Nothing is impossible in Monaco… and now this spirit continues in Berlin. Riccardo from the Giraudi Group in Monaco launched the new Beefbar just before Easter in Berlin and I was invited to check it out.


The restaurant specialized in high-quality meat is located in the heart of Berlin Mitte just around the corner from “Französische Kirche”. I arrived with friends and was greeted by Kais, a familiar face from Bouchon in Monaco. He had the best table reserved for us which wash´t a big thing actually because the restaurant wash´t even half full when we arrived and this should´t change all evening.


I have to admit that I only found out about the new opening because a friend had told me. I am no expert in opening restaurants but I know that it is never a good sign if you pass by a new restaurant and it is more than half empty. In the beginning you need to make an effort, promotions, society events, parties etc. in oder to attract people and fill the place up. Later, once you are established you can rely on your regulars and on your quality food only!

The quality of the food definitely isn´t the problem! My meat was AMAZING as usual and the service was first-class so I assume the marketing department at beefbar suuuuucks.

Honestly, if I hadn´t heard about the new opening in Berlin how do you expect anybody else to know?! 😉



The Trinity Ring was Cartier’s first ring that became a monster hit among men and women. Everyone knows the iconic piece but did you know how it was created and what the idea behind it was. Today most people think it stands for love, fidelity, and friendship. Little do they know that it was actually created by a French artiste as a symbol for his “menage a trois” with his boyfriend and a rich society girl.


Cartier designed the Trinity ring in 1924, for poet, artist and good friend of Louis Cartier, Jean Cocteau, who wore it himself during the 20′s and turned the Trinity Ring into a cult object.

Francine Weisweiller 10 web

Francine Weisweiller, who has died in 2004 aged 87, was the devoted if long-suffering patron of the avant-garde painter, poet, writer and film-maker, Jean Cocteau. He accepted an invitation to stay at her villa on Cap Ferrat, and remained a more or less permanent fixture for the next 12 years. Cocteau did not arrive alone. He brought with him his dreamily silent boyfriend (or “adopted son”), Edouard Dermit, who had been his gardener and was put into some of his films.


There are rumors that the three rings are a symbol for the also sexual relationship between Francine, Jean and his lover…


I recently got invited to an exclusive preview of how street art steps into the world of high-end fashion as Louis Vuitton collaborates with three graffiti artists to launch their Foulards d’Artistes collection. LV started this kind of collaboration with street artists back in 2001 when they featured artist Stephen Sprouse. In March this year a collaboration between Louis Vuitton and 3 street artists from around the world was launched. Their signature style was printed on a limited edition of three classic LV scarfs (Silk, Cashmere and Cotton).


If you have ever been to Paris you might have seen one of André´s famous “Monsieur A” characters on some of the walls in the city of love. André Saraiva is a Swedish-Portuguese graffiti artist born in 1971 who lives and works in Paris. He became famous in the 90s for his “Monsieur A” tags which he has done over 30.000 times since then…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-11 um 12.43.53

The second artist is called Inti, a Chilean street artist, who has drawn inspiration from ancient Andean culture for his version. Glowing in energetic shades of sun, his design features an inspired motif of the face of Inca God Wiracocha.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-11 um 13.09.43

“I’m inspired by the Latin American people and culture before the Spanish invasion. The indigenous original towns, culture, people, and the continent in general before the European influence,” he says. “Difference is not a bad thing, it’s what enriches a culture.”

Apart from cultural symbols, Inti likes to include things that he “never wants to live without,” like food, shelter, music and alcohol. Inti, whose name translates as “sun” in the Incan language, began creating art in Valparaíso at the age of 14. While his passion started with small sketches and graffiti “tags” in the streets, he soon began to cultivate his talents further by studying painting at the School of Fine Arts in neighboring Viña Del Mar.

The third artist is Kenny Sharf who was born 1958 in Los Angeles. 1980 he graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-11 um 13.36.18Even though he designed for Louis Vuitton and collaborates now with the famous concept store COLETTE in Paris, Scharf does not want his art to be only for the upper class:

I don’t want art to be an elitist thing that only certain people can understand what I’m doing. I know that there’s an elitist audience and I went to art school and I studied art history and I’m aware of that and it’s important to me to be part of that dialogue, but at the same time, I’m also aware of so many people who don’t know about that. It’s important to me to reach out to everyone and offer something for all different audiences, whether it be the art elitist or the art-uninitiated person on the street.

Out of the three limited LV scarfs I presented you I personally like Kenny Scharf´s design the most. André´s version is also quite cool but the colors on the heavy Cashmere scarf are to girly for me. I definitely do not like the orange version Inti came up with. Its a cotton scarf but all the orange with the culty pattern is a bit too old fashion for me. Kenny´s design is great, I like the color and the Manga like scheme. The only problem I had was the material. Its  made out of silk which is a weird kind of scarf to have for a man but given the fact that its a limited edition and a kind of iconic piece I had to take it (its still in the box in came in…but its MINE ;-).


Today, when i went for a stroll at Larvotto beach I was amazed when suddenly a huge white super sports car passed by and I could hear absolutely nothing!

I am no stranger to electric cars. In fact I drive an electric Twizy myself and I had seen hybrid sports cars like the Fisker Karma but I had never actually seen a 100 percent electric Mercedes super car. To be honest with you, I am not even a fan of the regular Mercedes SLS but the electric version just fascinates me. This electric car has 751 hp and a battery with a range of 250 km. That is fucking impressive and so is the price unfortunately. If you want one you have to bring 435.000 Euros to the table.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-06 um 10.53.55

In the Principality on Monaco the governement pays you 30% of the money back if you register an fully electric car. Unfortunately for the future SLS driver, this amount is capped. The electric Smart is the maximum what you can buy and get 30% of the car price back. Any owner of a new car over 23.000 Euros will be “awarded” not more than 7.500 Euros by the Principality. I did it myself one year ago and had the money transferred to my account within two weeks after registration. But the benefits don´t end with a 30% discount on the buying price, you also don´t have to pay any tax on the car and even more important parking outside is FREE anywhere in Monaco. Sure, you might argue that if you buy a car such as the SLS you might not care wether you have to pay for your parking or not but it still is a nice incentive and makes life much easier because you don´t have to bother paying parking tickets.

I personally support almost any car which drives electric. Unfortunately up to now electric car usually meant small and ugly…the Twizy was a first step into making electric driving more attractive but the electric SLS is definitely the cherry on the cake.

The SLS was already meant to become an icon as its a modern version of the old SLS with the gull wing doors but in my opinion only the latest electric drive version has the right to be called not just a style but also a technology icon of the 21st century.


Lapo Elkann is known for his innovative designs and fashion flair. He is not only heir to the Italy’s biggest auto label, Fiat, but also a passionate collector of cars and a fashion icon.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-06 um 03.02.39

His style marries fashion and design, tradition and innovation. This Italian playboy is shaking up the auto industry – and the world of men’s fashion. Vanity Fair magazine listed him in its Best Dressed Hall of Fame of 2009. He  sells the best Made in Italy fashion glasses and clothes you can get online to create your original and independent style.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-06 um 02.48.33

He was largely responsible for turning the new Fiat 500 into a lifestyle icon.

“I was too much of a — how you say? — spoilt party boy,”

Lapo famously overdosed 2005 in the apartment of a 53 years old transvestite in Italy. He now refers to himself as a JewBu, a Jewish Buddhist .  He sees the Buddhist connection between heart and mind not so much as a religion but more like a way of living a better life.

“I am a recovering addict. I am excessive. But excessive can be a great thing if you apply it in the right direction.”