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Guess what guys, the Japanese Designer Issey Miyake is finally launching his famous Plissé design for men. I already took a look at the collection and want to share some of my favorite pieces with you.


In the late 1980s, Issey Miyake began to experiment with new methods of pleating that would allow both flexibility of movement for the wearer as well as ease of care and production. In which the garments are cut and sewn first, then sandwiched between layers of paper and fed into a heat press, where they are pleated. The fabric’s ‘memory’ holds the pleats and when the garments are liberated from their paper cocoon, they are ready-to wear.


Mr Miyake “oversees the overall direction of all lines created by his company”, even though the individual collections have been designed by his staff since his ‘retirement’ from the fashion world in 1997.

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I always liked “Pleats Please”, a sub brand of Miyake which produces pleated colorful pieces for women. In 1993, following five years of research, Miyake launched his flagship design concept: pleats. His permanently pleated clothes were meant to be functional, universal for the modern buyer, and accessible to a wide market. The pleats were made using Miyake’s innovative fabric technology. Single pieces of 100-percent polyester fabric were cut and sewn two- to three-times larger than the finished product. The pieces were heat pressed between two sheets of paper, a process that simultaneously created a permanent pleat, in either a vertical, horizontal, or zig-zag pattern, and created texture and form. Offered in a variety of seasonal colors, the clothes were light, flexible, and easy to care for.

Now Miyake finally launched HOMME PLISSÉ, the Pleats Please for men and the collection is promising.

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It includes some colorful items and big prints swell as very easy to wear basic pieces in grey, black and off white.



The autumn/winter 2014 collection includes different style such as:


This item features a hand-drawn jagged pattern inspired by the striking patterns of body painting and boldly printed in bright colors. It is designed to allow users to enjoy a bold and airy styling. 
Lineup of 3 items consisting of 1 top and 2 bottoms. 
Colors: Off-white, Light Green, Light Blue, Blue

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This series, which is characterized by bold color schemes and dynamic diagonal lines, is to be enjoyed casually. 
The lineup consists of three items, two tops and one bottom. 
Colors: Dark Pink, Khaki, Navy

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Tops made of mesh with absorptive and evaporative functions surpassing those of natural fiber, comfortable to wear even in the summer. 
Items: 2 tops
Colors: Yellow, Khaki, Gray, Black

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T-shirts first folded in a bias and then printed with the HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE logo. When this T-shirt is worn, the shape of the logo information shifts. 
Logo colors: Green, Black

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This series is deployed in a total of eight styles including five tops and three bottom styles.
Colors: Light gray, charcoal gray, khaki, navy, black

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A range of sporty new style zip-up vests centered on half-sleeve items in two colors, an off-white aimed at summer and a cheerful pink with a pop ambience. 
A total of five styles are available including four tops and a bottom.
Colors: Off white, dark pink

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Take a minute to watch the new collection on youtube the video is very well done!!!

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Remember when I spotted the MyAnnika team in the port of Monaco last week and the founder of MyAnnika made me a great proposal?! She invited us to accompany her on one of the most amazing speed-/lifestyle boats currently on the market and she allowed me to document the shooting of the new collection in front of Monte-Carlo. Well, the time has come. Today pretabloguer accompanies Annina Kraft and her Team…



When I arrive at the port VanDutch is the first boat I see. The design is minimal, clean and chic just how I like it.


Its not over the top but you can tell its expensive. Later the captain tells me that the we are on the medium version (55 feet) for about EUR 1,25 million Euros. There is also a smaller version (40 feet) for around EUR 800.000 and a new one will hit the sea end of this year. It will be the biggest VanDutch on the market with 75feet and its said to cost around EUR 1,8 million. What is interesting is that the new version will have an electric motor, so less pollution and your bill for petrol will shrink as well.


In “yacht-terms” the VanDutch is quite an affordable boat to have; Monaco – St. Tropez and back costs “only” about 800 Euros in petrol.


So here we are leaving the port of Monaco for a trip along the famous Cote D´Azur.




Annina Kraft certainly convinces as successful business women with an eye for details.


Most of the accessories for the shooting come from her own jewelry line available on her website.


Saija from SAIJA K STYLING is responsible for make-up and styling.


In between shots we have a minute to sit down together when she tells me one of her stylist secrets:

“I don´t just tell the model what to do. I explain to her why I want her to do it! I can´t be with her in the picture but if she understands why I want her to do certain poses she will remember it by herself while she is in front of the camera.”


The result of this actual posing training is one of the best motives of the whole day and you can see it here.

So lets take a look at some of the results:

DSC00529DSC00589 DSC00630

Annina is a determined girl who has made it in Monaco. Lots of local girls own a dressing full with her snug fit bandage dresses and her international clients are very happy customers, returning to her online shop on a regular basis.

To find out more and to see the whole MyAnnika bandage dress collection visit her website www.myannika.com and don´t forge t to like her on Facebook so you are always up to date regarding sales and promotions.




E-Tautz-SpringSummer-2015-Collection-London-Collections-Men-DerriusPierreCom-6This weekend all the high end fashion houses present their men´s spring-summer collection 2015 in Paris. The warm weather and the fact that some of the big brand abstained from providing proper air-condition literally resulted in the melt down of many celebrities and fashionistos. Bill Gates retro trend is coming. Men at Fashion week in Paris and spotted among the laid back California dudes in bright stripes and bootcut jeans were a couple of Bill Gates dopplegangers from the same ’70s-era. The retro nerd normcore parts of the style not only picked up on the computer programmer turned billionaire’s stereotypical science teacher eyewear, but also his heretofore unknown ability to mix patterned shirts with colorful sweaters.

However, it is a packed schedule if you want to attend all the shows this week!

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I personally have been to lots of fashion shows in Paris and London in the past couple of years and I have to say I am getting a bit tiered of all the pretentious fashion people pulling out their most ridiculous outfit to increase their chance of being noticed. But at the same time I totally understand. Actually I do the same. So here is my tip on what to wear during the fashion week.

If you are a bit shy but you always wanted to try a certain look then FW is your chance to try it out because the worst what can happen to you is that you are being judged as “one from the fashion show people currently in town”. So go crazy, colors, cuts, unusual combinations, crazy accessories or, all together! Wear what you always wanted to wear, be free.


The second option is to tone it down to the minimal. If you want to look like one from the industry all you have to do is, keep it simple and wear only black. Simple cuts, only one color, nude or no make up only sunglasses are allowed.



Now, lets take a closer look at what are the mens fashion trends for 2015. Here are the essentials:

  • High rise pants
  • Military style (uniform style, not camouflage!)
  • Shorts
  • Double breasted suits
  • Onesis
  • Leather, leather, leather

It will be retro for sure so pull up your pants and tuck your shirt in.


You can´t go wrong with military style. Military boots and uniform style jackets are a must-have for next year!

Also the classic shorts are back and don´t feel afraid to wear your suit with shorts.


Make sure you have a double breasted suit in your wardrobe if you want to be part if the fashion elite 2015.

louis-vuitton-springsummer-2015-collection-04And finally it seems as if the “onesi” has found his way to the runway. Next year you can walk the streets with your head held high in a one-piece by Louis Vuitton for example.

10464177_10154261656545125_8904934985073195314_nLast but not least, the leather trend is still continuing. Men are allowed to wear any piece of clothing made in exclusive skin. Don´t be afraid to combine a leather shirt with jeans shorts, or a leather blazer to boost your party outfit. For the more courages among you I recommend to combine the onesi with the leather trend.


Always keep in mind, whatever outfit you chose, make sure you feel comfortable with it! Fashion is supposed to make you feel great, not intimidate you.


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Lots of people are coming to Monaco this weekend. The Qualifying for the F1 race will take place on saturday and the actual race on sunday but what about the after parties? If you are still wondering where to go we might have just the right suggestion for you. The INFINITI PODIUM LOUNGE PARTY in the heart of Monte Carlo from the 23rd-25th of May 2014.

YACPL - FB Boost (1)


Max and I will be present during the event to spot the latest trends in Monaco fashion and to find out what the GP style really is about. So don´t be afraid to make a statement and wear your most flamboyant, glamorous, or controversial outfit possible in order to make it into our “after-party-post” next week.

ZEPL (1)

Now let me tell you something about the event. The luxury car marque Infiniti hosts this exclusive after party at Zelo’s Bar & Lounge just across the street from Sass Cafe.

Zelo’s is the penthouse of the Grimaldi Forum with an amazing seaview and a terrace overlooking the race track. The Infinit Podium Lounge offers its partygoers to rub shoulders with F1 drivers, celebrities and royality attending while listening to top DJs  e.g. DJs Sander Kleinenberg, Seb Fontaine and Danny Rampling. (If you click on their names you are redirected to sound cloud where you can listen to their latest mix.)

Each night the party will go until 4am and includes a fashionshow by London designer Nina Naustdal.


“Infiniti is far more than the name on the side of the Red Bull Racing cars.”

Infiniti Vice President Europe, Francois Goupil de Bouillé. 

 The Podium Lounge is already established as the premiere party for the Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Melbourne Grand Prix and was chosen by Infiniti to bring the same six-star-A-list-service to Monaco Grand Prix.
With their partners Red Bull Racing and their Director of Performance Sebastian Vettel, they are part of the landscape of F1, of Monaco and more than ever of the luxury car market.
Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 17.06.30
Formula 1 aficionados will be keen to attend the nightly charity auction where an exceptional range of rare and authenticated F1 memorabilia will be offered for sale.
Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 17.06.17
Tickets are selling out fast so if u want to hit the Grand Prix and experience and unforgettable night get your tickets for the Infinit Podium Lounge Event now. The general admission price for the Infiniti Podium Lounge Party is 350 € per person (or 550€ for two), with both ticket options including a bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne on entry. VIP tables and lounges are also available.
For tickets, VIP tables, Dinner at Zelo’s and Yacht Packages please visit: www.PodiumLounge.com/mc









It all started with a cocktail near Casino square at 17:30 sharp. Louis Vuitton Monaco had invited only a hand full of carefully selected media, fashionistas and celebrities to attend the world´s first LV fashion show in Monaco. The streets around Hotel de Paris were packed with huge black Limousines, all with a simple but powerful sign saying “LOUIS VUITTON”. All the cars were needed later because the fashion show started at 7pm on the Place du Palais on the “rock”, Monaco-Ville.


Romy and I arrived super early all dressed up in and for Louis Vuitton. Romy was in her tiger high heels and a silk top together with the big Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma Bag in gold.




I decided to also wear a limited edition bag from the Miroir Collection but I opted for the silver version. I combined it with Converse style Swarovski shoes, sweat pants from Uniqlo, camoflage Blazer from Zara and my new LOUIS shirt I bought the day before in Cannes.



The set up was amazing. People thought it will be IN the palace but it was actually in front of the main entrance in a specially built glass house.


Princess Charlene looked stunning and relaxed, she definitely enjoyed the show and the attention she got from the audience and invited press. I personally was surprised that Prince Albert and Princess Caroline´s son Pierre also showed up and took place right next to Bernard Arnaud, owner of the LVMH group.


Now, whats new? What has changed since Marc Jacobs has left and Nicolas Ghesquiere became creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton?


The cruise collection for 2015 reflects Ghesquiere´s strong character. He is very talented  and tough and won’t give up before his exact vision becomes reality. Its refreshing unconventional and real, exactly what we need…


“Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new”


“What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time… People used to define me as a futurist designer, but, you know, the future is now for me.”




Max and I were invited to the Festival de Cannes 2014 to meet with Hollywood actors and fashion designers presenting their latest works on the red carpet.


We caught a beautiful day walking down the Croisette. When we passed by the famous Carlton Hotel Max received a call from his dear friend Aaron Lee, an up-and-coming Hollywood actor and model, most famous for his Audi Commercial. Unfortunately there was not enough time for a full interview but I am sure we will hear about him again!


We got invited to a beautiful lunch down by the beach. The food was fantastic and it was very nice to have a healthy lunch right next to the sea with fresh fish and delicious smoothies.



We were on a mission to meet Hollywood actor Vincent de Paul who just wrote for the celebrity section in our Blog. He wanted to meet with us to discuss an invitation to Monaco but never showed up or returned our call this day so we had to let him go because we were asked to take a look at the latest creations of a jewelry designer which we might feature in the newcomer section soon…

To award himself for a long day of work Max managed to do some last-minute shopping at Louis Vuitton for the fashion show in Monaco at the following day. By chance he discovered a t-shirt he thought was long sold out. It was a simple shirt with the print of the original Louis Vuitton and we decided that he will have to wear this one during the LV fashion show in Monte-Carlo the next day.

After a long day we got invited to the  Hedda movie premiere private party on the rooftop of the hotel Five Cannes.

Find out more soon…



Guess what, just next to the new Starbucks in Monaco opened a little cosy shop called Emilie´s.

I personally hate cupcakes! I don´t know why, but I never liked them. They taste nice for the first bite and after you are finished you just want to kill yourself…

So, I definitely don´t go there for the cupcakes but I have to say that the bagels are rather delicious and a great alternative to the pre-manufactured Starbuck food next door.


Also the inside of the shop and the brand new sunny outside in the newly developed area in Condamine are a great place to hang out, have a business meeting or just a quick snack. The staff  is very supportive, speaks English and even a bit of German if you care.

Workaholism and social media addiction are fanned by free WIFI. The password is as creative as the interior designer… ilovecookies 😉


The word 2013 was ”SELFIE”!

Everyone knows what a selfie is: It is a picture you take of yourself with your mobile phone or camera. Since smartphones exist and the front camera it is pretty easy to take a selfie and to publish it. 2 clicks, DONE!

A new trend is coming up the BELFIE! It is a mix out of SELFIE and BUTT. These are pictures taking by yourself from your butt.

Jen Selter is the queen of taking belfies. She has the most famous butt in the world and making money with it. She publishes photos of her butt in the gym every day on Instagram. Meanwhile she has 2,650,000 followers on Instagram. Selter has appeared on television shows and is a spokesperson for Gameplan Nutrition, Nike, Lululemon, and New Balance, just to name a few. She wants to motivate people to get in shape and live healthy. Check out her profile and you will see that your motivation will raise up to the top!





Nothing is impossible in Monaco… and now this spirit continues in Berlin. Riccardo from the Giraudi Group in Monaco launched the new Beefbar just before Easter in Berlin and I was invited to check it out.


The restaurant specialized in high-quality meat is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte just around the corner from “Französische Kirche”. I arrived with friends and was greeted by Kais, a familiar face from Bouchon in Monaco. He had the best table reserved for us which wash´t a big thing actually because the restaurant wash´t even half full when we arrived and this should´t change all evening.


I have to admit that I only found out about the new opening because a friend had told me. I am no expert in opening restaurants but I know that it is never a good sign if you pass by a new restaurant and it is more than half empty. In the beginning you need to make an effort, promotions, society events, parties etc. in oder to attract people and fill the place up. Later, once you are established you can rely on your regulars and on your quality food only!

The quality of the food definitely isn´t the problem! My meat was AMAZING as usual and the service was first-class so I assume the marketing department at beefbar suuuuucks.

Honestly, if I hadn´t heard about the new opening in Berlin how do you expect anybody else to know?! 😉




After opening the restaurant Ciprianis and the billionaire concept in Fairmont, Flavio Briatore is going to take over Life Club in Avenue du Portier for building a golden triangle .

It’s gonna be a restaurant, a bar lounge and a nightclub. So everything is given for staying in one place during a nightout. Twiga opens in the end of May during the Grand Prix 2014. The Original Twiga comes from Italy and is supposed to be a Beachclub.BjkQ1uSIYAEMuDI

In my opinion Life Club always had the best location but the people and the concept didn’t work out. So I am really excited how this project from Flavio Briatore will end. In Life Club or now Twiga you have 1800m2 space for dancing, dining and chilling. The restaurant is open until 3am and will offer you Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sushi, Fish and Pasta. The bar lounge will be open from 6pm where Djs welcome you with nice lounge music.




I can’t wait to check out the same location but a different clubfeeling in Twiga Monte Carlo.