentists in Manhattan and we will reveal later in this article what actually the cheapest way to achieve an amazing white smile. But first we want to show you a crazy fashion accessory by Dr. Lenhoff. He is always up for the some Bling Bling and new fashion trends (that´s also why he is featured in our blog).  Recently he designed this stunning custom Grill for example.


If you are not really into the Rapper style dents, at least you can have a dental cleaning, x-rays & exams by one of the youngest and most successful dentists in Manhattan. So why don´t you check him out on Facebook now.




Dr. Lenhoff isn´t just eye candy looking to cash in. He has great personality, looks after his patients and honestly cares to find the best solution for you. When we asked him about the cheapest course of action for rectifying yellowing teeth he replied:

“The cheapest method would be the over-the-counter whitening strips. They work. If you spend around $50 or $60, you’ll get a good product.”

But of course  nothing works as well as the whitening done in a dentist’s office because they are allowed to use a stronger chemical. If you are interested in learning more about dental care and what Evan has to say check out this article here.

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On tuesday, the “Who’s Who” of the music industry got together in Monaco.

Pretabloguer got one of the exclusive invitations, which gave us access backstage and to the actual stars of the night. Besides Mariah Carey the scandal-singer Miley Cyrus were just one of the big stars at the glamorous World Music Award in Monaco.  The 21-year U.S. musician was awarded  “Best Entertainer” and the “Best-Selling Female Artist”. Nominated was Cyrus in 14 categories. When she got the trophies she was accompanied on stage by her brother Braison Cyrus, with whom she snapped a few pictures for her fans on Instagram.

2014-05-27 19.56.21

Host of the evening were the Bay Watch Actress Pamela Anderson and rapper Jason Derulo. German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and his young boyfriend were spotted in the audience, together with Victoria Silvstedt and Kellan Lutz. Awards also went to Ricky Martin and Tim Bendzko, Cassandra Steen, the band Fall Out Boy and the Belgian singer Stromae. The U.S. singer Mariah Carey (who arrived more than three hours delayed) was honored with a “Pop Icon Award” because she had sold over 200 million albums.

2014-05-27 17.00.19

The German band “The Boss Hoss” got an award for its hit single “Do not Gimme That” the musicians rocked the stage and brought the room to a boil. The band wrote on Facebook: “Whaaaat? WE HAVE THE THING! ”

2014-05-27 19.50.08

Traditionally, the World Music Awards are awarded based on the sales and download numbers. Some categories may also be voted online, so it was smart that the day before the event Miley asked her 47 million followers on Facebook to vote for her.

2014-05-27 19.52.26

 If you want to read about the WMAs in German we recommend you to take a look at Germanys biggest forum for musicians. Musiker-Board.de talks about the World Music Awards in Monaco here.



The Grand Prix 2014 took place from the 22.-25. of May. On Thursday I had to chance to help as a volunteer at the One Piece Day Gala at ”LE SALLE DES ETOILE” in Monaco. Jude Law is the Ambassador of this charity association and Jessie J was supposed to give a little concert. It was a mix out of ”Wanna-Be-Celebs” and the High Society of Monaco. Many plastic lips, tits and chins. I was enjoying the evening but just because of Jessie J who rocked the stage and Jude Law was real eye-candy.


On friday Max and I went to Amber Lounge. We talked about it in a previous post. A fashion show with the Formula 1 drivers and their wives/girlfriends was part of the show. Pixie Lott came 60 minutes late to sing her Number 1 Song ”Mama Do”. Max found out afterwards that she was late because she was having sex in room 421 at Le Meridien with her boyfriend instead of having her hair and make-up done. This exclusive information is from someone working at the Hotel who accidentally walked into the room just minutes before the beginning of the show.







Victoria Silvstedt also arrived late but had enough time to get her hair and make up done properly. Max took her to her seat after she was ready and they talked about her outfit. Victoria would have preferred a long dress but instead she was given a very short mini dress by the in-house designers.

Tamara Ecclestone and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) were the most famous celebs at the party sitting in the first row. Tamara came with her own security team but was very easy to talk to and agreed to take pictures with me after I had told her about our blog and the work we do in Monaco.

On saturday we were invited to the Infiniti Podium Lounge Party. We were welcomed with open doors. The security team had been informed about our arrival in advance so we skipped the queue. Inside we received free drinks at the bar. The party was ok, but not much different to a normal night out at Zelos. The Infinity party was supposed to be hosted by Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 driver. We were very disappointed not to see the any of the promised drivers that night!


Finally on sunday we had the chance to watch the race from a private balcony overlooking Monaco and the race track. The atmosphere was relaxed we had great home made food and Champagne .


After that we decided to end the Grand Prix with the Sunset Lounge Party at the private Beach of the Meridien. Nico Rosberg, winner of this years F1 GP in Monaco joined the party together with some friends.  A little fun fact: Justin Bieber tried to book a table the day before but failed because it was fullly booked. Next time maybe…






Cannes during the Film Festival, the Grand Prix in Monaco and the World Music Awards the Cote D´Azur become one of the most prestigious and glamorous coasts in the world. Lots of movie stars, wannabes and fans get together to celebrate the stars and their work.

But what you see on TV and what you read in the tabloids is mostly a very airbrushed version of what was really going down in Cannes. Usually nobody talks about the fact that hundreds of girls arrive in Cannes just days before the Festival starts, to work as prostitutes. Lots of stress and adrenaline, mixed with the ego to have the youngest hottest girl on your side makes some men pay up to 25.000 Euros a night for some “company”.

Another thing people hardly talk about are the little beauty tricks of the stars on the red carpet. I noticed while talking to Pamela Anderson and John Travolta on the red carpet that both of them are wearing full wigs. John Travolta is partly bold but feels the need to still give the impression that he has a full head of hair.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.01.17

I don´t really know him but he comes of as a nice guy and he has been through a lot (he lost his son) and is over 60 now, so nobody would mind him not having a full set of hair. I am not sure if it is him or if it is his publicist who makes him wear these ridiculous wigs. Sometimes it isn´t even a wig but it looks like somebody painted the hair on his head with a black marker.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.56.14

And didn´t we all like when Pamela Anderson finally managed to get rid of her all time blond beach girl image, took out her implants out and grew up to be a good looking women in her 40s?! Well, I met her yesterday and for some reason she felt it was time to go back to the stupid blond barbie image.


She was wearing a cheap hair piece trying to turn back time and to become the lifeguard in Baywatch again. She utterly failed. She looked like an old copy of herself with less tits and plastic hair. But when we spoke she was really nice and surprisingly natural. Its not up to us but in my opinion she looks much better with her own hair and without the “stupid blond” image.

Pamela-Anderson-New-Pixie-Hair-CutI am not saying anything against little beauty tricks. Sometimes a good hair piece is essential to give you the glam look for an official event, sometimes you want to ad a little volume to better fill out your dress or wear some shape wear to enhance/surpress your curves in the right places.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.43.08

Victoria Silvstedt for example wears her extensions well. She is very tall and can therefore get away with a little more hair than normal and she usually takes very well care of her hair to make sure the difference between real and fake isn´t too visible. She also wears high quality extensions which always blend in much better than bad quality hair or even fakes.

We are probably all a little fake. Tanned, bleached teeth, blond hair and what not but there is nothing wrong with it! Just try and do it right. Make an effort. Don´t think people are stupid or ignorant and won´t notice you try to trick them. If the little tricks are done well they can boost your confidence and leave the viewers impressed.




Max and I were invited to the Festival de Cannes 2014 to meet with Hollywood actors and fashion designers presenting their latest works on the red carpet.


We caught a beautiful day walking down the Croisette. When we passed by the famous Carlton Hotel Max received a call from his dear friend Aaron Lee, an up-and-coming Hollywood actor and model, most famous for his Audi Commercial. Unfortunately there was not enough time for a full interview but I am sure we will hear about him again!


We got invited to a beautiful lunch down by the beach. The food was fantastic and it was very nice to have a healthy lunch right next to the sea with fresh fish and delicious smoothies.



We were on a mission to meet Hollywood actor Vincent de Paul who just wrote for the celebrity section in our Blog. He wanted to meet with us to discuss an invitation to Monaco but never showed up or returned our call this day so we had to let him go because we were asked to take a look at the latest creations of a jewelry designer which we might feature in the newcomer section soon…

To award himself for a long day of work Max managed to do some last-minute shopping at Louis Vuitton for the fashion show in Monaco at the following day. By chance he discovered a t-shirt he thought was long sold out. It was a simple shirt with the print of the original Louis Vuitton and we decided that he will have to wear this one during the LV fashion show in Monte-Carlo the next day.

After a long day we got invited to the  Hedda movie premiere private party on the rooftop of the hotel Five Cannes.

Find out more soon…