569_0If you want to take great care of your skin without spending lots of money on beauty products we recommend you No.7 cosmetics from BOOTS. They offer a great skin care line for all skin types and have an amazing range of make-up. I personally started using No.7 about three years ago. No.7 provides great beauty products, not just for girls but also essentials for men which are just amazing and cost a fraction of what the big brands charge you.



When it comes to skin boys are not much different to girls. Don´t get me wrong, this is not about putting on make-up!!! But its important to use some essential skin care products that will keep your skin young and fresh. I am no expert on beauty products but I am a frequent user of No.7 and I will show you what I use…then you can make up your own mind.

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I took a picture this morning when I woke up and one after 5 minutes in the bathroom with the essentials…



After your morning shower apply under eye cream. This will help you reduce dark circles and puffiness.

You might want to apply a serum to decrease the size of your pores or you use the blemish defense serum, deepening on what you need.


After you need to protect your skin. Yes, pollution but also sunlight and rain influence the appearance of your skin and let you age faster. I personally am not a big fan of spending hours in the bathroom so I always recommend No.7 CC-cream. No.7 offeres one of these amazing ALL-IN-ONE creams. It protects and moisturizes your skin all day long and also contains a light sunscreen and a very light pigmentation to even out your natural skin tone.


You can order all No.7 products online and I recommend you to always watch out for 3-for-2 deals!!!

If you feel uncomfortable with too much skin care I would like to refer you to this article I posted last month 😉



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