Every time when we see the stars on the red carpet they look flawless. No wrinkles, perfect styling and radiant skin.


Celebrities around the world are used to piling on the foundations, powders and everything in between, but when the lights go out and the cameras go off what do these stars look like without all the goop?

While some celebrities may look like a completely different person without makeup, others still look great. Now, what is their secret?


Dermadrop is the new thing to do! Not just for the stars on the red carpets but for everybody who wants to look young and radiant without using the help of a surgical knife or even injections.

I was fortunate enough to get invited to try it out myself and I have to say the result is amazing. Dermadrop is blowing hyaluronic acid in my skin without even touching my face. All you can feel is a fresh wind pushing the product in the deeper layers of your skin and you are left with no scars or anything. Its the perfect thing to do just before an important event where you want to look extra fabulous and if you go for multiple sessions the result will last for a couple of weeks.


The product (in a capsule) is via a patented process blown into my skin. All I felt was a strong wind going up and down over my face.

The procedure:

  1. It starts with a deep face cleansing,
  2. A reverse hoover blowing the hyaluron into the skin.
  3. Aprés cream to give the perfect finish.

Overall it takes about 20 minutes so it can be done during lunch break. Recommended for a long lasting result is to repeat the session 4-8 times over 1-2 months. One session costs about 40 Euros and is well worth the money.

Dr. Schlossberger is the only certified practice delivering Dermadrop.

Dr. Schlossberger and her team will have a booth at the Berlinale to let the international stars shine slightly brighter than they normally do.

If you are in Germany do as me and book your appointment today!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-10 um 17.48.11



Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.08.19

In the past couple of years we kept seeing more and more leather pants for men. Leather pants for men have become widely acceptable. The comfotable feeling combined with the exclusivity and style makes leather pants the new must-have for todays fashionable men.

In terms of style, my suggestion is to opt for a classic pair of straight cut leather pants. They’re timeless and will match most tops perfectly, whether it’s a button-down shirt, a V-neck sweater, or a stylish wool turtleneck.



SMART – CASUAL… everything goes

Leather pants are not only “in” but are now established as classy alternative to blue Jeans. If you are looking into buying your first pair, there are a few things you should consider.

Keep in mind that leather trousers tend to be more casual but depending on the cut you may also look very sharp at the office.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.12.14

Some people still think of leather pants as very trendy. Don´t avoid wearing them to places where people tend to dress more conservatively but be aware of the effect they might have.

The market for leather pants is huge. First you need to define what style you are after. The classic straight cut goes well for a business look but maybe you prefer a more baggy style like Kanye West…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.39.38



Prices vary a lot and usually depend on the quality of the leather and the brand. But I can tell you this must have item for a mens wardrobe never comes as a bargain. If you go for a less famous brand the price will still be high if the leather is good quality and if its a high fashion brand prices almost never start under four digits.

Men’s fahion shows since 2012 boasted colored pairs, croc styles, and plenty of traditional black options. See these looks and plenty of additional novelty leather pants in this post.


Jitrois has explored the innate sensuality of leather since launching his namesake collection in the eighties. In the following picture you see him wearing his straight leg low-rise jeans in lambskin with a denim effect. Leather pants that look like jeans.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.15.34

Clothsurgeon takes an entirely different approach to streetwear. Based in London, the brand headed by skilled tailor and designer Rav Matharu takes a bespoke approach to their versatile creations. Employing a Savile Row methodology, Clothsurgeon pieces (many of them crafted from the finest leather) are meticulously cut and sewn with quality, fit and wearability as the overarching standards.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.33.06

PRSVR, which stands for Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, Respect is a brand that jumped on the fashion scene with a mission to create premium leather pieces. Their collection consists of leather jackets ($200-$600), leather vest combo jackets ($500), leather tees ($460), leather sweatpants ($500-$520), and sweatshirts ($80-$420).

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.24.57

En Noir has a huge celebrity following and the brand has only been around for a few years. The biggest trendsetters in the industry are seen rockin’ EN|NOIR leather sweatpants, think Kayne West, A$AP ROCKY, Big Sean, Drake and more. It’s all menswear and I’m completely obsessed with the “monochromatic minimalism” collection. I like black clothing and on top of it, it’s mostly leather!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-07 um 21.19.08

Finally, take into account that leather pants can be worn all year long except for a few very hot days during the summer and there for are well worth the money.




Among heterosexual men, there is one body type only because straight guys are not interested in men’s bodies, either their own or those of other males. They’re interested in female body types. In this post Romy and I are going to attempt explaining some of the subgroups in the gay male culture. If you ever heard your gay friends talking about twinks, bears or otters and you wondered what the fuck they were talking about… read this and you´ll be able to participate in the conversation next time 😉



Body Type: Thin, smooth, often blond, usually with longish bangs and often with highlights.
Description: This young breed of gays is never over 30 and tends to be on the queeny side and hews closely to the conventional stereotypes of gay man. Wild, ornery, and still getting over their coming out issues, the twink is the gay gone wild, and is bait to older men who are into trying to suck off their youthful energy.
Celebrity Example: Zac Efron



Body Type: Large, hairy, often with facial hair
Description: The bigger, generally older subset of the population is new but increasingly popular both in the community and pop culture. They have their own social calendar that is well populated with events to support the flannel-clad butch lifestyle of beards and beer guts.
Celebrity Example: Kevin Smith


Gay Jocks

Body Type: Athletic, muscular, possibly gone-to-seed
Description: This guy prides himself on the fact that no one thinks he is gay until he tells them. His love of sports is just about the only unaffected aspect of his masculinity. He wears T-shirts and ball caps with his favorite team logo, and likes guys who are “non-scene,” unless the scene is a gay sports team.
Celebrity Example: Esera Tualo


Circuit Boys

Body Type: Muscular, waxed, preened, most usually with tribal tattoos
Description: This subset rose to prominence in the ’90s around the drug-fueled, all-night dance parties that were in different cities around the country. While it has few new recruits, its core population is die-hard and aging quickly. Many of the parties have died off, but they’re still dancing to bad tribal house wherever they can.

Celebrity Example: This is such a specific type it doesn’t really exists in the world at large, but the Platonic ideal of a circuit boy is DJ Brett Henrichsen.



Body Type: Body toned by the personal trainer, hair done by celebrity stylist, wardrobe picked out at Barneys
Description: These are the uppity homos who live the good life, and are generally too good for you. They only like to talk to each other. They usually work in advertising, PR, marketing, or the entertainment industry and make a ton of cash which they use to have perfect apartments, fantastic wardrobes, and summer homes near all the other gay-listers. You can try to get invited to their parties, but you will never belong.
Subcategories: Power gays, the velvet mafia
Celebrity Example: Andy Cohen


Show Queens

Body Type: They come in all shapes and sizes, from the young, spry dancer to the balding, pudgy critic.
Description: These are the kids who are so gay they could never fit in during high school and sought refuge in the music department. They have devoted their lives to performing, show tunes, and learning all the words to very obscure songs. They often work in theater or the arts in one way or another, be it on the Great White Way or as a high school drama teacher.
Celebrity Example: Neil Patrick Harris


Art Fags

Body Type: Emaciated, tattooed, usually with some sort of ironic facial hair and an enormous coif.
Description: The art fag is cooler than you. He’s also cooler than all your friends, and he is not afraid to show it. He is usually an artist (duh), photographer, fashion designer, band member, or something that requires a degree from RISD, FIT, or some other art school that is an acronym. He dresses either in the most current prissy fashions or like a homo version of Terry Richardson, in big glasses, flannels, and jeans that looks so thrown together that it took him hours to put together. You’re more likely to find them at a gallery opening or model party, but every so often they’ll be at a gay bar to rub elbows, and other parts, with the other homos.
Celebrity Example: Marc Jacobs


Drag Queens

Body Type: Either big, buxom Divine style or svelte and RuPaul-esque.
Description: This is a very small but very powerful contingent of the gay population. The drag queens are not only the court jesters of the gay community, dressing up like clowns for our entertainment, but they are also a bridge to the straight world. As much as gay men appreciate the queens for their looks, wit, and shade, straight people love a drag show even more than the queers do. Somehow they manage to be the most outrageous segment of the population and the most embraced, making the rest of us look positively boring by comparison.
Celebrity Example: RuPaul



In the gay world, an otter would be considered a thin gay male that is hairy and may or may not use a trimmer to shorten body hair. Some have beards, some do not. Otters are usually smaller in frame when compared to the heavier cub or bear. Otters look a lot like what you would see in a picture of an otter … they are hairy. A person can be an otter regardless of age. Otters are considered to be part of the larger bear community.

An example of an otter might be found in Scott Caan. Notice he is slightly hairy in the photograph, perhaps even trimming as a way of reducing hair on his chest and torso. You have seen Scott in a number of movies and TV Shows, including films like Into the Blue and Hawaii Five-0. He is 5ft 5 inches tall and was born in Los Angels.

Otters characteristically are not super built but can be athletic. Again, they are hairy (some think they are smooth and that would be incorrect). Think of otters being somewhere between cubs and bears …not as massive as bears and certainly smaller than cubs.


Joe manganiello beach


Characteristically, a wolf is gay male who is semi-hairy, muscular, lean, attractive and sexually aggressive. A wolf is sometimes considered to be part of the larger bear community or bear spectrum. Some also describe wolves as slimmer bears but there is a lot of disagreement on this.

Most all wolves have facial hair. Height or age is not assigned to wolves. Subgroups of wolves can be found in aging wolves, which are gay men with wolf like features that are starting to turn a bit gray.

And then there are full on silver or gray wolves, terms that describe an older wolf with gray or white facial/body hair.

A celebrity example of a younger wolf would be Joe Manganiello. He fits all of the requirements to be placed into this category. Interestingly enough, Maganiello plays the part of a wolf in the HBO hit series, True Blood.

Older wolves, particularly aging wolf types, might be found in the example of Hugh Jackman, the mid 40’s something hottie who you saw in the movies X-Men andThe Wolverine.




For gay men, the term cub is used to describe a younger (or younger looking) male, usually husky or heavier in body type and almost always hairy.

While many cubs have a beard, it is not a requirement to fit in this category. Body hair and huskiness are the dominant features for this gay descriptor.

Cubs are sometimes partnered with bears in passive relationships or with other cubs. Cubs can sometimes be considered an apprentice to a bear.

We have cub sub-types:

  • Muscle Cubs : Body size is attributable to muscular composition as opposed to body fat.
  • Sugar Cubs: Effeminate Cubs

An example of a cub body type mightbe found in the body of Santa Monica, California born Jack Black who has played in movies such asSchool of Rock and High Fidelity.

We don’t have a lot of male celebrity examples of cubs. Almost all cubs aspire to become bears within the larger bear community.




 In the gay world, the term chub is used to describe an overweight or obese man. Chubs are a distinct sub-group within the gay male population and can be confused with bears. Many bears reject extremely large or obese chubs and do not consider them as part of their subgroup. Chubs have their own events, such as “Mr. Chub International”. An extremely large chub is referred to as a superchubaccording to the research.

An example of a chub/superchub might be found in the body type of actor John Goodman. You have seen him in a number of films and T.V. shows, most notably Roseanne.Another example can be found in John Candy (deceased), who was inPlanes, Trains & Automobiles.

It is important to note that there exists a group of people calledchasers. These individuals are attracted romantically and physically to chubs. Chasers are much smaller than chubs.




A pup typically is a gay male who is fairly young in age. Here we are talking late teens to early 20’s, give or take. Characteristically, pups have little experience in the gay world, are naïve, energetic and cute.

Pups are similar to cubs except pups are not involved in the bear community and likely do not even know this community exists within the larger gay spectrum.

You often hear more seasoned gay men tell very young gay men who are just coming out things like, “You are just a young pup- you have a lot to learn” or “You are just a pup – you are just a baby!”

An example of a pup body type can be found in early 20’s something Joe Jonas. Joe and his brother Nick starred in their own Disney Channel Original Series, Jonas.

Other pup type examples can be found in Taylor Lautner (Twilight series) and Sterling Beaumon (Astro Boy).

Pups may have similar body types to twinks (coming up soon) however, pups usually are super new to the gay world. Twinks however are not.



In the gay community, Bulls are considered to be super massive, muscular body builders that weigh somewhere in the 215-300 pound range.

Bulls are not necessarily part of the bear community and usually herd together as one might see them in their natural environment.

An example of a Bull body type can be found in Dwanyne Johson, the early 40’s something California born movie star who is also known as the “The Rock”. Johnson used to be a professional wrestler with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

Another potential bull body type might include 30 something Australian born actor Chris Hemsworth, using filmography from his appearance in the movie Thor.

Hemsworth stands at a whopping 6’4 and his weight has varied between 215 pounds to 195 pounds according to recent interviews.


Other Important Terms we think everyone should be familiar with…


These guys really throw a wrench in our Gaydar sometimes. A Metrosexual guy is one who may outwardly appear gay (expert grooming, fantastic style) but who is actually straight. Usually, these guys make pretty awesome friends (as long as you can keep your friends from molesting them anyway).


Learn this term well and put it into practice (unless you’re a Bear of course). Manscaping is the colloquial term for grooming… and as a gay man, I’m here to tell you- again, unless you’re a Bear- you should be manscaping.

Fag Hag

Fag Hag technically means a straight girl who wants to have sex with gay men and contrary to popular belief, being called a Fag Hag isn’t a compliment. It means you’re creepy.

Fruit Fly

Although less popular- and not quite as easily rolled off the tongue- this term actually describes what most people think of when they think “Fag Hag”. Fruit Flies don’t want to have sex with us, they are just uber-fabulous girls who understand gay culture and love to hang out. The gay boys love them too and buzz around them… like flies,

Fag Stag

This is code for a straight guy who hangs out with a lot of gay guys.

Water Sports / Golden Shower

This one is important. Water sports aren’t actually sports at all, and hopefully you can tell from the synonymous term what it’s really all about. That’s right kids. Pee.

Gay Curious

Let’s be honest- this really means “I’ve slept with all your guy friends but don’t want to admit it”.


These are also new terms for me and I just had to include them. A Hasbian is a Lesbian who has chosen to live a heterosexual life. Conversely, a Yestergay is a gay man who has chosen to live a heterosexual life. I love a good play on words and these totally made me laugh.


Babies of gay men.



Gay or Straight, if you’re new to the gay community, you might come across a few phrases or labels that you don’t have a clue what they mean. For the gays, that lack of understanding might land you in an interesting situation… such as showing up at a guy’s house for the first time expecting to go play water polo and finding out that “water sports” is something else entirely.



When Romy and I went to Saint Tropez last week we found a package of Mission Belts waiting for us. The amazing colors and stylish looks convinced Romy so she wanted to find out more.

While on the beach enjoying the glorious weather at the Cote D´Azur we decided to find out what Mission Belt is about. Obviously they have a Mission…so lets find out more in this post.

While at the beach we also bumped into Allanah Starr, the most famous Transsexual in the world. She was born in Cuba, grew up in Miami, lives in Paris now and spends her summer in Saint Tropez.

But first lets find out what Mission Belts mission is:

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-18 um 13.42.50

One $ from every belt goes towards helping people in their fight against hunger and poverty. Mission Belt understands it as its corporate responsibility to give something back to hard working individuals that simply need a hand up. Often times the $ that Mission Belt passes on represents 20% or more of their profit.


 The creators of Mission Belt produced a video to demonstrate how easy it is to use one of their belts. We could not resist sharing this video with you because it is hilarious and at the same time shows you how to use the Mission Belt.

Check the video out here…

DSC00830 DSC00831 DSC00832

Living in Monaco means living on the bright side of life and there for we reccommend you the brightest colors Mission Belt has to offer. We actually got a vivid green, intense purple, summery yellow and a girly pink version of the belt which does´t only look good but is also easy to use and supports a social course.


Big THANK YOU to BAR DU SOLEIL for hosting us in St. Tropez. The food was amazing and the beach Ramatuelle was a nice change to the crowded beach in Monaco.








Boyarde is using designer handbags as canvas for her Pop Art. Collectors come from all over the world including London, Australia, Jordan, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Belize to commission her work.

Featured inVogue Brasil, The Daily Mail, The Metro, Stylist Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times Style Magazine,The Evening Standard, You Magazine, Harpers Bazaar Singapore, The Independent, Marie Claire Turkey,appearing on BBC Radio, andRussell Howard’s Good News and many more Boyarde has become famous in the recent past.


I personally asked her to customize a Hermes Kelly bag. So far she has done amazing work on Birkin´s but never on the iconic Kelly.


Currently she has a very large volume of painting requests so it takes time if you want her to create a design for your bag.

Boyarde Messenger is an acclaimed British artist whose works focus on the re-contextualisation of familiar imagery that addresses consciously or sub-consciously the female stereotype. Throughout the history of art, popular culture, and cinema, Boyarde puts her unique art stamp on the images and issues addressed by embracing the power of kitsch and its ability to convey strong messages through humour and frivolity.


Boyarde paints on everything but paper. She uses a variety of canvases from the human body to high-fashion bags and accessories. Boyarde is now introducing ‘Name Painting’ onto fashion accessories, allowing the client to have their name or initials custom painted onto their bag through an array of imagery from objects to people, making unique, personalised art / fashion accessories.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-01 um 15.33.29



1. Outside of the EU the client can send their own accessory by mail or courier. The client is liable for the cost of shipping (to the UK) and insuring item up to their desired value. There is no import or export tax as long as the client uses Boyarde’s unique IPR code (Inward Processing Code). Boyarde will then return the finished item via FedEx or DHL with the same IPR code. Please note, Boyarde is not responsible for any loss of goods in transit. The item is only insured on its return up to the value provided by courier used. The client is liable for the cost of additional insurance to be agreed in advance.


2. The artist can purchase the desired item in the UK with a 15 % handling fee (subject to availability) to be personalised and sent to the client. The full cost of this is to be paid to the artist prior to purchase.




Pricing will vary depending on the size of the accessory and complexity of the design, but includes the return courier fee from the artist’s studio.

Example prices (June 2014, subject to change): Goyard St. Louis Tote size PM or Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM with standard detail design 1 side: £1350 2 sides: £1700 price varies with size of bag and level of detail in the design 35 Hermes Birkin for standard detail design 1 side: £1700 2 sides: £2100 LV Speedy 30 for standard detail design 1 side: £1350 2 sides: £1700 Please note – price varies with size of bag and level of detail in the design. Prices for second side are based on detail being less than main design.




Boyarde’s recontextualisation of familiar images from popular culture should not be mistaken for copy cat art. The client is free to choose an existing Boyarde design, with the ability to have it personalised more to the clients wishes. Parts of previous designs can be put together for a ‘pic n mix’ style. Or new designs can be created with input from the client, inspired by familiar and iconic imagery or created from scratch. Name Painting: This allows the client to have their initials or name personalised through imagery painted by Boyarde. All designs remain the intellectual property of the artist.




A rigorous process is undertaken to create your ‘Art Bag’, in which the artist uses the best quality materials for prepping and protecting the material. The standards of Boyarde’s painting and quality of materials used mean the art will last, but the bag should be treated with utmost respect as it now is an ‘Art Bag’ with a valuable work by the artist. Whilst all bags are subject to wear tear the artist is not responsible for the art once it is returned to the client.




Due to the artist’s participation in multiple art projects and commissions and high demand for custom fashion art accessories, the artist will aim to have your item returned within 6-13 weeks. This is subject to change.




Upon agreeing a brief and receiving a 30% deposit the artist will commence researching followed by sketching. Once artwork is approved, the client will send the item and painting can begin. Payment can be made by PayPal or International Bank Transfer (paypal additional 5% business paypal charge). The remainder of the agreed fee is payable before the finished item is returned to the client. Once payment is received it is non-refundable.


Boyarde describes her work as…

“…highlighting her playful personality injecting it with humour and mischievnous, whilst liberating the object of desire, admiring its form, yet still confirming the vital balance between power and vulnerablity.”

I strongly recommend you to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. She posts amazing pictures of her work on a regular basis.



Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.10.56

Guess what guys, the Japanese Designer Issey Miyake is finally launching his famous Plissé design for men. I already took a look at the collection and want to share some of my favorite pieces with you.


In the late 1980s, Issey Miyake began to experiment with new methods of pleating that would allow both flexibility of movement for the wearer as well as ease of care and production. In which the garments are cut and sewn first, then sandwiched between layers of paper and fed into a heat press, where they are pleated. The fabric’s ‘memory’ holds the pleats and when the garments are liberated from their paper cocoon, they are ready-to wear.


Mr Miyake “oversees the overall direction of all lines created by his company”, even though the individual collections have been designed by his staff since his ‘retirement’ from the fashion world in 1997.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.41.26



I always liked “Pleats Please”, a sub brand of Miyake which produces pleated colorful pieces for women. In 1993, following five years of research, Miyake launched his flagship design concept: pleats. His permanently pleated clothes were meant to be functional, universal for the modern buyer, and accessible to a wide market. The pleats were made using Miyake’s innovative fabric technology. Single pieces of 100-percent polyester fabric were cut and sewn two- to three-times larger than the finished product. The pieces were heat pressed between two sheets of paper, a process that simultaneously created a permanent pleat, in either a vertical, horizontal, or zig-zag pattern, and created texture and form. Offered in a variety of seasonal colors, the clothes were light, flexible, and easy to care for.

Now Miyake finally launched HOMME PLISSÉ, the Pleats Please for men and the collection is promising.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.42.04


It includes some colorful items and big prints swell as very easy to wear basic pieces in grey, black and off white.



The autumn/winter 2014 collection includes different style such as:


This item features a hand-drawn jagged pattern inspired by the striking patterns of body painting and boldly printed in bright colors. It is designed to allow users to enjoy a bold and airy styling. 
Lineup of 3 items consisting of 1 top and 2 bottoms. 
Colors: Off-white, Light Green, Light Blue, Blue

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.11.17


This series, which is characterized by bold color schemes and dynamic diagonal lines, is to be enjoyed casually. 
The lineup consists of three items, two tops and one bottom. 
Colors: Dark Pink, Khaki, Navy

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.11.51


Tops made of mesh with absorptive and evaporative functions surpassing those of natural fiber, comfortable to wear even in the summer. 
Items: 2 tops
Colors: Yellow, Khaki, Gray, Black

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.36.38


T-shirts first folded in a bias and then printed with the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE logo. When this T-shirt is worn, the shape of the logo information shifts. 
Logo colors: Green, Black

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.12.26


This series is deployed in a total of eight styles including five tops and three bottom styles.
Colors: Light gray, charcoal gray, khaki, navy, black

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.39.18 Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.39.26


A range of sporty new style zip-up vests centered on half-sleeve items in two colors, an off-white aimed at summer and a cheerful pink with a pop ambience. 
A total of five styles are available including four tops and a bottom.
Colors: Off white, dark pink

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.13.29

Take a minute to watch the new collection on youtube the video is very well done!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-26 um 11.56.56




Remember when I spotted the MyAnnika team in the port of Monaco last week and the founder of MyAnnika made me a great proposal?! She invited us to accompany her on one of the most amazing speed-/lifestyle boats currently on the market and she allowed me to document the shooting of the new collection in front of Monte-Carlo. Well, the time has come. Today pretabloguer accompanies Annina Kraft and her Team…



When I arrive at the port VanDutch is the first boat I see. The design is minimal, clean and chic just how I like it.


Its not over the top but you can tell its expensive. Later the captain tells me that the we are on the medium version (55 feet) for about EUR 1,25 million Euros. There is also a smaller version (40 feet) for around EUR 800.000 and a new one will hit the sea end of this year. It will be the biggest VanDutch on the market with 75feet and its said to cost around EUR 1,8 million. What is interesting is that the new version will have an electric motor, so less pollution and your bill for petrol will shrink as well.


In “yacht-terms” the VanDutch is quite an affordable boat to have; Monaco – St. Tropez and back costs “only” about 800 Euros in petrol.


So here we are leaving the port of Monaco for a trip along the famous Cote D´Azur.




Annina Kraft certainly convinces as successful business women with an eye for details.


Most of the accessories for the shooting come from her own jewelry line available on her website.


Saija from SAIJA K STYLING is responsible for make-up and styling.


In between shots we have a minute to sit down together when she tells me one of her stylist secrets:

“I don´t just tell the model what to do. I explain to her why I want her to do it! I can´t be with her in the picture but if she understands why I want her to do certain poses she will remember it by herself while she is in front of the camera.”


The result of this actual posing training is one of the best motives of the whole day and you can see it here.

So lets take a look at some of the results:

DSC00529DSC00589 DSC00630

Annina is a determined girl who has made it in Monaco. Lots of local girls own a dressing full with her snug fit bandage dresses and her international clients are very happy customers, returning to her online shop on a regular basis.

To find out more and to see the whole MyAnnika bandage dress collection visit her website and don´t forge t to like her on Facebook so you are always up to date regarding sales and promotions.



569_0If you want to take great care of your skin without spending lots of money on beauty products we recommend you No.7 cosmetics from BOOTS. They offer a great skin care line for all skin types and have an amazing range of make-up. I personally started using No.7 about three years ago. No.7 provides great beauty products, not just for girls but also essentials for men which are just amazing and cost a fraction of what the big brands charge you.



When it comes to skin boys are not much different to girls. Don´t get me wrong, this is not about putting on make-up!!! But its important to use some essential skin care products that will keep your skin young and fresh. I am no expert on beauty products but I am a frequent user of No.7 and I will show you what I use…then you can make up your own mind.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-07-14 um 13.14.21

I took a picture this morning when I woke up and one after 5 minutes in the bathroom with the essentials…



After your morning shower apply under eye cream. This will help you reduce dark circles and puffiness.

You might want to apply a serum to decrease the size of your pores or you use the blemish defense serum, deepening on what you need.


After you need to protect your skin. Yes, pollution but also sunlight and rain influence the appearance of your skin and let you age faster. I personally am not a big fan of spending hours in the bathroom so I always recommend No.7 CC-cream. No.7 offeres one of these amazing ALL-IN-ONE creams. It protects and moisturizes your skin all day long and also contains a light sunscreen and a very light pigmentation to even out your natural skin tone.


You can order all No.7 products online and I recommend you to always watch out for 3-for-2 deals!!!

If you feel uncomfortable with too much skin care I would like to refer you to this article I posted last month 😉





Kristofer is the magician who makes talented people look like superstars. Pretabloguer had the honor to meet Mister Buckle backstage at the World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo, where he was responsible for the flawless look of Pop Icon Mariah Carey. But there is more to Kristofer than just being Mariah´s make up artist…



The celebrity make up artist is also know as the star polisher. He is the one who turns the girl next door into a real diva with star qualities. If you want to copy Christina Aguilera´s look at from the movie Burlesque take a look at Kristofer´s tutorial here.


His career began when photographer Steven Meisel saw his work and booked him for the cover of Italian Vogue. So far he has worked with all the big stars but even he has celebrities he has never worked on including Madonna and Cher.


Today Kristofer is know for his signature look: clean, symmetrical, built in glamour with attention to bone structure. His  beauty advice is:


“…confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. But if you use makeup on a confident woman, she is unstoppable!”


Kristofer Buckle´s favorit concealer is True Match by L’Oreal. He prefers color and texture over any other product!




All of our pretabloguer readers can look like a star and achieve the perfect look. Kristofer Buckle was so kind to explain to us the three common beauty blunders here.


Also we summed up some Kristofer´s essential tips for you:

  • Start a Scrapbook

A great way to gather new ideas is by creating a scrapbook with pictures and tips from magazines. Beauty, fashion and even tabloid magazines are full of how-to tips and new-look ideas. Clip interesting items that seem particularly relatable to your needs and paste them into the scrapbook to reference and remember. This is the best way to easily develop an idea of what is possible.

  • Experiment Down Low

Women can waste a huge amount of money experimenting with makeup. Experimentation is great, but there is no need to buy high-end products from high-end retailers. If a woman wants to try out a new color of eye shadow, she should look to the local drug store first.

Buy a cheap version first and try it out. There is no reason to have low confidence in low-priced products. If the color or style doesn’t work, at least it isn’t a huge waste of money.

  • Color on Narrow Faces

The key for women with narrow faces is to apply color close to the nose, keeping away from the perimeter of the face. This keeps the perimeter of the face brighter and makes it look a little wider. Also, darkening a little right under the chin will help provide a stronger end to the face, making it look shorter.

  • Color on Round Faces

Women who have round faces should apply color farther away from the nose, toward the perimeter of the face. This provides a shadowing effect, making the face seem thinner.

  • Equipment

There is no best product to use. There are no magic fix-alls. What is best is what works best for each woman. If someone has an old eyelash curler that she has had for 10 years and it works perfectly well for her, there is no reason to change it. Beauty is individual; therefore each woman has to discover what ultimately works best for her.

  • It All Adds Up

The most important thing to remember with good makeup is that everything should be small and subtle. No one part of the makeup routine should dominate the face. Applying makeup should be done sparingly so that each part (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc) can work together harmoniously to bring out a face’s best feature.


“Natural assets will get you attention, but intelligence will keep it!”




Before Romy and I left for Paris this week we were invited to join one of the famous Monaco Botox parties. My friend Mel is obsessed with looking young and fresh so she organizes Botox parties at her Villa in Cap Martin on a regular basis. She has a doctor come from Spain to do fillers and botulinum toxin in the comfort of her house and she decided to share this experience with her friends. It all started with a very nice dinner at the villa prepared by my friend Mel (actually her chef did all the work but she told him what to prepare and took all the credit for it obviously ;-)). When I met the doctor I sat down with him and talked with him about his experience and what kind of fillers etc he is using. I was surprised and you will find out why later…



Just between us, I want to say that the “fake beauty look” is over! Looking like you had some work done is sooo 2008. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are supposed to make you look relaxed and fresh maybe younger. You want to look better, not plastic. So attending this botox party was like I travelled back in time where people thought it is a sign of status to show that you had some work done. Here are some tips of what you have to watch out for before you trust a party doctor:


  • The first red flag was when alcohol was served. If you are worried about bruising you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen and Aspirin are all agents that thin the blood, which can lead to an increased risk of bruising. If bruising is a concern, I suggest refraining from alcohol 1-2 weeks before and a couple of days after Botox injections.
  • The second red flag was the “model” the doctor had brought with him. She was in her early 30s but her face didn´t move at all. Her lips were way too big for the rest of her face and the “pillow cheeks” made her look like a blow fish.
  • The third red flag was when he recommended my friend (she is 31 and looks amazing!) to get botox and fillers under her “wrinkles”. First she barely has any lines and even if, you could even it out with a minimal amour of botox. To propose to a 30 year old girl to fill up her lines is just ridiculous…This is a procedure you might want to do with a women who is above 50 and too scared to get a facelift.
  • Final red flag was when I found out what kind of fillers he is using. I am not saying I am an expert in this field but if you are still using regular Restylane as a filler for lips you haven´t done your homework doc! There are new products around which give a much more natural result. Also, Restylane tends to build knots in your lips which you can fell and sometimes even see…so why still stick with this if Juvederm for example is providing much finer solutions?!




This event was clearly created to make quick tax free money for the doctor. He was not interested in the prefect result for his clients but in using as much product as possible to make as much profit as possible. It was a great experience for Romy and I because now  we how dangerous Botox parties can actually be if you have no experience. You need to be able to trust your doctor. In this case pretabloguer won´t attend another event like this at Mel´s house and we for sure will not recommend this doctor to anyone we like and care for, because he isn´t cheap and his results are horrifying!!!

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