Every time when we see the stars on the red carpet they look flawless. No wrinkles, perfect styling and radiant skin.


Celebrities around the world are used to piling on the foundations, powders and everything in between, but when the lights go out and the cameras go off what do these stars look like without all the goop?

While some celebrities may look like a completely different person without makeup, others still look great. Now, what is their secret?


Dermadrop is the new thing to do! Not just for the stars on the red carpets but for everybody who wants to look young and radiant without using the help of a surgical knife or even injections.

I was fortunate enough to get invited to try it out myself and I have to say the result is amazing. Dermadrop is blowing hyaluronic acid in my skin without even touching my face. All you can feel is a fresh wind pushing the product in the deeper layers of your skin and you are left with no scars or anything. Its the perfect thing to do just before an important event where you want to look extra fabulous and if you go for multiple sessions the result will last for a couple of weeks.


The product (in a capsule) is via a patented process blown into my skin. All I felt was a strong wind going up and down over my face.

The procedure:

  1. It starts with a deep face cleansing,
  2. A reverse hoover blowing the hyaluron into the skin.
  3. Aprés cream to give the perfect finish.

Overall it takes about 20 minutes so it can be done during lunch break. Recommended for a long lasting result is to repeat the session 4-8 times over 1-2 months. One session costs about 40 Euros and is well worth the money.

Dr. Schlossberger is the only certified practice delivering Dermadrop.

Dr. Schlossberger and her team will have a booth at the Berlinale to let the international stars shine slightly brighter than they normally do.

If you are in Germany do as me and book your appointment today!!!

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