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Since David Beckham, we refer to straight men who like to groom, dress well and actively care about their appearance as metrosexuals. But this term first appeared almost 10 years ago and we are way beyond metrosexual straight men now. It became increasingly harder to tell who is gay and who is straight. Haven´t we all been thinking “what is going on with Ronaldo (when he walked around with his small Gucci purse)!? Heven´t we all been surprised when Michael Sam came out as the first gay NFL football player?! Well, let me tell you…the world is upside down and that is good! Straight guys are more comfortable with a “gay” look and gays are more and more eager to show that they are REAL man with muscles and hair. Either way, I like the development because its another step towards equality through allowing everybody to become how and who he/she wants to be without being restricted by ancient ideas of what is wrong and what is right.


I still remember the time when the adjective metrosexual came up. Lets be honest it just was an easy way to describe a gay looking straight man. We obviously have come a long way so that the metrosexual look is no longer an issue but a goal of many straight guys. It is more and more difficult to find straight guys who have never waxed their eyebrows, moisturized their skin or went shopping for designer brands all day long. The “gay look” got accepted in society which is great but actually seems to bother the gays sometimes. Have you noted that lots of gays turned very straight in their looks over the past couple of years? Its still a lot of effort being put into the physical appearance but it all aims for a butch fought kinda look. Beard, boots and sometimes even a little belly are what the new gay generation is aiming for. Its all about being masculine and butch (even though the attitude sometimes does´t quite match).


Joey Essex (pic above on the left) has a girlfriend. Rylan (pic above on the right) is looking for a boyfriend) but both seem to go for a similar look.

This article talks about the general appearance of men. If you are interested in some style/fashion advice I encourage you to check out Lapo Elkan!


Well if you aren´t already doing it on a regular basis here are some ideas of what the modern straight man can do to enhance his looks:

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  • A regular visit at the Mani-/Pedi should definitely be on your to-do-list. I am not saying you should go every week but every 4 weeks you should get your nails tidied up by a professional. In between a quick clipping will do to keep them short and clean.
  • If you have very short hair you should make sure to trim it every two weeks at least to always have this fresh, clean cut look. If your hair is longer never forget to put conditioner after washing your hair and maybe put some leave-in-conditioner after to give your hair this healthy glow.
  • If you like to smell different to your actual body smell I recommend the classic DOVE body lotion and as a fragrance you should try Molecule. Its a unisex perfume which adapts and reacts with your skin. The same perfume smells different depending on who is wearing it. This way your new fragrance will definitely match your type!
  • During the summer don´t be afraid to go in the sun. A healthy tan is always desirable but make sure to always cover your face with a light sunscreen in order to avoid wrinkles in the future. When its not sunny enough don´t be shy and use one of the luxurious self tanning products which are currently on the market. Make sure its good quality which doesn´t smell and leaves no patches. Myself I use HeShi because it smells nice, moisturized the skin during the day and leaves a healthy tan without stains.
  • If you have brown or blond hair I recommend to get your eyelashes tinted. The effect is that your eyes will look more intense and it contours your face. Also, get the lower part of your eye brows waxed. This will give you a cleaner look and also open up your eye and make you look less tiered.
  • If you smoke or like a glass of red wine from time to time you should maybe go and see a dentist for a professional bleaching. I know there are some cheap products to whiten your teeth at home but I definitely recommend to see the dentist of your choice and get it done professionally. It usually takes about an hour and once you had it done you will maintain the white for at least two years before you need to it again. Find out what we have to say about Dr. Lenhoff in NYC here.

Finally I just want to say that that I am quite proud that so many gay habits have been adapted by the straight world. Nonetheless  its all about allowing yourself to embrace your beauty regardless what your sexual orientation si and I am quite happy that this link has been eliminated.


On the pic above we see the other phenomenon, a gay guy going for a very butch straight look. Still groomed and clean cut but the overall look is very manly…

…and lets face it; its quite nice that some of the “queens” will do it the other way around and go for a more butch look sooner or later ;-))) so from both sides we are getting closer and closer to the ideal modern, groomed, manly guy.

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