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In 1981, Hermès chief Executive Jean-Louis Dumas was seated next to Jane Birkin on a flight from Paris to London. She had just placed her straw bag in the overhead compartment of her seat, but the contents fell to the deck, leaving her to scramble to replace them. Birkin explained to Dumas that it had been difficult to find a leather weekend bag she liked. In 1984, he created a black supple leather bag for her, based on an 1892 design. Thats how todays iconic bag was created.

Being the absolute statement of social class among women the Birkin has become increasingly  popular among men in recent years. Lets find out why and what you have to look out for when you consider shopping for your first Birkin yourself. Prices start just above 7.000 Euros.


While the Birkin on women looks good with almost any outfit men should wear it more casually. Wearing a Birkin with a suit and a trench coat makes you look weird. Wear it with lose jeans and a t shirt or relaxed Gym wear. This break between expansive bag classical bag and a relaxed sportive outfit makes you look chilled and stylish.

I personally almost never close my Birkin properly. Again, leaving the bag open and having maybe a cashmere sweater sticking out gives you the stylish edge.

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First let me tell you that the famous waiting list for the Birkin is bullshit. There is no waiting list. Its just way for Hermes sales people to nicely refuse to sell one to you. Generally speaking the shops have one Birkin/Kelly bag for sale per day but Hermes does´t want to only sell their most famous bag. They make higher margins on scarfs and other items in the shop. Thats why usually you qualify to be selected to buy a Birkin after you have been a loyal client at Hermes and bought other items before. My advice is:

Talk to someone who has already bought a Birkin at Hermes. The easiest way to get one is to be associated with a good client or someone who works at Hermes.

  • There is a variety of different leathers available at Hermes. I personally prefer Togo Leather, a scratch resistant leather that is made of baby calf leather. It has a defined soft pebbled finish that appears raised and feels smooth but grainy. Another amazing option would be Boxcalf, made of Calf Leather which is extremely smooth with a glossy finish. Scratches are more visible compared to the textured leathers but can be blended over time by light buffing. This is the oldest type of Hermes leather and frequently appears in Vintage bags.

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  • men should (regardless what hight) should only go for size 40, which is is the biggest size of the classic birkin. Smaller sizes make you look like you borrowed your girlfriends bag!

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  • big guys or guys who like it oversized should opt for the sac haut (Pharrell´s bag actually is a sac haute and not a Birkin)


  • stitching in the same color of the bag, makes it look more masculine and content

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  • might be a personal opinion but go for the silver hardwear, gold makes it look soft and feminine

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  • chose a color according to your personal taste and availability but stay away from too girly colors such as orange, pink and red. If you will only buy one Birkin I recommend to go for a color that mixes well with almost any outfit. My personal favorites are vert veronese, bleu de presse, cafe, vert gris, and noir.

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So overall I have to say men need to be careful when selecting their Birkin (in terms of size, color, details and styling) but when its done right the Birkin is a perfect every day bag for relaxed men enjoying an exclusive lifestyle… regardless wether on the subway or in a chauffeur driven limousine!

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  1. Marc always looks good with his sac plats or birkins. I knew Marc back in the days when he was working for Perry. I still miss Perry and will on occasion bring out one of my collection of the “Knitted by Hand in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong” hand-knit sweaters. After all these years and tender care—they are in beautiful condition.

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