Every year during the Monte-Carlo Grand Prix Sonia Irvine (sister of ex-formula one driver Eddie Irvine) organizes a huge event in the Principality called Amber Lounge. Its not just a big party starting on friday and ending on sunday after the final F1 race. It is also a charity event raising money for the Nelson Mandela foundation for example. Here you can watch what happened at last years event.


It all starts on friday with a fashion show followed by a charity auction (this year she even signed a deal where she sells an Amber Lounge fragrance and all the proceeds will go to the Prince Albert II Foundation). This is just one of the exclusive items being auctioned of this year:

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I will be working again with the backstage management team. My jobs is to coordinate who is allowed in the backstage area, when and for how long. I remember last year the hotel (the event always takes place at the Meridien in Monaco) even had to give me two security guards because the camera teams became quite aggressive because they wanted to get the best shots of the celebrities backstage.

It was interesting to see that for example Stacy Keibler (whom I had never heard of before) was last years celebrity host. She now is Geroge Clooneys ex-girlfriend and nobody cares about her, but last year she was the biggest celebrity at the show. I am not allowed to tell you who was invited because this is insider information and a lot of people did not show up but nonetheless Amber Lounge always manages to create big media attention and a good line up of stars attending the event.

This years guest host is Kellan Lutz, he is semi-famous from the movie “Legend of Hercules”.

kellan-lutz-abbot-mainI mean lets be honest. The celebrity guest host is only there to create some media attention and his actual job is actually pretty simple. He gives some interviews, takes some pictures for the press and opens the event:

“Welcome to Amber Lounge. Enjoy your evening.”

Kellan will participate even a little bit more because the agreed to action of a lunch with him for a good course.

Ohhh, did I mention that the starting idea of Eddie Irvine`s wife was to get the drivers and their girlfriends to “model”. They walk around the catwalk and present some designer clothes.


Fun fact: Eddie Irvine has been sentenced to six months behind bars for a hitting the son of the former mayor of Milan in the face. Read more here. The entrance to Amber Lounge is 500 EUR on friday, 650 on saturday and 800 on sunday…ALL DRINKS FREE! But be careful not to start a fight at her club if you get to drunk 😉 when you party with the drivers and their families on sunday after the race! 😉

Of course I will be attending the fashion show and party on friday…

So lets see what happens when Charity, Fashion, Celebrities and free Alcohol come together in Monaco.


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