Cannes during the Film Festival, the Grand Prix in Monaco and the World Music Awards the Cote D´Azur become one of the most prestigious and glamorous coasts in the world. Lots of movie stars, wannabes and fans get together to celebrate the stars and their work.

But what you see on TV and what you read in the tabloids is mostly a very airbrushed version of what was really going down in Cannes. Usually nobody talks about the fact that hundreds of girls arrive in Cannes just days before the Festival starts, to work as prostitutes. Lots of stress and adrenaline, mixed with the ego to have the youngest hottest girl on your side makes some men pay up to 25.000 Euros a night for some “company”.

Another thing people hardly talk about are the little beauty tricks of the stars on the red carpet. I noticed while talking to Pamela Anderson and John Travolta on the red carpet that both of them are wearing full wigs. John Travolta is partly bold but feels the need to still give the impression that he has a full head of hair.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-28 um 16.01.17

I don´t really know him but he comes of as a nice guy and he has been through a lot (he lost his son) and is over 60 now, so nobody would mind him not having a full set of hair. I am not sure if it is him or if it is his publicist who makes him wear these ridiculous wigs. Sometimes it isn´t even a wig but it looks like somebody painted the hair on his head with a black marker.

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And didn´t we all like when Pamela Anderson finally managed to get rid of her all time blond beach girl image, took out her implants out and grew up to be a good looking women in her 40s?! Well, I met her yesterday and for some reason she felt it was time to go back to the stupid blond barbie image.


She was wearing a cheap hair piece trying to turn back time and to become the lifeguard in Baywatch again. She utterly failed. She looked like an old copy of herself with less tits and plastic hair. But when we spoke she was really nice and surprisingly natural. Its not up to us but in my opinion she looks much better with her own hair and without the “stupid blond” image.

Pamela-Anderson-New-Pixie-Hair-CutI am not saying anything against little beauty tricks. Sometimes a good hair piece is essential to give you the glam look for an official event, sometimes you want to ad a little volume to better fill out your dress or wear some shape wear to enhance/surpress your curves in the right places.

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Victoria Silvstedt for example wears her extensions well. She is very tall and can therefore get away with a little more hair than normal and she usually takes very well care of her hair to make sure the difference between real and fake isn´t too visible. She also wears high quality extensions which always blend in much better than bad quality hair or even fakes.

We are probably all a little fake. Tanned, bleached teeth, blond hair and what not but there is nothing wrong with it! Just try and do it right. Make an effort. Don´t think people are stupid or ignorant and won´t notice you try to trick them. If the little tricks are done well they can boost your confidence and leave the viewers impressed.




It is THE trend since perm in the 80ies: OMBRÉ inspired by Lauren Conrad.


I will tell you my experiences and how hard it is to get the ombré look on your hair done.

My friend Max recommended me this hairdresser in Cap D’ail because he should be good with colors. I told the french guy in the barbershop I want the Ombré look and asked him if it is possible because my hair is natural blonde so he was supposed to dye my hair on the top darker to create the color gradient inspired by the natural highlighting through sunbathing. Of course I was prepared and showed him some pictures how it should look like. In the end I can tell you my hair had 10 different colors and brown lowlights in the ends. Also my cut was absolutely not symmetrical. It was a disaster. So another friend of mine recommended me another barbershop in the Monte Carlo Fairmont Hotel. I went there and this lady (she didn’t speak any word english) screwed it up, too. -of course I showed her pictures how it should look like and asked her if she is able to do it.- So in the end I was brown/red colored on the top of my head and my ends were bleached 2 times in one week and got the same color result than my usual hair color is. My ends were dry and thank you to the french hairdresser in Cap D’ail who thin out my hair with his special weapon I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone.

After these two disasters and spending a lot of money for nothing I went with my mum to the drugstore and bought one of these self made packs. It was the best result I got for just 6 Euros. Now my hair is blonde again and it is close to that hair color I had in the beginning but my hair is thinner, dryer and more broken than before.


So if you guys wanna get the Ombré look think twice or inform yourself in the internet and read recommendations about the hairdresser.




Last week the auction house Drouot sold various items of Mouna Ayoub´s recently sold sailing yacht. Among the buys were fans and admires but given the action prices it was mainly wealthy Parisians buying a piece of billionaire lifestyle.


“People don’t understand. They say that I was covered in gold and diamonds and dresses and cars. It’s true. But when you are rejected by an entire society, all the wealth of the world would not suffice. I was different to other women in Saudi Arabia and that was my biggest mistake.”

Ms Ayoub met her husband when she was 18 years old and a waitress in Paris. Born into a Christian Lebanese family, a lifelong fascination with haute couture had attracted her to the French capital during the Seventies. Mr Al-Tharik was 20 years older and a successful businessman in newly oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

On their second meeting, Mr Al-Tharik offered Ms Ayuob £50 with which to visit the finest hairdresser in Paris. A few months later he asked her to marry him. Taking her growing collection of Chanel and St Laurent dresses with her, Ms Ayoub, by now a Muslim convert, joined her new husband in Riyadh in 1978. According to Ms Ayoub, the culture shock lasted for 20 years during which she “never stopped crying”.

“I was in a cage, a gilded cage where I felt myself to be unjustly treated and powerless.”

On her first request for a divorce, Ms Ayoub’s husband, who suspected his wife of having an affair, warned her that the penalty for female adultery in Saudi Arabia was death. That night she took an overdose of Valium. “I wanted to end my life. I wanted to plunge into nothingness,” she recalls.

Monaco Music Awards On May 08, 2000.

Emerging from hospital after three days, she says she became addicted to Prozac and other anti-depressants and began to turn her attention to amassing her own fortune and gaining her independence.

“No one came to Saudi Arabia to do anything but make money. So I thought it was a pity to be there and not amass some of my own. Money was the key to future freedom.”

By selling some jewels and organising weekly sales of the various goods that her husband purchased abroad, Ms Ayoub soon became rich enough to invest heavily in American stocks. In 1995, after two attempts at separation, she wrote a letter to her husband saying, “Marriage is more to me than private jets and yachts”, and was finally divorced.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-04 um 14.05.55

Now based near Paris, she frequently adds to a collection of more than 1,000 designer dresses and engages in occasional charity work. Estimating her fortune at almost £300 million, she attributes her wealth to the judicious investment of money made from her weekly “garage sales” in Riyadh.


The 88 years old Duchess of Alba is Spain´s richest woman and can look back to an extraordinary life of fashion, money, men and fame. With more recognised titles than any other noble in the world and as a distant relative of both Winston Churchill and Princess Diana she has always been in the social spotlight. She´s been featured in Vanity Faire´s “best dressed” list 2011 and still causes a lot of attention wherever appears. Who knew when she was pictured walking in her garden with fashion icon Jacky Kennedy, that decades later she is still part of the fashion circus?!

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As the head of the House of Alba, and the 18th Duchess, her property portfolio includes castles, palaces, country houses and land across Spain – with the most famous being the Liria Palace in Madrid, where she was born.

She is a duchess seven times over, a countess 19 times and a marquesa 23 times but she says:

‘My life has not been easy’

She has lived through both World War II, and the Spanish Civil War, which broke out 1936, when she was just 10-years-old to 1939.

Today the Duchess is often written about for her appearance, and her apparent surgical enhancements, although she has never commented on this.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-08 um 16.20.42

In her youth however the Duchess was a striking beauty.

Pablo Picasso asked her to become his muse – She flatly refused this request.

I never regretted my decision, I found being a model very dull and ‘horrible’.

The Duchess has been known for her colourful love life, which has taken in three marriages, including her latest to civil servant Alfonso Díez, 24 years her junior, who she wed in October 2011 when she was 85.

I confess I am thinking of keeping on living although it’s only so I can enjoy the expression on people’s faces when I point at them and say “I’m going to bury you all”.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-08 um 17.12.45

She is famous for always wearing fashionable flats and for not being afraid of strong colors and prints. All I have to say to the Duchess of Alba is:

“If you have come so far and you enjoy experimenting with colors, patterns, just fashion in general, then fucking go for it and celebrate that little time you have left to the fullest!”

Her current husband has reportedly signed a document renouncing any claim to the House of Alba wealth and the noble title will pass on to the Duchess’s eldest son, Carlos, when she dies.
She overcame opposition to the match by dividing up her wealth – thought to be between EUR 450m and EUR 2,6bn – between her six children and eight grandchildren to allay their fears over inheritance issues.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-08 um 16.26.45



She was the first one who caught my attention when I entered a private reception at a Villa in Eze, close to Monaco. From a distance it was clear, this lady had some major face work done. Little did I know…

Kamyar had invited me and a bunch of friends to his beautiful home just outside Monaco. The weather was nice, a very polite houseboy opened the gate for me and walked me up to the main house and I was pleasantly surprised when I found out the outdoor pool was heated because it was a lovely night to go for a swim after dinner.

I don´t quite remember how it happened but I suddenly  found myself on a couch talking to the lady I noticed earlier when I entered the party. Tiny nose, full lips and huge tits balanced only by her massive round Kardashian style arse. She introduced herself as Allanah Starr and she said she was visiting the Cote D´Azur for some Shows she did in Saint Tropez.


From the beginning she was very easy to talk to and a very interesting character. I immediately felt like I can share my most private stories with her. During the conversation it turned out that Allanah used to be a Boy when she came to Miami as a little child. I definitely had my doubts in the beginning, especially when I heard her voice but the hourglass shaped body left me thinking that she must be one of those ladies with a rich husband who just likes to go to the “doctor” a little bit too much (of which we have sooo many in Monaco).

I kept thinking: This can´t be the physique of a man!

Well, I was wrong but it didn´t change anything about the fact that I liked her. We had a great conversation about life and partnership and when I asked her about details of her show in Saint Tropez she told me to come for dinner at the Ermitage and see for myself. I planned to do exactly that.

Allanah was gone upstairs for a while after I noticed that also the young French houseboy had disappeared…

The next day I went online to find out more about Allanah Starr, apparently she used to do quite a bit of adult movies (in one of them she had sex with a female-to-male transgender).

In the US she was famous for having had spent more than 100.000 USD on 64 plastic surgeries and more than 2000 cosmetic procedures.

She had told me all that herself, the night before, at Kamyar´s house in Eze.