KOBJA – recycled toad skins

Bildschirmfoto 2015-06-20 um 11.29.44source: kobja.com

KOBJA`s line of luxury belts, bags and purses is made with poisonous cane toads, an invasive species now overrunning the South Sea Islands of Australia.

The Paris-based Polish designer says:

“This highly poisonous toad is in the process of destroying several local species. Animal defence associations have recommended its selective elimination. In this way, each toad skin is recycled, not destroyed.”

Introduced into Australia from Hawaii during 1935 to help with agricultural pests, the cane toad (Rhinella marina) is a prolific breeder, and now numbers in the hundreds of millions. Their impact on local ecosystems and biodiversity is so severe that the Australian army was called in to control their populations.

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source: kobja.com

Monika Jarosz, who first got the idea for her designs when a friend gave her a stuffed frog from New Zealand, this undesirable excess of poisonous frogs invading Australia was an unexpected opportunity, as she was having trouble finding a supplier for toad skins.

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photo: Ryota Atsumi

The skins are now prepared in Carins, Australia, before being sent off to France to be tanned, dried and dyed in a meticulous, 14-step process. Jarosz also adds lavish touches like inserting Swarovski crystals, in addition to bright colours and careful detailing.

In MONACO you can buy them here!

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source: kobja

KOBJA`s cane toad inspired fashion accessories range in price from 220 euros for a small purse up to 1200 euros for a handbag. They can be found in luxury stores in the most fashion conscious cities, including Tokyo, Beijing, Berlin and Paris. Go and take a look at the Kobja Collection of Toads in Monaco! They are waiting for you in store at Pierre (+377 99 99 61 89), 41 rue grimaldi  98000 MONACO.

GIRL RISING WITH MyAnnika DRESSES (litterarly!)


IMG_3396IMG_3375 IMG_3388 IMG_3395

I was thrilled to be invited to a very prestigious Charity Fashion show at the Novotel in Cannes to comment on the latest fashion trends but more importantly to bring awareness to a very important charity called Girl Rising.


Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education.

They use the power of storytelling to share the simple truth that educating girls can transform societies. Girl Rising unites girls, women, boys and men who believe every girl has the right to go to school and the right to reach her full potential.

The mission is to change the way the world values the girl.

Everything the charity does is to ensure that girls’ education is part of the mainstream conversation.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.28.39

Being someone who knows a little more than average about fashion I have to say I was excited when I arrived just in time to see the beginning of the fashion show. The same group of amateur models were presenting outfits by different designers. The presented fashion was more the average day-to-day wear but when MyAnnika dresses took the stage and presented the new summer collection I was blown away!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.24.34 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.24.57

The models suddenly had a change in attitude. It seemed as if the sexy badge dresses transformed the girls into real superstars. Finally I saw the attitude I was missing before!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.22.06 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.22.36

The Hervé Léger style dresses by MyAnnika were definitely the highlight of this Charity fashion event in Cannes.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.26.06

Girl Rising managed to collect a couple of thousand Euros for their Charity this evening. We all had a great evening, free drinks and snacks and made some great new friends and supported a very worthy cause!

Just take a look at the pictures and comment in the section below on how you feel about the outfits!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.17.59 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.19.12 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.19.53 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.20.48 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.21.18



If looking great at the beach summer is what you’re after, it’s time to start now! Avoid the last minute panic and get yourself sorted asap. Many of us would jump at the chance to have a personal trainer. But really good trainers are very hard to come by in Monaco. Luckily I managed to get one of the best trainers at the Cote D´Azur to come and train with me in Monaco on a regular basis. So let me introduce to you Nicolas Fache and share some pictures of our work out routine…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.45.13

Sometimes you have to rise above the mental barriers of exercise to reap the physical benefits. By focusing on how good you feel during and after exercise can be the motivation you need to stick to your fitness plans all year around. If you are a bit lazy like myself a personal trainer like Nicolas can help you to get out there, train hard, and be one happy fitness enthusiast come summer time.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.47.04

My initial session with Nicolas was spent undoing the bad training habits I’d picked up over the years. He watched over my every move. You really feel the difference when you do exercises properly.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.48.01Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.48.31

Nicolas is known and recognized within the most renowned spots of Paris; the Ritz Health Club,
Dior Institute, the Athenian Plaza as well as the TF1 TV Channel. He also understand how to create a productive work out atmosphere without putting too much pressure. This way training with him is fun and effective at the same time!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.50.02

There have been times when I’ve been going to the gym every single day, and worked harder than I have been with Nicolas, but I never got anything like these results.

Now I really look forward to my training sessions. I find Nicolas inspiring, and when he is standing there chatting, I don´t notice how much harder I am pushing myself, and how much faster the 60-minute sessions seems to be going.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.51.24Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.53.27

During the last few years, Nicolas has been training very refined and demanding clients
from Paris, Monaco, Moscow, Germany and London and a number of International VIP´s and in the future he wants to train mainly in and around Monaco.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.55.07

Outside those training sessions, I am encouraged to work out three times a week, and I stick to the regime pretty well.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.55.34

I’ve noticed the difference and I’m delighted. My upper body is much more toned, and my legs are stronger. I don’t think I could have come this far without my personal trainer Nicolas Fache.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.57.17 Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.57.42

One of the most significant changes was my diet. Before meeting Nicolas, I skipped meals if I could, and then occasionally binged. He told me to eat at least every four hours and never let myself get hungry.

Because I haven’t had to diet, I don’t feel deprived, and I won’t be changing my new eating habits.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 10.58.13

Nicolas offers coaching with a high standard personalized electronic method of evaluation and continuous monitoring. This way you know exactly how much calories you are burning and quickly you are progressing. His clients usually burn around 1.000 calories per training session!!!

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.00.21

Now that I know the right way to do things, I can continue the good work on my own. But of course, seeing him once a week will be great. It is a luxury I allow myself because I AM WORTH IT 😉

Nicolas is a “coach” in the true sense of the word. He wants you to succeed with your workout!

If you want a complete diet and workout solution, contact him via his website. After the training session he will provide you with tips and tricks on the perfect pairing of nutrition and exercise to help you lose fat and get fit faster than ever—with no wasted time or effort. What could be better than that?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 11.01.26

BONUS!  Nicolas is a great guy and fluent in English. He wants to develop a client base in Monaco and therefore offers a great discount on his regular hourly rate of 150 EUR but…

Bildschirmfoto 2015-03-22 um 12.23.33

…if you contact him and mention “pretabloguer.com” you get 1hr for 100 EUR or even less if you take a package… But lets find out more about his training first. But let me say this:

I was impressed, Nicolas is a very friendly and professional guy and the training session was THE BEST I EVER HAD!

Princess Elizabeth in Berlin

I saw Elizabeth Bank wearing this Ellie Saab gown at the Berlin Film Festival and thought: best dress right there! It is gorgeous. It is a little bit “Christmas Barbie” and you get the impression her team encouraged her by saying: “…go for it Elizabeth, you can do it…!”


Again, it is an amazing dress and she carries it very well but Berlin Film Festival is just not the right event, in my opinion, to wear this red glitter princess gown.


Have you seen Kendall Jenner at Mercedes Benz New York fashion week?! In her Celine dress she looks apart. She is actually looking less human every day which is essential in modeling. You are not supposed to be a human being, you should be a mannequin. Good job Kendall!



She clearly is the model of the moment, rocking the hell out of this Celine dress.


…and can we just take a moment and look at Chloe. She looks fantastic!

I just look at this picture and I smell money. People say money can´t buy beauty but please, look at the way they look!!! They are the living proof that money can buy you everything…almost 😉


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-10 um 11.36.41

The worlds most famous transsexual and fashion icon Miss Allanah Starr has launched her new personal website.

Supported and advised by Monaco based Marketing Consultancy BIC.MC and after months labour of love the new look missallanahstarr.com is finally here. With thousands of visits per month, Allanahs site plays a significant role in her relationship with her fans and admires. Aside from a fresh new look, the website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

In a personal interview with pretabloguer Miss Allanah Starr revealed that she is planning to share not only very personal stories and experiences in the DIARY section of the new website but she also wants to start sharing pictures and other goodies that are “too hot for her Facebook fanpage” with her dedicated fans an admires…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-10 um 11.53.46

In case you want to meet Miss Allanah Starr in person try and see if you can still get tickets to her “One Woman Show” in Paris.



Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-19 um 23.13.41

Upon seeing Japan’s first Louis Vuitton store in 1978, Rei Kawakubo discovered the allure of French craftsmanship and art de vivre. Today, the creator of Comme des Garçons applies her radical, refined aesthetic to a House icon, revisiting the Sac Plat with boldly conceived asymmetrical cutouts and raw-edged details to produce this provocative “Bag with Holes.” Sleek and capacious, the bag is a natural for travel in durable Monogram canvas. The practical insert pouch keeps belongings secure.



Breaking the traditional Louis Vuitton Monogram was the premise of this one work—which was to find something that would be new, some kind of new value.

Although there are various ways of breaking to create something new, this time I tried to play it straight: I simply made some holes in the fabric of the bag. I generally like small bags.

I feel that Louis Vuitton is the house that most beautifully and skilfully transforms what is tradition into what is now.

Yet I always approach all of my work in a way that is exactly the same: I look to create something new.

When designing the bag for this project, I was looking for some new design, something that hadn’t been done before, something within the limits of possibility.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-11 um 13.20.38



After originally studying art and literature, REI KAWAKUBO quickly changed track, working for a textile company and then becoming a self-taught fashion designer.

Believing that there are no limits to creativity in the fashion process, she has constantly radically pursued and iconoclastically achieved perpetual progress in her field, breaking the rules and forming new ones that the entire industry has paid attention to.

These features have become the hallmarks of Comme des Garçons, the label that REI KAWAKUBO founded in 1969 and incorporated as a company in 1973.

REI KAWAKUBO has an input into all areas of the creative process, from graphics, advertising and store interiors to designing and making clothes and accessories; each is inextricably linked.

In 1981 she staged her first, and now legendary, Paris show for Comme des Garçons. After an initial outcry, her iconoclastic aesthetic and her love of black changed the wider global – and more commonly perceived – notion of beauty in fashion forever. REI KAWAKUBO called her label Comme des Garçons – ‘Like the Boys’ – just because she liked the sound of it.



  • Monogram canvas
  • Asymmetric, frayed cutouts
  • Cowhide leather Toron handles and trim
  • Louis Vuitton textile insert pouch
  • Bonded lining
  • Gold-brass hardware
  • 33 X 42 X 14 cm


Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-01 um 21.56.29

Recently I was invited at a shitty restaurant in Paris. We were about 15 people, some close friends and some new friends I had never met before. We had dinner at a restaurant on Rue Saint Honore in the heart of Paris. Despite the weird atmosphere I met some great new people. For example was I introduced to Celine who turned out to be the co-founder of MyBeautifulDressing.

messagepart-9 2

We started talking and she explained to me that MyBeautifulDressing is a luxury e-boutique that primarily offers its clients the opportunity to pre-order the collections of the most sought after fashion designers from around the world!



Celine caught my attention when she mentioned that her website grants you access to the highly exclusive world of Fashion and brings you to the front row of top runways to discover the new collections presented during Fashion Week.

For those of you who don’t know MyBeautifulDressing yet: it’s a french website where you can preorder the latest collections the day right after the show.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-10 um 12.22.52


I am looking forward to spending a day with MyBeautifulDressing in Paris during fashion week!  The new e-store  makes it possible to buy outfits 1-2 months before they are available in stores. If I am invited for a sneak preview of the latest fashion show collection I will let you guys know…

Mybeautifuldressing.com allows all of us to take a seat in the front row of most of the big fashion shows. It’s the first e-shop proposing to watch the runway shows live by streaming it and allowing to order directly the presented items!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-09-10 um 12.23.02

Lets get back to my crazy night at this Restaurant in central Paris. Finally this boring place had turned into a great location because I had met a great young lady who just showed me how to get my front row seat at the big fashion shows in Paris.

So, do as I do and go to check out the latest trunk shows on www.mybeautifuldressing.com and pre-order the collections the day after the show as if you were seated in the front row!

As if all this isn´t good enough, I managed to get you a 10% discount on all your purchases!!! Just enter the promo code: PRETA2014 before you pay.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-17 um 19.01.29



Boyarde is using designer handbags as canvas for her Pop Art. Collectors come from all over the world including London, Australia, Jordan, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Belize to commission her work.

Featured inVogue Brasil, The Daily Mail, The Metro, Stylist Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times Style Magazine,The Evening Standard, You Magazine, Harpers Bazaar Singapore, The Independent, Marie Claire Turkey,appearing on BBC Radio, andRussell Howard’s Good News and many more Boyarde has become famous in the recent past.


I personally asked her to customize a Hermes Kelly bag. So far she has done amazing work on Birkin´s but never on the iconic Kelly.


Currently she has a very large volume of painting requests so it takes time if you want her to create a design for your bag.

Boyarde Messenger is an acclaimed British artist whose works focus on the re-contextualisation of familiar imagery that addresses consciously or sub-consciously the female stereotype. Throughout the history of art, popular culture, and cinema, Boyarde puts her unique art stamp on the images and issues addressed by embracing the power of kitsch and its ability to convey strong messages through humour and frivolity.


Boyarde paints on everything but paper. She uses a variety of canvases from the human body to high-fashion bags and accessories. Boyarde is now introducing ‘Name Painting’ onto fashion accessories, allowing the client to have their name or initials custom painted onto their bag through an array of imagery from objects to people, making unique, personalised art / fashion accessories.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-01 um 15.33.29



1. Outside of the EU the client can send their own accessory by mail or courier. The client is liable for the cost of shipping (to the UK) and insuring item up to their desired value. There is no import or export tax as long as the client uses Boyarde’s unique IPR code (Inward Processing Code). Boyarde will then return the finished item via FedEx or DHL with the same IPR code. Please note, Boyarde is not responsible for any loss of goods in transit. The item is only insured on its return up to the value provided by courier used. The client is liable for the cost of additional insurance to be agreed in advance.


2. The artist can purchase the desired item in the UK with a 15 % handling fee (subject to availability) to be personalised and sent to the client. The full cost of this is to be paid to the artist prior to purchase.




Pricing will vary depending on the size of the accessory and complexity of the design, but includes the return courier fee from the artist’s studio.

Example prices (June 2014, subject to change): Goyard St. Louis Tote size PM or Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM with standard detail design 1 side: £1350 2 sides: £1700 price varies with size of bag and level of detail in the design 35 Hermes Birkin for standard detail design 1 side: £1700 2 sides: £2100 LV Speedy 30 for standard detail design 1 side: £1350 2 sides: £1700 Please note – price varies with size of bag and level of detail in the design. Prices for second side are based on detail being less than main design.




Boyarde’s recontextualisation of familiar images from popular culture should not be mistaken for copy cat art. The client is free to choose an existing Boyarde design, with the ability to have it personalised more to the clients wishes. Parts of previous designs can be put together for a ‘pic n mix’ style. Or new designs can be created with input from the client, inspired by familiar and iconic imagery or created from scratch. Name Painting: This allows the client to have their initials or name personalised through imagery painted by Boyarde. All designs remain the intellectual property of the artist.




A rigorous process is undertaken to create your ‘Art Bag’, in which the artist uses the best quality materials for prepping and protecting the material. The standards of Boyarde’s painting and quality of materials used mean the art will last, but the bag should be treated with utmost respect as it now is an ‘Art Bag’ with a valuable work by the artist. Whilst all bags are subject to wear tear the artist is not responsible for the art once it is returned to the client.




Due to the artist’s participation in multiple art projects and commissions and high demand for custom fashion art accessories, the artist will aim to have your item returned within 6-13 weeks. This is subject to change.




Upon agreeing a brief and receiving a 30% deposit the artist will commence researching followed by sketching. Once artwork is approved, the client will send the item and painting can begin. Payment can be made by PayPal or International Bank Transfer (paypal additional 5% business paypal charge). The remainder of the agreed fee is payable before the finished item is returned to the client. Once payment is received it is non-refundable.


Boyarde describes her work as…

“…highlighting her playful personality injecting it with humour and mischievnous, whilst liberating the object of desire, admiring its form, yet still confirming the vital balance between power and vulnerablity.”

I strongly recommend you to follow her on Facebook and Instagram. She posts amazing pictures of her work on a regular basis.