Lapo Elkann is known for his innovative designs and fashion flair. He is not only heir to the Italy’s biggest auto label, Fiat, but also a passionate collector of cars and a fashion icon.

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His style marries fashion and design, tradition and innovation. This Italian playboy is shaking up the auto industry – and the world of men’s fashion. Vanity Fair magazine listed him in its Best Dressed Hall of Fame of 2009. He  sells the best Made in Italy fashion glasses and clothes you can get online to create your original and independent style.

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He was largely responsible for turning the new Fiat 500 into a lifestyle icon.

“I was too much of a — how you say? — spoilt party boy,”

Lapo famously overdosed 2005 in the apartment of a 53 years old transvestite in Italy. He now refers to himself as a JewBu, a Jewish Buddhist .  He sees the Buddhist connection between heart and mind not so much as a religion but more like a way of living a better life.

“I am a recovering addict. I am excessive. But excessive can be a great thing if you apply it in the right direction.”

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