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Recently I was invited at a shitty restaurant in Paris. We were about 15 people, some close friends and some new friends I had never met before. We had dinner at a restaurant on Rue Saint Honore in the heart of Paris. Despite the weird atmosphere I met some great new people. For example was I introduced to Celine who turned out to be the co-founder of MyBeautifulDressing.

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We started talking and she explained to me that MyBeautifulDressing is a luxury e-boutique that primarily offers its clients the opportunity to pre-order the collections of the most sought after fashion designers from around the world!



Celine caught my attention when she mentioned that her website grants you access to the highly exclusive world of Fashion and brings you to the front row of top runways to discover the new collections presented during Fashion Week.

For those of you who don’t know MyBeautifulDressing yet: it’s a french website where you can preorder the latest collections the day right after the show.

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I am looking forward to spending a day with MyBeautifulDressing in Paris during fashion week!  The new e-store  makes it possible to buy outfits 1-2 months before they are available in stores. If I am invited for a sneak preview of the latest fashion show collection I will let you guys know… allows all of us to take a seat in the front row of most of the big fashion shows. It’s the first e-shop proposing to watch the runway shows live by streaming it and allowing to order directly the presented items!

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Lets get back to my crazy night at this Restaurant in central Paris. Finally this boring place had turned into a great location because I had met a great young lady who just showed me how to get my front row seat at the big fashion shows in Paris.

So, do as I do and go to check out the latest trunk shows on and pre-order the collections the day after the show as if you were seated in the front row!

As if all this isn´t good enough, I managed to get you a 10% discount on all your purchases!!! Just enter the promo code: PRETA2014 before you pay.

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