After opening the restaurant Ciprianis and the billionaire concept in Fairmont, Flavio Briatore is going to take over Life Club in Avenue du Portier for building a golden triangle .

It’s gonna be a restaurant, a bar lounge and a nightclub. So everything is given for staying in one place during a nightout. Twiga opens in the end of May during the Grand Prix 2014. The Original Twiga comes from Italy and is supposed to be a Beachclub.BjkQ1uSIYAEMuDI

In my opinion Life Club always had the best location but the people and the concept didn’t work out. So I am really excited how this project from Flavio Briatore will end. In Life Club or now Twiga you have 1800m2 space for dancing, dining and chilling. The restaurant is open until 3am and will offer you Pizzas, Hamburgers, Sushi, Fish and Pasta. The bar lounge will be open from 6pm where Djs welcome you with nice lounge music.




I can’t wait to check out the same location but a different clubfeeling in Twiga Monte Carlo.

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