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Three words that describe Russian designer Igor Chapurin: simplicity, harmony, perfection.

 “While I’m Russian, I think all the stereotypical authentic elements are growing old. People want modern, quality, and stylish clothes. You know, when I’m in France I always watch people – and the only ones you see dressed in high style are Russians. Europeans keep it simple and low-key.”


On monday he will be receiving one of the prestigious MC FASHION WEEK AWARD in Monaco. I will keep you posted about what is going on during the ceremony and publish his new fashion show (tuesday afternoon at the Musee Océanographique).

You can register here if you want to attend any of the “MC fashion week” fashion shows on tuesday next week !

igor chapurin


Born in 1968 halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg Igor Chapurin is one of the most successful Russian fashion designers, with boutiques worldwide and the first to expand his business to furniture, interior and exterior design. He even owns his own bar.

“My target client is a modern woman – she is in the office by day, and needs something stylish and practical, and at night she is attending a presentation, and needs an evening dress. My goal is to make versatile clothes, that just by changing a jacket for a cardigan you could turn an office outfit into an evening dress.”

Chapurin Couture opened its first boutique in Moscow in 1999. The same year, he took on jewelry design and costumes for theater performances.

igor chapurin


On 2 October 2005 the CHAPURIN fashion house became the first Russian fashion brand to show its collection within the official schedule of Paris pret-a-porter week and now we are looking forward to welcoming him at the 3rd MC Fashion Week in Monaco!



Fast cars, hot girls and rich celebrities this was the 73rd Monaco Grand Prix 2015…Glamorous Monaco has brought it all to the table once again!



F1 has to try hard these days to make races more exciting and the cars louder, faster and more powerful. Well, the race in Monaco is definitely the jewel in the crown of the Grands Prix worldwide. The winner of the last three Monaco Grands Prix, Nico Rosberg says:

It`s the most legendary race in the calendar, and it`s the most exciting track to drive on and the most challenging track.

1929 the first Grand Prix took place in Monaco and today its much the same circuit. As the track was not intended for todays modern race cars. This is the only place in the world where the track dictates the style of racing and not Formula One´s technical or sporting rules. /

Monaco may be the slowest race of the season but because its so close to the viewers it appears to be very fast and definitely the most exciting race of the year. Some drivers say that new technology and less engine power makes the Formula One cars to easy to drive but nonetheless Monaco remains a challenge to all the drivers because its not an easy track to overtake. Todays safety requirements make it impossible to build a track that compares to Monaco anywhere else. This is why some circuits are struggling to but Monaco is virtually immune from extinction. Changes in F1 regulations for 2017 won´t really affect the Monaco race. Monaco has never been a track that favors the highest horsepower cars with their often less drivable engines.

There is no other race where the fans are in such close proximity to the drivers and the racing as they are in Monaco. The vehicle performance director at the Williams team Rob Smedley said:

I think that we have to seriously think about not changing anything.

Monaco is all about show – off the track and on. Here some pictures of what went on last weekend:


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Pierre Casiraghi and his fiancée Beatrice Borromeo.

Pierre Casiraghi and his fiancée Beatrice Borromeo.                                     Instagram / amberloungeltd


Instagram / victoriasilvstedt


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Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (easyjet founder)                                               Instagram / jadesossomontecarlo

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Charlene Monaco


Kate Hudson, seen in Paris at the Haute Couture Show in an amazing cut out dress by Versace, which looks like she just ripped it off Sophia Vergara 😉

Kate Hudson with her mother Goldie Hawn and Donatelle Versace looked a bit like the ghost of Christmas past, present and future to me but I think Kate Hudson is gonna end up being the next face of Versace. Here she is showcasing the second to last look of the runway show, which highlights her importance to the fashion house. Also she was seen in Versace at the Golden Globes this year!

The queen of “over the shoulder booty shot” is on point in this quite unforgiving dress. She probably sprayed parts of her body with hairspray before she put it on, to keep the parts in place.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-10 um 11.36.41

The worlds most famous transsexual and fashion icon Miss Allanah Starr has launched her new personal website.

Supported and advised by Monaco based Marketing Consultancy BIC.MC and after months labour of love the new look is finally here. With thousands of visits per month, Allanahs site plays a significant role in her relationship with her fans and admires. Aside from a fresh new look, the website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout.

In a personal interview with pretabloguer Miss Allanah Starr revealed that she is planning to share not only very personal stories and experiences in the DIARY section of the new website but she also wants to start sharing pictures and other goodies that are “too hot for her Facebook fanpage” with her dedicated fans an admires…

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-10 um 11.53.46

In case you want to meet Miss Allanah Starr in person try and see if you can still get tickets to her “One Woman Show” in Paris.


Celebrating Monogram

This is an exclusive first look at Louis Vuitton’s ‘Celebrating Monogram’ collaboration with six art and design legends. In honor of the house’s 160th anniversary, creative visionaries Karl Lagerfeld, Rei Kawakubo, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Marc Newson, and, of course, Louboutin reinterpreted the famed Vuitton Monogram with a series of accessories.

“They are extraordinary artists; I could even say they are the greatest designers in the world.” said Delphine Arnault.


Punching bags in different sizes EUR 2.300-140.000, Gloves incl. Mat and Valise EUR 4.000

From Louboutin’s ‘Classic Caddy,’ accented with the same scarlet that adorns the soles of each pair of his shoes, to Rei Kawakubo’s ‘Bag With Holes,’ a burned out tote that reveals the bag’s inner lining, each creation is playfully distinguished by the unique signature of its creator. Prices range from EUR 1.900 to a staggering EUR 140.000.

“When I designed the bag, I really wanted to give back to Paris, to Vuitton,” says Christian Louboutin.


Shopping Trolley EUR 17.000, Shopping Bag EUR 3.500

In 1854, at number 4 Rue des Capucines near the Place Vendôme in Paris, Louis Vuitton launched his luggage business, advancing the travel trunks of the time — which were, then, made with rounded tops to allow water runoff — by creating stackable trunks in treated waterproof canvas. In his memory, his son Georges Vuitton created and patented the now-iconic ‘LV’ monogram, featuring his father’s initials, decorated with quatrefoils and four-petal flowers. Since then, Louis Vuitton the company has gone through several transformations under the ownership of luxury conglomerate LVMH. But the LV monogram has endured over the years as the symbol of what is now one of the world’s most widely recognised brands.

“I was thinking, sort of selfishly, of what I could use. Initially, my idea was just a makeup case, just a small old-fashioned kind. The team at Vuitton was so taken with the idea that they said, ‘Well, what if we did a trunk? In your ideal fantasy world, what would you like?’ At home in New York, I have shelves for fake eyeballs, fake nails, eyelashes, and things like that. So it became a little traveling studio in a way”—a foldout trunk complete with labeled drawers, a makeup mirror, and a stool, and covered in retro travel stamps from imaginary destinations. Cindy Sherman


Messenger EUR 2.900, Malle Transform (incl. Messenger bag) EUR 140.000

To mark the 160th anniversary of the house’s founding, Louis Vuitton’s executive vice president Delphine Arnault, daughter of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, and artistic director Nicolas Ghesquière initiated a project, dubbed ‘Celebrating Monogram,’ inviting six of the world’s design pioneers (the ‘iconoclasts’) to interpret the LV monogram (the ‘icon’) for a new series of bags.

“There’s a history that’s very emotional for me to talk about, my father never went to school, was a street kid. He worked in a grocery store, and he won an award at the Canadian National Exhibition for designing a grocery store window. This was the guy who ended up never going anywhere, everything against him all his life—that was the one thing. So when they asked that, I had a little tear in my eye. I never told Vuitton this.” Frank Gehry


Twisted Box EUR 3.000

“The Monogram is the timeless icon of the Maison Louis Vuitton. It has lived through the brand’s countless evolutions, never losing its essence. The leading testament to the fashion house’s success, it was only natural that we should pay homage to it,” said Delphine Arnault.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-03 um 15.08.06

Tote EUR 1.900

All the pieces are highly limited and only available in selected LV stores. In France only in Paris and Monaco!

Backpack (blue, orange, beige) EUR 4.000






Kristofer is the magician who makes talented people look like superstars. Pretabloguer had the honor to meet Mister Buckle backstage at the World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo, where he was responsible for the flawless look of Pop Icon Mariah Carey. But there is more to Kristofer than just being Mariah´s make up artist…



The celebrity make up artist is also know as the star polisher. He is the one who turns the girl next door into a real diva with star qualities. If you want to copy Christina Aguilera´s look at from the movie Burlesque take a look at Kristofer´s tutorial here.


His career began when photographer Steven Meisel saw his work and booked him for the cover of Italian Vogue. So far he has worked with all the big stars but even he has celebrities he has never worked on including Madonna and Cher.


Today Kristofer is know for his signature look: clean, symmetrical, built in glamour with attention to bone structure. His  beauty advice is:


“…confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. But if you use makeup on a confident woman, she is unstoppable!”


Kristofer Buckle´s favorit concealer is True Match by L’Oreal. He prefers color and texture over any other product!




All of our pretabloguer readers can look like a star and achieve the perfect look. Kristofer Buckle was so kind to explain to us the three common beauty blunders here.


Also we summed up some Kristofer´s essential tips for you:

  • Start a Scrapbook

A great way to gather new ideas is by creating a scrapbook with pictures and tips from magazines. Beauty, fashion and even tabloid magazines are full of how-to tips and new-look ideas. Clip interesting items that seem particularly relatable to your needs and paste them into the scrapbook to reference and remember. This is the best way to easily develop an idea of what is possible.

  • Experiment Down Low

Women can waste a huge amount of money experimenting with makeup. Experimentation is great, but there is no need to buy high-end products from high-end retailers. If a woman wants to try out a new color of eye shadow, she should look to the local drug store first.

Buy a cheap version first and try it out. There is no reason to have low confidence in low-priced products. If the color or style doesn’t work, at least it isn’t a huge waste of money.

  • Color on Narrow Faces

The key for women with narrow faces is to apply color close to the nose, keeping away from the perimeter of the face. This keeps the perimeter of the face brighter and makes it look a little wider. Also, darkening a little right under the chin will help provide a stronger end to the face, making it look shorter.

  • Color on Round Faces

Women who have round faces should apply color farther away from the nose, toward the perimeter of the face. This provides a shadowing effect, making the face seem thinner.

  • Equipment

There is no best product to use. There are no magic fix-alls. What is best is what works best for each woman. If someone has an old eyelash curler that she has had for 10 years and it works perfectly well for her, there is no reason to change it. Beauty is individual; therefore each woman has to discover what ultimately works best for her.

  • It All Adds Up

The most important thing to remember with good makeup is that everything should be small and subtle. No one part of the makeup routine should dominate the face. Applying makeup should be done sparingly so that each part (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc) can work together harmoniously to bring out a face’s best feature.


“Natural assets will get you attention, but intelligence will keep it!”



I recognized Julien Macdonald from “Dancing with the Stars“.Julien-Macdonald-for-Matalan

Recently we met Julien in Monaco and found out that there is much more to this petite man than just a little Salsa Queen dancing to “Spice Up Your Life” on national television in the UK.

The designer studied knitwear in Brighton and hold a Master from the Royal College of Art in London. He was discovered by Karl Lagerfeld in the 90s and became head-designer for knitwear at Chanel. In 1998 he launched his own label “Mermaids” and since then he is famous for dressing stars such as Beyonce, Madonna, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and Miley Cyrus.


When Julien arrived in Monaco it became clear to everybody that he is a star in the fashion industry. Media from all over the world was fighting to get an interview with the famous designer appointed to dress some of the most glamorous star of this decade.


Julien Macdonald presented swim- and beachwear which he developed in cooperation with former model Melissa Odabash. Check out the full collection here.



If you want to have the ultimate star feeling you should try one of his designs! Julien has been awarded glamour designer of the year and is known for being the first designer to talk to if you want the ultimate star look. Celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger and Tamara Ecclestone love Julien´s sparkly dresses and skin tight catsuits.

Check out his collections here.




Julien also developed a mens collection in collaboration with Matalan.

The collection is called “W10 by Julien Macdonald“. Check it out and tell us what you think about his looks!




Like most people I was afraid of the dentist- but then I met the most gentle, caring one who actually really cares about his work and patients. Look him up when in New York! You will not regret it. 

Client reviews only consist of superlatives such as

  • Hands down the best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist!
  • Excellent Dentist. It was the best dental work I’ve had.
  • Dr. Lenhoff at Glassman Dental Care completely blew away all my fears and doubts!
  • I went to Dr. Lenhoff a couple weeks ago, and let me just say that the he is the best!



Fashion is about making a statement, about expressing who you are (or want to be) and nothing supports a great outfit better than a radiant white smile. Evan is one of the most talented and handsome dentists in Manhattan and we will reveal later in this article what actually the cheapest way to achieve an amazing white smile. But first we want to show you a crazy fashion accessory by Dr. Lenhoff. He is always up for the some Bling Bling and new fashion trends (that´s also why he is featured in our blog).  Recently he designed this stunning custom Grill for example.


If you are not really into the Rapper style dents, at least you can have a dental cleaning, x-rays & exams by one of the youngest and most successful dentists in Manhattan. So why don´t you check him out on Facebook now.




Dr. Lenhoff isn´t just eye candy looking to cash in. He has great personality, looks after his patients and honestly cares to find the best solution for you. When we asked him about the cheapest course of action for rectifying yellowing teeth he replied:

“The cheapest method would be the over-the-counter whitening strips. They work. If you spend around $50 or $60, you’ll get a good product.”

But of course  nothing works as well as the whitening done in a dentist’s office because they are allowed to use a stronger chemical. If you are interested in learning more about dental care and what Evan has to say check out this article here.

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On tuesday, the “Who’s Who” of the music industry got together in Monaco.

Pretabloguer got one of the exclusive invitations, which gave us access backstage and to the actual stars of the night. Besides Mariah Carey the scandal-singer Miley Cyrus were just one of the big stars at the glamorous World Music Award in Monaco.  The 21-year U.S. musician was awarded  “Best Entertainer” and the “Best-Selling Female Artist”. Nominated was Cyrus in 14 categories. When she got the trophies she was accompanied on stage by her brother Braison Cyrus, with whom she snapped a few pictures for her fans on Instagram.

2014-05-27 19.56.21

Host of the evening were the Bay Watch Actress Pamela Anderson and rapper Jason Derulo. German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop and his young boyfriend were spotted in the audience, together with Victoria Silvstedt and Kellan Lutz. Awards also went to Ricky Martin and Tim Bendzko, Cassandra Steen, the band Fall Out Boy and the Belgian singer Stromae. The U.S. singer Mariah Carey (who arrived more than three hours delayed) was honored with a “Pop Icon Award” because she had sold over 200 million albums.

2014-05-27 17.00.19

The German band “The Boss Hoss” got an award for its hit single “Do not Gimme That” the musicians rocked the stage and brought the room to a boil. The band wrote on Facebook: “Whaaaat? WE HAVE THE THING! ”

2014-05-27 19.50.08

Traditionally, the World Music Awards are awarded based on the sales and download numbers. Some categories may also be voted online, so it was smart that the day before the event Miley asked her 47 million followers on Facebook to vote for her.

2014-05-27 19.52.26

 If you want to read about the WMAs in German we recommend you to take a look at Germanys biggest forum for musicians. talks about the World Music Awards in Monaco here.



It all started with a cocktail near Casino square at 17:30 sharp. Louis Vuitton Monaco had invited only a hand full of carefully selected media, fashionistas and celebrities to attend the world´s first LV fashion show in Monaco. The streets around Hotel de Paris were packed with huge black Limousines, all with a simple but powerful sign saying “LOUIS VUITTON”. All the cars were needed later because the fashion show started at 7pm on the Place du Palais on the “rock”, Monaco-Ville.


Romy and I arrived super early all dressed up in and for Louis Vuitton. Romy was in her tiger high heels and a silk top together with the big Louis Vuitton Miroir Alma Bag in gold.




I decided to also wear a limited edition bag from the Miroir Collection but I opted for the silver version. I combined it with Converse style Swarovski shoes, sweat pants from Uniqlo, camoflage Blazer from Zara and my new LOUIS shirt I bought the day before in Cannes.



The set up was amazing. People thought it will be IN the palace but it was actually in front of the main entrance in a specially built glass house.


Princess Charlene looked stunning and relaxed, she definitely enjoyed the show and the attention she got from the audience and invited press. I personally was surprised that Prince Albert and Princess Caroline´s son Pierre also showed up and took place right next to Bernard Arnaud, owner of the LVMH group.


Now, whats new? What has changed since Marc Jacobs has left and Nicolas Ghesquiere became creative director of the house of Louis Vuitton?


The cruise collection for 2015 reflects Ghesquiere´s strong character. He is very talented  and tough and won’t give up before his exact vision becomes reality. Its refreshing unconventional and real, exactly what we need…


“Never forget that what becomes timeless was once truly new”


“What I find most interesting in fashion is that it has to reflect our time… People used to define me as a futurist designer, but, you know, the future is now for me.”