Three words to describe Sue Wong, a flamboyant Maximalist Couturier of old Hollywood who has kindly agreed to write for our blog. I approached her because in my opinion her glamorous designs are really made for a luxury night out in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.


Max and I have some Hollywood friends in common and when I hear about his fashion blog and the “celeb post” section I immediately agreed to put a post together to tell the readers of pretabloguer about my fashion brand and how it all started…




My mother and I escaped Maoist China when I was five and a half years old. We moved to my father in Los Angeles and I became intoxicated by everything that shaped Hollywood Style. When I was a little girl I wanted to become a painter. With fashion I found my canvas. At 19 I opened my first shop where I created one-of-a-kind gowns accented with handcrafted details cut from vintage clothing.

“I gravitate toward a fantasy aesthetic in how women present themselves, with a refreshing, modern frankness, because it’s the opposite of what I grew up with.”

 In 1985, I established the Sue Wong label with a playful, contemporary collection of daytime dresses. In 1999, an elegant eveningwear division, Sue Wong Nocturne, was added.

“What good is fashion unless it stirs up genuine emotion! Love and beauty have a magical, tranformative power.”

I understands this power. In my outlook and in my designs, I honor the goddess force — the universal feminine energy that allows women to transcend their time and place. 




In 2004, Sue purchased The Cedars, a glorious 17th-Century Venetian-style Hollywood landmark built in the 1920’s for silent-film siren Norma Talmadge. Many luminaries have graced the threshold of this legendary palazzo over the years. Howard Hughes played the piano in the solarium. Errol Flynn and Marilyn Monroe were frequent party guests. Both Dennis Hopper and Jimi Hendrix lived there at the height of Hippie Bohemian Chic. With great passion and drawing on complementary design modalities, Sue completely restored, designed and furnished the estate in 1920’s period detail, down to the drapes, bedding and pillows. Her other homes include a contemporary estate in Malibu and a tropical retreat on Maui.


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The Grand Prix 2014 took place from the 22.-25. of May. On Thursday I had to chance to help as a volunteer at the One Piece Day Gala at ”LE SALLE DES ETOILE” in Monaco. Jude Law is the Ambassador of this charity association and Jessie J was supposed to give a little concert. It was a mix out of ”Wanna-Be-Celebs” and the High Society of Monaco. Many plastic lips, tits and chins. I was enjoying the evening but just because of Jessie J who rocked the stage and Jude Law was real eye-candy.


On friday Max and I went to Amber Lounge. We talked about it in a previous post. A fashion show with the Formula 1 drivers and their wives/girlfriends was part of the show. Pixie Lott came 60 minutes late to sing her Number 1 Song ”Mama Do”. Max found out afterwards that she was late because she was having sex in room 421 at Le Meridien with her boyfriend instead of having her hair and make-up done. This exclusive information is from someone working at the Hotel who accidentally walked into the room just minutes before the beginning of the show.







Victoria Silvstedt also arrived late but had enough time to get her hair and make up done properly. Max took her to her seat after she was ready and they talked about her outfit. Victoria would have preferred a long dress but instead she was given a very short mini dress by the in-house designers.

Tamara Ecclestone and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) were the most famous celebs at the party sitting in the first row. Tamara came with her own security team but was very easy to talk to and agreed to take pictures with me after I had told her about our blog and the work we do in Monaco.

On saturday we were invited to the Infiniti Podium Lounge Party. We were welcomed with open doors. The security team had been informed about our arrival in advance so we skipped the queue. Inside we received free drinks at the bar. The party was ok, but not much different to a normal night out at Zelos. The Infinity party was supposed to be hosted by Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 driver. We were very disappointed not to see the any of the promised drivers that night!


Finally on sunday we had the chance to watch the race from a private balcony overlooking Monaco and the race track. The atmosphere was relaxed we had great home made food and Champagne .


After that we decided to end the Grand Prix with the Sunset Lounge Party at the private Beach of the Meridien. Nico Rosberg, winner of this years F1 GP in Monaco joined the party together with some friends.  A little fun fact: Justin Bieber tried to book a table the day before but failed because it was fullly booked. Next time maybe…






Vincent de Paul literally introduces himself as “award winning actor”. My first thought when I met him at the Fashion TV party during the Cannes Film Festival was:

“This guy is hilarious”

With him its all about “making yourself a brand”. At the end everything is about selling your story, your movie, your business…


But after hanging out with him at various occasions during the Parties surrounding the Film Festival I actually got to meet the real person behind the award winning actor Vincent de Paul and he agreed to write about himself for


Let me just say that he was discovered by Gianni Versace as a fashion model and still walks the catwalk besides starring in countless Hollywood movies. After he traveled all the way from Hollywood to Cannes he sat down and took the time to tell us this:

“I first started modeling when I moved to South Florida after graduating from John Hopkins in Bio Medical Ethics.

I did not what to expect. I was very pleased to have such great success and worked in München, Paris, & Milan.

Prior to modelling I had been in a few films directed by John Waters and some tv shows but never expected so much to happen so wonderfully. I had left the hospital and then began modeling in Milan, Athens Greece, and Munich Germany. I did editorial and modeled in Versace runway shows and it was just amazing. I loved those days in south florida were it all started for me and my fellow model friends like Channing Tatum— Great times.”

After having been to the premier of Grace of Monaco two days ago Vincent is currently in promoting his new movie in Cannes and we strongly recommend you to check it out here.