Kristofer is the magician who makes talented people look like superstars. Pretabloguer had the honor to meet Mister Buckle backstage at the World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo, where he was responsible for the flawless look of Pop Icon Mariah Carey. But there is more to Kristofer than just being Mariah´s make up artist…



The celebrity make up artist is also know as the star polisher. He is the one who turns the girl next door into a real diva with star qualities. If you want to copy Christina Aguilera´s look at from the movie Burlesque take a look at Kristofer´s tutorial here.


His career began when photographer Steven Meisel saw his work and booked him for the cover of Italian Vogue. So far he has worked with all the big stars but even he has celebrities he has never worked on including Madonna and Cher.


Today Kristofer is know for his signature look: clean, symmetrical, built in glamour with attention to bone structure. His  beauty advice is:


“…confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any amount of makeup. But if you use makeup on a confident woman, she is unstoppable!”


Kristofer Buckle´s favorit concealer is True Match by L’Oreal. He prefers color and texture over any other product!




All of our pretabloguer readers can look like a star and achieve the perfect look. Kristofer Buckle was so kind to explain to us the three common beauty blunders here.


Also we summed up some Kristofer´s essential tips for you:

  • Start a Scrapbook

A great way to gather new ideas is by creating a scrapbook with pictures and tips from magazines. Beauty, fashion and even tabloid magazines are full of how-to tips and new-look ideas. Clip interesting items that seem particularly relatable to your needs and paste them into the scrapbook to reference and remember. This is the best way to easily develop an idea of what is possible.

  • Experiment Down Low

Women can waste a huge amount of money experimenting with makeup. Experimentation is great, but there is no need to buy high-end products from high-end retailers. If a woman wants to try out a new color of eye shadow, she should look to the local drug store first.

Buy a cheap version first and try it out. There is no reason to have low confidence in low-priced products. If the color or style doesn’t work, at least it isn’t a huge waste of money.

  • Color on Narrow Faces

The key for women with narrow faces is to apply color close to the nose, keeping away from the perimeter of the face. This keeps the perimeter of the face brighter and makes it look a little wider. Also, darkening a little right under the chin will help provide a stronger end to the face, making it look shorter.

  • Color on Round Faces

Women who have round faces should apply color farther away from the nose, toward the perimeter of the face. This provides a shadowing effect, making the face seem thinner.

  • Equipment

There is no best product to use. There are no magic fix-alls. What is best is what works best for each woman. If someone has an old eyelash curler that she has had for 10 years and it works perfectly well for her, there is no reason to change it. Beauty is individual; therefore each woman has to discover what ultimately works best for her.

  • It All Adds Up

The most important thing to remember with good makeup is that everything should be small and subtle. No one part of the makeup routine should dominate the face. Applying makeup should be done sparingly so that each part (eyes, cheeks, lips, etc) can work together harmoniously to bring out a face’s best feature.


“Natural assets will get you attention, but intelligence will keep it!”




Before Romy and I left for Paris this week we were invited to join one of the famous Monaco Botox parties. My friend Mel is obsessed with looking young and fresh so she organizes Botox parties at her Villa in Cap Martin on a regular basis. She has a doctor come from Spain to do fillers and botulinum toxin in the comfort of her house and she decided to share this experience with her friends. It all started with a very nice dinner at the villa prepared by my friend Mel (actually her chef did all the work but she told him what to prepare and took all the credit for it obviously ;-)). When I met the doctor I sat down with him and talked with him about his experience and what kind of fillers etc he is using. I was surprised and you will find out why later…



Just between us, I want to say that the “fake beauty look” is over! Looking like you had some work done is sooo 2008. Plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are supposed to make you look relaxed and fresh maybe younger. You want to look better, not plastic. So attending this botox party was like I travelled back in time where people thought it is a sign of status to show that you had some work done. Here are some tips of what you have to watch out for before you trust a party doctor:


  • The first red flag was when alcohol was served. If you are worried about bruising you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol, Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Ibuprofen and Aspirin are all agents that thin the blood, which can lead to an increased risk of bruising. If bruising is a concern, I suggest refraining from alcohol 1-2 weeks before and a couple of days after Botox injections.
  • The second red flag was the “model” the doctor had brought with him. She was in her early 30s but her face didn´t move at all. Her lips were way too big for the rest of her face and the “pillow cheeks” made her look like a blow fish.
  • The third red flag was when he recommended my friend (she is 31 and looks amazing!) to get botox and fillers under her “wrinkles”. First she barely has any lines and even if, you could even it out with a minimal amour of botox. To propose to a 30 year old girl to fill up her lines is just ridiculous…This is a procedure you might want to do with a women who is above 50 and too scared to get a facelift.
  • Final red flag was when I found out what kind of fillers he is using. I am not saying I am an expert in this field but if you are still using regular Restylane as a filler for lips you haven´t done your homework doc! There are new products around which give a much more natural result. Also, Restylane tends to build knots in your lips which you can fell and sometimes even see…so why still stick with this if Juvederm for example is providing much finer solutions?!




This event was clearly created to make quick tax free money for the doctor. He was not interested in the prefect result for his clients but in using as much product as possible to make as much profit as possible. It was a great experience for Romy and I because now  we how dangerous Botox parties can actually be if you have no experience. You need to be able to trust your doctor. In this case pretabloguer won´t attend another event like this at Mel´s house and we for sure will not recommend this doctor to anyone we like and care for, because he isn´t cheap and his results are horrifying!!!

If you had an interesting experience with a beauty doc feel free to tell me about it. Email max@pretabloguer.com and don´t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.




E-Tautz-SpringSummer-2015-Collection-London-Collections-Men-DerriusPierreCom-6This weekend all the high end fashion houses present their men´s spring-summer collection 2015 in Paris. The warm weather and the fact that some of the big brand abstained from providing proper air-condition literally resulted in the melt down of many celebrities and fashionistos. Bill Gates retro trend is coming. Men at Fashion week in Paris and spotted among the laid back California dudes in bright stripes and bootcut jeans were a couple of Bill Gates dopplegangers from the same ’70s-era. The retro nerd normcore parts of the style not only picked up on the computer programmer turned billionaire’s stereotypical science teacher eyewear, but also his heretofore unknown ability to mix patterned shirts with colorful sweaters.

However, it is a packed schedule if you want to attend all the shows this week!

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-28 um 12.29.53



I personally have been to lots of fashion shows in Paris and London in the past couple of years and I have to say I am getting a bit tiered of all the pretentious fashion people pulling out their most ridiculous outfit to increase their chance of being noticed. But at the same time I totally understand. Actually I do the same. So here is my tip on what to wear during the fashion week.

If you are a bit shy but you always wanted to try a certain look then FW is your chance to try it out because the worst what can happen to you is that you are being judged as “one from the fashion show people currently in town”. So go crazy, colors, cuts, unusual combinations, crazy accessories or, all together! Wear what you always wanted to wear, be free.


The second option is to tone it down to the minimal. If you want to look like one from the industry all you have to do is, keep it simple and wear only black. Simple cuts, only one color, nude or no make up only sunglasses are allowed.



Now, lets take a closer look at what are the mens fashion trends for 2015. Here are the essentials:

  • High rise pants
  • Military style (uniform style, not camouflage!)
  • Shorts
  • Double breasted suits
  • Onesis
  • Leather, leather, leather

It will be retro for sure so pull up your pants and tuck your shirt in.


You can´t go wrong with military style. Military boots and uniform style jackets are a must-have for next year!

Also the classic shorts are back and don´t feel afraid to wear your suit with shorts.


Make sure you have a double breasted suit in your wardrobe if you want to be part if the fashion elite 2015.

louis-vuitton-springsummer-2015-collection-04And finally it seems as if the “onesi” has found his way to the runway. Next year you can walk the streets with your head held high in a one-piece by Louis Vuitton for example.

10464177_10154261656545125_8904934985073195314_nLast but not least, the leather trend is still continuing. Men are allowed to wear any piece of clothing made in exclusive skin. Don´t be afraid to combine a leather shirt with jeans shorts, or a leather blazer to boost your party outfit. For the more courages among you I recommend to combine the onesi with the leather trend.


Always keep in mind, whatever outfit you chose, make sure you feel comfortable with it! Fashion is supposed to make you feel great, not intimidate you.


Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-22 um 15.21.06

The Monte-Carlo Polo Club is inviting you and your friends to join for the Monte-Carlo Polo CUP 2014! It will be a lavish festivity with exciting tournaments on the field in Beausoleil and an exclusive dinner at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel. The event will start with a parade around Casino square to present the players and the horses.


The event will take place 3.-6. July. To make it more convenient for the guests the Polo Club created an online ticket system so you can purchase your tickets online. The event will take place under the High Patronage of H.S.H Albert II of Monaco. Celebrities from all around the world are expected to attend the event!


Because you heard about the event via pretabloguer the Monte-Carlo Polo Cup is offering you a special discount for the one-day pass and the Gala Dinner at the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel.

MCP_2784_MC poloPROMO CODES will give you 10% – 20 % reduction:

one day pass:  polofriends2014
Gala Dinner:   pologala2014

We recommend you to purchase a discounted 3 day Tournament pass which offers you the best deal if you want to attend ALL games and use the PROMO CODE “pologala2014” to get 10% discount on your Gala Dinner on sunday after the tournament.

MCP_3087_MC poloThe event will be a great opportunity to see some of the best horses and players in the world in action and to mile with the high society of Monaco and the international press.


The Monte-Carlo Polo Club is looking forward to welcoming you and your friends at the event in July. Don´t forget to like their Facebook for updates on the event and pictures!!!



A day trip to Mala or Paloma Beach is for many people living in Monaco vacation. Here I will show you my shopping inspirations for the perfect beach look.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 19.21.01




Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 19.26.38


Bikini Top and Bottom: Agent Provocateur

Beach Bag: Sensi Studio

Book: Alexa Chung’s ”IT”

Sunglasses: Le Specs

 Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 19.31.55

Tunic: Missoni

Beach Towel: Gucci

Flip Flops: Valentino

Hat: Eugenia Kim

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-20 um 19.40.09

Hat: Shourouck

Barcelet: Rosantica

Dress: Mara Hoffman

Shorts: Tory Burch

I hope I inspired you for the perfect beach look! Feel free to send us YOUR perfect beach look pictures on Facebook.


The word 2013 was ”SELFIE”!

Everyone knows what a selfie is: It is a picture you take of yourself with your mobile phone or camera. Since smartphones exist and the front camera it is pretty easy to take a selfie and to publish it. 2 clicks, DONE!

A new trend is coming up the BELFIE! It is a mix out of SELFIE and BUTT. These are pictures taking by yourself from your butt.

Jen Selter is the queen of taking belfies. She has the most famous butt in the world and making money with it. She publishes photos of her butt in the gym every day on Instagram. Meanwhile she has 2,650,000 followers on Instagram. Selter has appeared on television shows and is a spokesperson for Gameplan Nutrition, Nike, Lululemon, and New Balance, just to name a few. She wants to motivate people to get in shape and live healthy. Check out her profile and you will see that your motivation will raise up to the top!






You think being and staying in Monaco is just for the super rich?? Then think again…

Monaco is situated on a prominent escarpment at the base of the Maritime Alps along the French Riviera.  Monaco is known for the Grand Prix, expensive cars, super yachts, luxury hotels and the famous Monte Carlo Casino. It is a tiny place on the French Riviera where rich and beautiful come together.monacoIf you wanna know some tricks how you can stay in Monaco and spend not your whole one year selery keep on reading….
RULE #1: If you are staying in Monaco, Beausoleil, Cap D’ail (…) never take a cab. It is about 100 Euros and totally not worth it, there are cheaper ways to get from the airport to your hotel, motel, apartment (…). From 6am to 9pm you can take  the airport bus, which goes straight from the airport to Monaco and Menton. It last about 40 minutes and cost 20 Euros.
RULE #2: You can’t afford a hotel room in Hotel de Paris, Hermitage or Fairmont? No Problem. There are many other options where to stay. Some neighbour villages like Beausoleil, Cap D’ail and Roquebrune have really nice, small hotels and bed and breakfast which cost not much. If you are one of these early bookers I’m sure you’ll get a great deal renting an apartment for a specific period of time.RULE#3: You wanna be part of the high society here in Monaco and drink a coffee in Café de Paris? DON’T DO IT! It is just a tourist thing and not worth it. You will see that the majority of these people sitting there are tourist.  And you pay way too much for a coffee: 8 Euros!! There are much nicer places where you can go to. I will name some nice places where you can drink your coffee for less: PIRATE PRINCESSE CAFE, PRINCE’S TEA, LINA’S, STARBUCK’S, EMILIE’S COOKIES, COSTA COFFEE BOUTIQUE, LA NOTE BLEUE.RULE#4: If you are young and wanna spend a good time in Monaco there are some good places to go to. Brasserie, La Rascasse and Stars n’ Bars have every day Happy Hour. For partying I recommend Summer Jimmy’z, Sass Café, and Zelos. Not cheap but the only ones. You always get in for free and if you wanna spend your money on drinks it is up to you.

RULE#5: If you like gambling try the Casino Monte Carlo! Dress nice and you get in! Dress for girls and suit for boys. Of course you don’t have to but it is nice fitting in the picture of the old, historical casino of Monte Carlo.

RULE#6: Monaco is tiny measuring 2 miles long and little half over a mile wide, so you can certainly walk around it in half a day! That means you won’t be spending any money on cab rides and you get your exercise for the day. Monaco is built on a steep hill but there are many public elevators you can take to get up and down.

RULE#7: You can’t leave Monaco without seeing the Prince’s Palace. Walk up the hill to the top for the best views over Monaco and watch the Changing of the Guards performed at 11:55 each day.

RULE#8: Put on your best bikini or bathers and hit the Larvotto Beach. It is free and I already spent there my best times of the summer.


So now you see, you don’t have to be rich to see Monaco in style!


First of all the Monaco Grand Prix  is a Formula One motor race held each year on the Circuit de Monaco. Run since 1929. It is one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world! The circuit has been called “an exceptional location of glamour and prestige.”

So now we know everything is about Glamour and Prestige at the Monaco Grand Prix. That’s why it is important to find the right outfit you feel in comfortable and self-confident.

Here you see Pierre Casiraghi and his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo matching each other so well in a flower print summer dress and a dark blue jacket combines with  lightbrown trousers.


If you’re lucky enough to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix, you should expect hot weather. So definitely you should pack plenty of sun cream, a sun hat and lots of lightweight, cool clothing. Nicole Scherzinger does it right, she’s wearing a nice jumpsuit from Bill Blass and a big sunhat. In the background you can see her popular racer boyfriend Lewis Hamilton.


Stacy Keibler (the ex of George Clooney) is wearing as Nicole Scherzinger a onesie but the short version. She chose some comfy shoes, the Carol leather sandals from Isabel Marant. You also need a big bag where you can put all your important stuff in it e.g. sun cream, sunglasses, cardigan(if it gets cooler in the shades), flat shoes (if you are wearing high heels) and ear plugs.

Part 2 - Monaco Royals and celebrities visit the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco race circuit in Monte Carlo

And now you are enough prepared to go to the Monaco Grand Prix with your most important essentials.