If you haven´t shopped at uniqlo its about time you check them out.

uniqlo is kind of a Japanese version of H&M but cooler, better, fresher. Pharrell Williams recently showed of his “i am OTHER” t-shirt he designed for the chain.

Pharrell Williams's  UNIQLO 'I Am Other' Collection LaunchI personally first heard about uniqlo from my dentist. My dentist also checks on the teeth of fashion lesbo Jil Sander. She sold her fashion brand a while ago and started to do a collection for uniqlo called J+. The cuts and color were very Jil Sander, meaning brown, kaki, beige, dark blue colors and exclusive cashmere and silk mixed materials. I was a very classy high quality collection for men and women but she only did it for about 4 season before she got tiered of it and stopped.Recently-Updated422-901x1024

Anyways, because of her I familiarized myself with the brand and discovered that uniqlo is very good in providing low prized basics with the little extra. For example I love their sweatpants they look elegant and cool and you can literally wear them at a night out. Just two days ago I was invited to a friends birthday party. I just arrived from Paris and was a bit lazy so I just popped on a nice blazer, dark blue uniglo sweatpants and some Louboutin slipper…and guess what ?! nobody even noticed I was wearing sweatpants at a birthday party in Monaco.

Unfortunately Jil Sander doesn´t work for uniqlo anymore but let Pharrell inspire you to familiarize  yourself with this super cool affordable shop.


I was pretty impressed that Uniqlo, Japan’s leading retailer of basics that have spread the world over, announced that they locked the athlete into a five-year contract, which will entail Djokovic wearing their clothing while traveling worldwide (including in all his matches). He also helps them develop the “ultimate functional wear” in seasons to come, which will be sold in stores.

So uniqlo is something you should definitely check out if you like great style and quality for a bargain.


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