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In the past couple of years we kept seeing more and more leather pants for men. Leather pants for men have become widely acceptable. The comfotable feeling combined with the exclusivity and style makes leather pants the new must-have for todays fashionable men.

In terms of style, my suggestion is to opt for a classic pair of straight cut leather pants. They’re timeless and will match most tops perfectly, whether it’s a button-down shirt, a V-neck sweater, or a stylish wool turtleneck.



SMART – CASUAL… everything goes

Leather pants are not only “in” but are now established as classy alternative to blue Jeans. If you are looking into buying your first pair, there are a few things you should consider.

Keep in mind that leather trousers tend to be more casual but depending on the cut you may also look very sharp at the office.

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Some people still think of leather pants as very trendy. Don´t avoid wearing them to places where people tend to dress more conservatively but be aware of the effect they might have.

The market for leather pants is huge. First you need to define what style you are after. The classic straight cut goes well for a business look but maybe you prefer a more baggy style like Kanye West…

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Prices vary a lot and usually depend on the quality of the leather and the brand. But I can tell you this must have item for a mens wardrobe never comes as a bargain. If you go for a less famous brand the price will still be high if the leather is good quality and if its a high fashion brand prices almost never start under four digits.

Men’s fahion shows since 2012 boasted colored pairs, croc styles, and plenty of traditional black options. See these looks and plenty of additional novelty leather pants in this post.


Jitrois has explored the innate sensuality of leather since launching his namesake collection in the eighties. In the following picture you see him wearing his straight leg low-rise jeans in lambskin with a denim effect. Leather pants that look like jeans.

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Clothsurgeon takes an entirely different approach to streetwear. Based in London, the brand headed by skilled tailor and designer Rav Matharu takes a bespoke approach to their versatile creations. Employing a Savile Row methodology, Clothsurgeon pieces (many of them crafted from the finest leather) are meticulously cut and sewn with quality, fit and wearability as the overarching standards.

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PRSVR, which stands for Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, Respect is a brand that jumped on the fashion scene with a mission to create premium leather pieces. Their collection consists of leather jackets ($200-$600), leather vest combo jackets ($500), leather tees ($460), leather sweatpants ($500-$520), and sweatshirts ($80-$420).

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En Noir has a huge celebrity following and the brand has only been around for a few years. The biggest trendsetters in the industry are seen rockin’ EN|NOIR leather sweatpants, think Kayne West, A$AP ROCKY, Big Sean, Drake and more. It’s all menswear and I’m completely obsessed with the “monochromatic minimalism” collection. I like black clothing and on top of it, it’s mostly leather!

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Finally, take into account that leather pants can be worn all year long except for a few very hot days during the summer and there for are well worth the money.


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